stole your girl friend

So he only wants you when your clothes are off and if that’s not the case he doesn’t want you at all. So you have a decision to make, do you take the boy and loose yourself? Or keep your innocence and loose the boy? Either way you’re left empty.

So you’re crying on the bus home because the boy you gave yourself up to 2 weeks prior, decided he would rather stay at home that meet the girl he stole everything from.

And your best friend is too busy getting high with a random group of girls to pick up the phone. She’ll pretend she accidentally clicked decline later on and you’ll forgive her because she’s still all you have.

So this is how it goes. You give pieces of yourself to everyone and end up with nothing . And at the end of the day you’re always just so fucking sad. And sometimes it seems you’re better off with nobody to let you down. And other times it seems you’re better off dead.

2p Plays: Façade
  • 2p Italy: Hehe~ It's time to plant the chaos in there hahahahahaha!
  • 2p Germany: Heeeeeeeeeeey sexy~ I will stole your girl man!
  • 2p Japan: Well... come here to visit my friend and I end up being a therapist for couples. Fuck this game.
  • 2p South Italy: EXCUSE ME SWEETHEART? I HATE THIS WOMAAAAAAN! I hope he breaks up with you!
  • 2p Prussia: Please don't fiiiiiiiiight. ;-;
  • 2p Austria: I'll show the hell for you two.
  • 2p America: This guy is very pussy and boring. Girl, I'll show you who's the daddy!
  • 2p France: Well... He hates melons! It's a type of taboo in your house?
  • 2p England: *make the Happy End* Yeeeeey! Everyone want to be happy!
  • 2p Canada: Boring... *close the game*
  • 2p Russia: Why am I playing this? This game doesn't make any sense!
  • 2p China: *Make Truip goes away* So girl? Do you want the chinese cake here, huh? What? WHY THE GAME ENDS?! ;-;
Best Friend (Frank Iero)

“I’m back! With food, come eat!” You expected Frank to walk into your shared kitchen you didn’t expect a stranger to follow him.

“Y/N, this is Gerard, he’s an art major.” Frank introduced you and your brain stopped working for a second taking in the fact that this man was seriously attractive.

“Nice to meet you.” He smiled hesitantly.

“I, uh, nice to meet you too.” You managed to stutter out with a smile Frank grinning wickedly from beside him.

“She’ll warm up to you, don’t worry.” Frank laughed patting you on the head.

“I’m not your dog Frank.” You reminded and he just shrugged.

“We’re going to watch a movie, you can join or you can do whatever it is that girls do.” You laughed and knew that you weren’t going to pass up a movie.

Frank showed Gerard to your rather large collection where he looked rather overwhelmed at the choices before him.

“This is an incredible collection! You guys have everything!”

He continued to fawn over the collection before selecting your favorite film.

“Is this okay? It’s one of my favorites?” He asked pulling it out where you both could see.

“Of course!” You cheered never turning down an opportunity to watch it.

“First you make her basically drool in the kitchen, now you pick her favorite movie, it looks like I have some competition.” Frank laughed before turning serious.

“Don’t worry Frankie you’ll always be my bestest friend.” You assured grinding as you put the movie in.

“Good..” He smiled slightly before returning to a solemn look.

Time went by and each would shower you in random gifts, Gerard would draw you pictures of everything from you to scenes from your favorite films. You were falling for his adorable ways a lot faster than you’d care to admit.

Frank played his own music around the house a lot more

“Hey Y/N… Can I talk to you? Now that Gerard’s gone…?” You raised an eyebrow unsure of what he wanted, he’d been acting pretty weird since you first met Gerard but you shrugged it off as jealousy that he’d have to share two of his friends now.

“Sure, what’s up?” He looked at his feet and took a deep breath.

“Well.. I like you.” You laughed.

“I would hope, I mean we live together and stuff.” He shook his head a little defeated.

“No I mean I like like you, damn it I think I love you y/n… And seeing you with Gerard made me realize that and I get it if you don’t feel the same but I needed to tell you..” You felt a million emotions, excitement because you’d liked Frank since forever but also confusion because you liked Gerard too.

You looked to Frank and he had a hesitantly hopeful look on his face and you knew he was the only one. Sure Gerard was sweet as could be, good looking and shared most if you interests but Frank was your best friend, you told him things you wouldn’t tell to anyone else, in fact he probably knew you better than you knew yourself.

“I love you too, and you’re my best friend and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I liked you before I met Gerard because no matter how many cool pictures he draws you’ll always be cooler.” You smiled and he hesitantly kissed you.

“Oh c’mon, you like me so much but you kiss me like you hate me.” You laughed kissing him back harder and smiling.

“Now I guess I have to tell my best friend I stole his girl.” Frank grinned kissing your cheek.

“I’m hurt, I thought I was your best friend.” You pretended to be hurt placing your hands on your heart.

“Nope. You’re my girlfriend now, please?” He grinned blushing a little when he realized he hadn’t asked.

“Of course.” You smiled pecking his lips again.
Well this was kind of shitty and rushed and not at all the request and somehow I’m still sick. Fml.

Classic Epstein

When you dated a stripper

When you made Gail Peck cried

When Mama Peck likes you

When you interrupted your friends making out (in the squad car)

When you got locked out of your squad car

When you lost the squad car

When you got high at work

When you accidentally confessed your love to your bro’s girlfriend 

When you told him about it

When he’s cool with you again

When you stole drugs from your dead brother’s friend

When you dated the girl whose brother you shot

When you never had sex with anyone from 15

When you get to have celebration sex in a public toilet

When you finally had sex with someone from 15

Dov Epstein