stole resources


@blamehim i think the funniest part is that through all the struggles that white people made india go through, india has grown to be much stronger and way more developed. if anyone stole white people’s resources and left them struggling, the white race would have been extinct because white people were so spOILED and greedy in history AND they had such a lack of innovation when you think about it lmao… they didnt even know how to wash their asses till waaaaaaaay later. 

Unpopular Opinion: The Japanese Occupation

Let’s pretend that it was 19th century America, during the Civil War.

Europe decides to invade the United States (Which they were actually planning to). And during the Civil War, Europe just stole many U.S resources, invaded areas and killed many American civilians. But not only that, the U.S at the time were already enslaving Blacks and Asians, and enrolled in multiple ethnic cleansing campaigns against Natives.

So then the ‘random’ Europeans then came and said, “Hey! We’ll set you slaves free, because you are enslaved by the Americans, and you may fight on our side too! We’ll also let you Native Americans free too, if you want to join our side and fight for your freedom!”

So the enslaved and the Natives went and fought for their independence from the American colonizers.

And that was how the colonized Southeast Asia gained their independence. From the British Malaysia & Burma, Dutch Indonesia to the French Indochina and U.S Commonwealth of the Philippines.

Though there were heavy casualties in Eastern coast of China in the initial Sino-Japanese War (Estimated 300,000 in the Battle of Nanking), the Japanese occupation resulted in dethroning European imperialist and installed ethnic local leaders back onto the seat of power to rule their own people, which created countries like Vietnam, Laos and Malaysia.

Mao Zedong would then go on to kill 45 million people in 4 years.

White people’s culture is raw sewage flowing in their streets, deformities, and incest. I see why they want to steal everybody else’s culture theirs is nasty. And before racist hecklers come trying to spew crap: you caused disease in other countries, crack epidemics in black communities, and corrupted other people’s governments. Africa is only poor because you stole their resources.