I cannot believe we brought a Sailor Moon/Voltron magical cat girl mashup to ALA’s Masquerade and actually placed! This is officially the best cosplay that started out as a joke ever. 

Sailor Lance: @arkadycosplay
Sailor Keith: @catamantics
Sailor Shiro: @hustleandbustlecosplay
Sailor Pidge: @bernerstahp
Sailor Hunk: @geeklyfanboying

I shamelessly stole the group picture from @casterlycosplay‘s instagram. Thank you, Jaime! 

Phil liked this on Twitter but it wasn’t on my account (phantropolis). Somebody stole my artwork from Instagram and uploaded it to Twitter, claiming that it was their own. I don’t want to make a fuss, but I’m really proud of this artwork. I spent about 9 hours on it. I’d appreciate getting the proper credit for it, and I’d like if Phil could see it again. Thanks.