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“Sparkling like the stars you love so much”

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a very late HAPPY BIRTHDAY @pussycat-scribbles   <3 I hope this new year of your life treats you well so that you achieve all the goals you set for yourself.


no trump! no kkk! no fascist usa! germany is with you!

we are strong! we stand together & we will never let an angry old white man ruin the lives of minorities in an entire country! never again! respect everyone’s existence or expect our resistance! 

(Germany, 21 jan 2017)

“Clint and the Chinook” - Digital Oil Painting

“We wanted to get a dog up at the farm for a while, so– WHOA, what did you give him to eat? That is some serious doggie breath. Tony? Ton– Where are you go– WHAT DID YOU GIVE HIM??”

(It was half of Tony’s Limburger and liverwurst sandwich.)

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Okay, you probably know the “My life as a background Slytherin” comics by @emilyscartoons? (hint: I love them)

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so im not dead. yet. just really really busy with school coz its finals and they decided to cover everyone with heavy projects before spring break. heck today’s saturday and i have to go to school >:/

i still draw but not as much and all i do are little scribbles and none of them is worth posting haha so yep.

i’ll be active soon maybe on my blog’s first b-day heh; which is near woohoo
sorry i didnt say a word about it. im fine thanks guys who messaged me xD

YOI and reporters at skating events

In international sports events, since there are different reporters from around the world, everyone is reporting things in different languages. 

As our performer is Japanese, we are tuned to the Japanese version. You’ll realize this if you listen to the announcer calling for Yuuri in English in the background as the Japanese voice speaks over it.

This has a downside.

We can only gauge Japanese (in the show, not IRL) attitudes about Viktor and Yuuri being together (in the future, if not already, since we don’t really know right now). We have no idea how the SAME VIDEO is being explained by other reporters. 

After all, the social norms acceptable in other cultures (again, IN THE SHOW, not IRL) might dictate how something is represented. So, everyone could be watching Viktor kissing Yuuri’s skate, and not everyone could be hearing what we hear, which is:

The reporter we are hearing is happy-surprised. 

As Yuuri mentions during his program, though, it is possible that Russia is hostile towards him, for two reasons:

  1. He stole their beacon of hope: Viktor.
  2. He is in some sort of romantic relationship with their skater, someone who represents them on an international stage, Viktor. 

So, we actually have no insight into how this event is being portrayed to people in countries where two men being romantically involved is frowned upon.

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i can’t stop thinking about how forced jy//ncassian is and how much jyn doesn’t deserve cassian

cassian did so much for her (went back for her at saw’s base, pulled her from the research facility on eadu, gathered troops to help her at scarif) but jyn did pretty much… nothing that would ever make cassian fall for her except beat up a bunch of stormtroopers. if anything she just stole his stuff for her own gain (she literally stole a blaster from his bag and she also ‘stole’ the “hope” line) and got mad at him for following orders (and he still forgave her for that)

i honestly didn’t feel like she cared about him the entire movie and i only felt their relationship was anything but antagonistic/begrudgingly friendly in the last 20 minutes – and just barely, no thanks to felicity’s lack of ability to emote