so my best friend and I were joking around and were like: what if students at Hogwarts had a youtube channel?

and then things went downhill.

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Magic Works (aka STORY TIME)

Sit down, witches young and old.  I have a story to share.

So, in late Summer 2014, I was held at gunpoint and my car was stolen.  Without going into too much detail, I was out at night running errands and two masked men cornered me in the parking lot of my apartment complex.  (The Mister was not with me at the time; he was in the apartment.)  In the trunk of my car was my witchy box, which contained ALL of my most important craft materials including my book of shadows, my tarot, and my most beloved trinkets.  (I had taken it on a witchy retreat the weekend before.)

When they stole my car, they used it in a bank robbery and then ditched the vehicle after use.  I was DEVASTATED.  I couldn’t sleep or eat for days (trauma can be an absolute bitch); I was terrified to go out on my own, even on our porch.  I lost my job because I no longer had a means of transportation.  And to top it off, I ended up having a miscarriage around the same time.

Guys and gals, I went to a very dark place after this.  The police, as helpful as they were, told me that the likelihood of finding the vehicle was slim-to-none.  In fact, it is common in most places (and especially my state) that stolen vehicles are dumped in rivers or ravines, never to be found again.  What made matters worse was that I had JUST PAID THE CAR OFF and SWITCHED MY INSURANCE TO LIABILITY ONLY.  (For you bebes out there that don’t know, this means that your insurance company won’t replace the car if it is stolen.)

For months, I tried to dig myself out of this hole, but I felt like I couldn’t really connect with my craft because I was missing important elements to my spellwork.  Some of the things in that box were passed down for generations in my family.  They were absolutely priceless.  I felt so…lost.

The following May, I was visiting Tulum, Mexico.  A tropical storm was brewing off the shoreline and everyone else was drunk at one of the all-inclusive bar.  I watched from my balcony as surfers took to the turbulent waves and something came over me.  I felt a literal pull in my chest.  Something kept telling me to go to the water.

My family, friends, and the Mister all told me I was crazy when I went to the beach.  There was thunder, the waves were insanely high, and even the experienced surfers were having trouble.  On the lifeguard stands, black flags were posted (one of the signs that swimming is absolutely ill-advised) and for even an experienced competitive swimmer (that’s me!), it would be dangerous. But something told me to get into the water.

Nothing could have prepared me for the power of the ocean.  It pulled me when I resisted; it dragged against every limb and I became frightened.  But instead of thinking about the fact that I could possibly drown, I kept replaying those guys and their guns pointed at me, one shoved into my forehead.  I became angry; I kicked harder, pushed myself further until I felt the sand at my toes again.

I was crying and so angry.  I stood still in the water and called out into the wind.  I beat my fists against the surface of the sea (I probably looked insane, but no one was out there) and felt all of my pain seep away.  I begged the water for one thing: even if the car didn’t run, could my precious things be returned to me.  I bartered with the sea.

The sea giveth and the sea taketh away, as they say.  All of the hurt and terror and anguish I had felt over the previous year disappeared.  I was embraced by the water and somewhere so very deep inside me, I knew everything would be okay.  There was finally a sense of calm and clarity inside me, replacing the tumultuous emotions I had been feeling.

The morning we left, after the storms had passed, I went back to that secluded part of the beach and promised that I would dedicate my life to helping witches around me.  I had never made a promise like that in my life.

A month after that, the state police found my car.  It wasn’t in working condition at all, but everything remained intact in the trunk.  They brought it to my parents’ house and I rushed outside.  I sobbed when my dad opened the trunk and saw the box waiting, looking the exact same way it did the night the car was stolen.  Everything was in it, untouched by the elements.  (Eventually, I repaired the car enough for it to run another two-and-half-years, too!)

Magic is real.  Against impossible odds, there is power in every wish and desire.  I will never regret the promise I made that day.  I will never take for granted the gifts that have been given to me.  And when people scoff when I say that I am a witch, I inwardly smile and know that my magic is true and real.  I have all the proof I need.

‘partners in crime’ sentence starters

Send one to see how my muse reacts. 

Trigger Warnings: violence, death, criminal activity

  • “I can’t believe we stole a car.”
  • “My ID guy can get us in.”
  • “Remember – trust no one.”
  • “You owe everything you’ve got to me. Never forget that.”
  • “You and me, we’re partners, right?”
  • “Did you get the money?”
  • “Cops are coming to pick me up for questioning. My bet is, you’re next.”
  • “We better lay low for awhile.”
  • “Just act natural.”
  • “The cops will probably talk to us. Play it cool, and we’ll be fine.”
  • “I think we’ll be okay. They can’t prove anything.”
  • “No matter what they threaten to do to me, don’t tell them anything.”
  • “Let me take the fall. You’ve worked too hard to go to jail now.”
  • “I’d NEVER rat you out! The cops were just trying to get under your skin.”
  • “What do you think? You trust them?”
  • “I remember when you still had rules. When you still had limits.”
  • “This isn’t just about money.”
  • “I won’t survive jail!”
  • “One day we’ll be rich, and we won’t have to do this anymore.”
  • “It will be so nice to be in a country where we can’t get thrown in jail at any moment.”
  • “I think every person in America would like to see us dead.”
  • “No. No! We are NOT going to jail now! We’ve worked too hard!”
  • “Shut up and keep digging.”
  • “We need money, stat. You got a gun?”
  • “God, could you get them to stop screaming?”
  • “Shoot me. It’ll make them trust you.”
  • “Okay, last resort – we kill him and dump the body, then get the fuck out of Dodge.”
  • “We can’t hide forever. Our faces are on every news network in America.”
  • “We split the profits, 50/50. What do you say?”
  • “Where have you been?! I was worried the cops got to you!”
  • “You clean up the blood, I’ll start burning the body.”
  • “There’s no escaping this, you know. We’re in too deep.”
  • “Tell them the whole thing was my idea.”
  • “Make no mistake – we’re partners, but I’m in charge. Not you.”
  • “What we need are entirely new identities.”
  • “I don’t become involved with my partners. It over-complicates things.”
  • “Don’t you think we’re a bit old for this Bonnie and Clyde business?”
  • “I don’t trust any of them. Just you.”
  • “God, what’s happened to us?”
  • “Retirement? Yeah, we’re probably not gonna live long enough for that to be an issue.”
  • “Keep your head down. Last thing we need is to get recognized.”
  • “I’ll cover for you.”
  • “Run. I’ll catch up.”
  • “Jesus Christ, we’re like a bad murder ballad.”
  • “Don’t worry. I’m not going to leave you. You and I are partners – until the end.”
The Recruit (Chapter 18) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 78, Part II”

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Steven Rapp & Reader/OFC

Author’s Note: thank you to @ninja-stiles for helping me decide what to do with this chapter WEEKS ago. I was going in all different directions and she really helped to shape this. Also, I’m assuming that Jake Gyllenhaal joke was with you, Britt………… I’m assuming. 

The Hills - The Weeknd

Warnings: SMUT. like dirty bathroom sex kind of smut. cursing. 

Chapter Seventeen - Chapter Eighteen - Chapter Nineteen

Originally posted by allmyworry

Bro.. do you know who that is over there?”

“Hmm?” Mitch glanced over to where Steven was looking. He didn’t recognize the man that was being seated at the table nearby. He shook his head and looked back at his food.

“Dude, you know who Jake Gyllenhaal is.”

Mitch shrugged. “Name sounds familiar.”

Steven shook his head and looked back at the table full of food in front of him. “You are so nonchalant about everything.” Mitch laughed and shrugged again, his mouth full of cornbread. “So do you have any pictures from your trip?”

“What trip?” Mitch asked, his mouth full after shoving a forkful of mac-n-cheese in it.

Steven lowered the barbecue rib from his mouth and put it back on his plate, confused as to how Mitch didn’t know what trip he was referring to. “……. the trip you took after Katrina… the one you were on for more than a year…?” Steven stared at his brother, with his brow furrowed.

“Oh..” Mitch chuckled and glanced down at his plate. “Um, not really.”

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cause somebody stole my car radio and now I just sit in silence


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anonymous asked:

Hi :) Was looking for fics where either Derek or Stiles are sick and they become a couple because of that. No deaths please. Thanks

I did sick!Derek cause there’s so much Stiles whump I thought Derek could use a little whump. - Anastasia

Originally posted by gameraboy

The One With the Stomach Cramps by mikkimouse

(1/1 I 233 I General)

Derek gets stomach cramps. Stiles takes care of him.

Coming Home by bleep0bleep

(1/1 I 1,808 I General)

Scott’s eyes were glazed over a bit, and he rambled on, “It’s really too bad werewolves can’t get sick, it would have been great to have her fawning over me if I caught it from her. Or we could be sick together in solidarity!”
“You’d have to suppress your healing factor,” said Derek, “And you don’t really have enough experience for that.”

Derek stared at Scott, a sudden idea blooming in his head.

Where it Goes by DylanOhbrien

(1/1 I 2,211 I Teen)

John realizes that his son might have a boyfriend.

Or, the times where John realizes there might be something between Stiles and Derek, and he’s sort of okay with it.

The Sniffles Job by crossroadswrite

(1/1 I 2,451 I General)

“What’re doin’ here?”

Stiles grins, “I came to play nurse. Do what normal people do. Also, return your sister’s car.”

“She let you borrow her Camaro?” Derek asks dubiously. Once Derek leaned against it and Laura tackled him to the floor and gave him a noogie. He was taller than her at the time.

“Nah, Isaac stole it because it was shiny and looked fun. In his defense it was fun.”

“Your friend stole my sister’s car?”

(Or: the one where Stiles is still a criminal and apparently so is most of Derek’s family, even if Derek himself is not. What even is his life.)

doctor, doctor, give me the news (i got a bad case of lovin’ you) by haleofStilesheart

(1/1 I 3,183 I General)

“I just kissed your forehead, chill,” Stiles said, rolling his eyes as he plopped down in the comfy armchair by the other end of the couch, folding his legs to set his ankle on his knee. He picked his biochemistry book up from where he had set it on the floor, resting it on his thigh as he cracked it open, flipping through the pages until he found his desired page.
But Derek could not chill. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Because Stiles had just kissed him.

To the First of Many, Sourwolf by Akinasky

(1/1 I 6,858 I General)

Derek and Stiles try to have their first V-Day together.

First Kiss by mandalou42

(1/1 I 7,152 I Teen)

Do you remember your first kiss? It’s pretty memorable for Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale. Then we fast forward to their second first kiss, but what does that mean for them exactly?

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself by yodasyoyo

(1/1 I 7,379 I Teen)

Derek get’s hit with some wolfsbane which makes him afraid of stuff. Stiles tries to help out as best he can…

Project D by nosetothewind94, Ryennin

(4/4 I 12,421 I Teen)

The pack is fed up with the tension between Derek and Stiles so they stage an intervention. When that doesn’t help, they decide to take matters into their own hands.


The one where the pack meddles, the Universe is a dick and sometimes, all you need to finally get what you want is 3 disastrous attempts and the Abominable Snowman…

Theomachy by germanfanfictioner

(8/? I 33,584 I Teen)

After the threats from the Darach and the Alpha pack, Stiles hopes for some quiet months. But soon a new danger will rise. A foe, who wants to destroy the Hale pack. And while Stiles tries to save the town, he has to deal with an emotionally awkward Derek.

Heavy Blow, Down I Go by lizzehboo

(30/30 I 81,587 I Mature)

Kate was looking for him. Kate. Kate. Derek fell back against the side of his car, taking a shuddering breath, tasting copper on his tongue.

“H-how is this happening?” He felt like he had to verbalize it. Because none of it made any sense.

Derek gets attacked in the woods. When he sees Kate, he knows something crazy is going on.

Payback Pt.2

A/N: Sorry, if it’s not amazing. It’s 1:30 in the morning and I just finished it. Teen Wolf Tuesday tomorrow, so I’ll be posting a new OC story Wednesday.

Request: i forgot to add this but it was a request by several people.

I composed myself before leaving the small room. It’d been about five minute since Theo had left leaving me there to reflect. Even with the memory fresh in my mind, I still couldn’t understand what happen. Well, I mean I know what happened, but I wasn’t sure why. Theo had the opportunity to do whatever he wanted with me. Torture me, kidnap me, even kill me. But instead, he’d chosen to fuck me. I couldn’t lie and say I hadn’t enjoyed it. As I walked out of the room and roamed the unfamiliar passages of the piped line tunnels, I could feel the presence of his lips on mine. I closed my eyes and remembered how he felt inside of me, my walls tightening around his length. My core wet with arousal, and then it made sense.

“Oh my god.” I said my eyes flying open. This was his pay back. This is what he wanted. He wanted me to think about him after he was gone, to fantasize about him.

‘Oh, he’s good.’ I thought. ‘But I’m better.” I plotted me plans for revenge as I made my way out. I reached a large metal fence door that lead outside. I pushed it open, and to my dismay saw Malia and Liam had left me. I didn’t blame them though, they probably figured I’d left them. Unfortunately, Malia had driven us there, so I was stranded. I pulled out my phone, annoyed that they hadn’t at least called me, but I quickly found out why. My phone had died, and I wasn’t sure how long it had even been dead. I sighed dreading the walk home, but before I began my long journey I saw a large black pickup truck parked off to the side. I change my course to investigate it. I recognized it instantly once I was close. It was Theo’s!

‘He must’ve not left yet.’ I thought. I peered into the tinted window and saw the keys in the ignition. I chuckled shaking my head.

“Stupid boy.” I muttered to myself. I walked to the drivers side and pulled open the door. I heaved myself in the large vehicle and quietly shut the door behind me. I always thought Theo was daft but could he be daft enough to leave his precious car vulnerable and unattended. I didn’t second guess it. I twisted the keys, and the truck roared loudly. I knew I’d be caught if I didn’t get the hell out, so I slammed on the gas and peeled off. I giggled crazily as I zoomed away from the scene. I’d just stole Theo’s car!

Oh my god. I’d just stolen Theo’s car!

Stealing was still a crime, and my revenge would be short lived if I was arrested for grand theft. I decided to ditch it somewhere in the woods, somewhere it’d take him a while to find.

I finally found the perfect spot on a hill over looking the town. I got out of the truck, keys in hand, a smile big on my face. I threw the keys somewhere in the woods and turned to leave. I listen to the keys fly through the air, but was stumped when I didn’t hear them come back down. I looked back in the direction I threw them, squinting trying to see what hindered them from falling. I heard his devilish laugh before I saw him. Theo walked through the thick forest his keys in his hand.

‘Shit.’ I whispered under my breathe I was frozen in my spot.

“Nice try.“ He mocked. “No really. This was a cute stunt.”

“I…I uh needed a…a ride home.” I fumbled over my words. He came towards me until he was standing right in front of me.

“If you needed a ride Princess, you just need to ask.”

I gulped hard, trying to swallow my fear.

“S-stop calling me t-that.”

He chuckled. “Is that what you want me to do?” He grabbed my waist sternly pushing his hips into mine. “Or do you want me to give you a ride?” He rolled his hips against mine and I bit back a moan. Trying to regain control, I cleared my throat and pushed him away from me.

“I’m going home Theo! You got your stupid truck back, so leave me alone.” I spat turning from him and walking away. He grabbed my wrist whirling me around to face him.

“Leave you alone?” He said anger in his voice. “You stole my truck!” I ripped my hand from his grip.

“Only after you-” I stopped mid sentence knowing that if I admitted what he did. He’d win.

“Only after I what? Fucked your brains out?” He was getting cocky. I couldn’t let that happen, a blow to his ego should bring him down a notch.

“I mean it was alright.” I shrugged. The anger that was perviously in his voice was now on his face.

“Alright?” He repeated in disbelief. “I’ll show you alright.” He grabbed my wrist again and dragged me, only half unwillingly, to the black pickup. He opened the bed of the truck and lifted me onto it, so I was sitting on the edge of the door. He wedged his body in between my legs and placed his hands on my waist. He smirked cunningly at me, and leaned his face in closer to mine. I wanted him to kiss me, my head was screaming for him to plant his warm lips on mine. For them to line my body with kisses. He ghosted over my lips with his teasing me. He was doing it again, his game. His payback. He loved watching me beg for him, and I loved that he made me.

Oh god.

Did I just admit that? He moved his hands from my waist slowly down to my thighs creating goosebumps along the exposed skin. Our faces were still so close, and we were breathing each other’s air. Even his breath was intoxicating. As if I had no control, I started to connect our lips but stopped just as they brushed each other. I was playing a losing game but I had to at least try.

“Come on, Princess.” He breathed. I licked my lips and shook my head. He put his hands on the button of my jeans. “Kiss me.” He coaxed unbuttoning them in one swift motion. I shook my head again, I could feel his hard erection on my thigh weakening my will to resist. He unzipped them next, achingly slow and slipped his index finger past my panties reaching my clit. I couldn’t take it anymore and wrapped my arms around his neck tangling my fingers in his hair. He chuckled. “Kiss. Me. NOW!” He commanded softly. Finally I pressed my lips to his hard and he began moving his fingers in a circular motion. I moaned into his mouth giving him the opportunity to stick his tongue in. He moved his fingers faster as the kissing got sloppier. Our tongues wrestled each other for dominance. The fire in my belly pooled threatening to spill into pleasure. He pulled his lips away from mine and landed them on my neck kissing down to the nape.

“You gonna come Princess?” He asked between kisses.

“Yes!” I moaned.

“Ask me.” He demanded biting my neck lightly. My edge was close, but I didn’t know what he wanted.

“Ask me if you can come!” He said as if reading my mind.

“Please Theo can I come?” I almost begged.

“Please who?” He question pulling back to look at me.

“Theo!’ I moaned out again knowing any second I could come. He pulled his fingers from clit and I whined at the loss of friction.

“You wanna come?” He teased.

“Yes! I said through gritted teeth.

“Then you ask Daddy if you can come.” He said gesturing to himself.

“Daddy?” I scoffed cocking an eyebrow. Theo didn’t like being mocked and put both hands at the collar of my shirt, ripping it in two. I gasped and looked down at my clad bra torso. He pulled the cups down under my breast and they spilled out. He wrapped his mouth around my right nipple and nibbled on it lightly, a groan slipping through my lips. I wanted, no, needed him to be inside of me.

“Daddy.” I moaned. He pulled back and switch breasts.

“There you go, Princess.” He sucked and nibbled on the sensitive nub, making me whine with pleasure. He smiled again, obviously satisfied things were going his way.

“My turn.” He said stepping back from me. His famous smirk stayed on his face as he unbuckled his pants. I reached out touching my hands over his bulge and was rewarded with a growl. He pulled my hand up to his button and made me undo it and his zipper. He pushed his pants and boxers down to his knees and I grabbed his stiff member with my hand pumping it a few times. He threw back his head letting out a full moan. I scooted off the truck and on the my knees to the leaf and stick littered forest ground. He grabbed my hair in a makeshift ponytail and pushed my head onto his member. It passed through my lips and to the back of my throat. He slid his cock in and out of my mouth, grunts and growls escaping from him.

“You’re mouth feels so good.” He groaned. “Maybe I’ll just fuck these pretty lips, and not you.” I let out a small whimper sending vibrations around him. He chucked and pulled out of my mouth with a ‘pop’.

“Take those off and get back up there.” He nodded to the bed of the truck. I obeyed him pushing my shorts down and just I went to do the same with my panties, he stopped me.

“Keep those. You look sexy in them.” I felt a pulse in my core from the compliment. I hopped back on the truck as he pulled out a condom, ripped open the foil packet, and he pushed the latex around his dick. He positioned himself back between my legs, and teased my bundle of nerves with his tip. I tilted my head back.

“Please Daddy! Please?” I begged. He moved my panties aside so he could push himself inside me. I groaned wildly when he entered me, he grabbed my hips thrusting in and out of me slowly. He felt better inside me then I remembered and I clenched my walls around him.

"Fuck you’re tight.” He moaned. I gripped the edge of the truck as his thrusts quickened, the truck moving in sync with his movements. Once again the familiar sensation in my core bubbled. “Faster.” I almost screamed.

“Say it!” He growled at me.

“Please Daddy. Faster.” He obliged pounding into me, perfectly hitting my g-spot.

“I’m going to-” I stopped myself knowing I’d have to ask to do what was only a few thrusts away.

“Daddy? Can I come?” I pleaded.

“Yes, come for me.” The words pushed me over my edge and I finally reached me toe curling orgasm. I let out an animalistic moan, the sound must have been just what Theo needed to come because he did seconds later. He rode out his orgasm, before crashing on top of me. Both our breathing was temporarily labored. As soon as they settled, he did something unexpected. He kissed me. Light, and sweetly. He pulled out, and took off the condom throwing it somewhere unseen. I pulled my shorts up and glanced over at Theo who was staring at me as he dressed.

“You know if I didn’t know better, I’d say you were enjoying yourself more than I was.” I smiled.

“Well, you should know better.” He chuckled. I rolled my eyes and looked down trying to figure out how I was going to go anywhere with my shirt in two pieces. Theo took his shirt off, walking over to hand it to me. I smiled at him and pulled it over my head. He looked me over in his shirt and smirked.

“Still need a ride home?”