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instead of assuring everyone that it “isn’t a phase”, why don’t we just assure everyone that if it is a phase it’s fine? it’s healthy to figure yourself out? because if we tell everyone it’s not a phase and it ends up being a phase, those people are going to feel guilty, like they stole resources or wasted time. It’s not bad to ‘go through a phase’. It’s a healthy way of finding out who you are. And if it isn’t a phase, that’s fine too. But if it is, there’s no reason to feel bad.

Probably the funniest thing about The Discourse to me is that some of the “worst” things aces have “”done”” is steal things that literally can’t be stolen. We stole the moon apparently. We stole memes. We stole resources (even if the resources were specifically for aces, nope, stolen.) We stole characters, we stole words that we created, we stole our own experiences, like, golly gee what are we going to steal next? I await The Great Ace Caper of 2017. 

Spent 30 Mins on a New Story

Anyone interested in a Dragon Age tale going into the personal lives of a few of General Loghain’s “Night Elves,” the elven guerrilla warfare team only referred to in like a single page in “The Stolen Throne”? Because I’ve been wanting to do this story for over a year, and I hope the idea of two Dalish archer and warrior brothers, a blind excommunicated Dalish elf archer, and a background Loghain Mac Tir and Prince Maric bromance interests you as much as me.

I’m either going to call it “Suffer the Slings and Arrows” or “Enemy Occupation”. And I’ll write it all before posting it to Ao3 and FFnet, releasing chapters weekly. Rest assured, “Seek and You Shall Find” is getting done, but there are other passion projects I must indulge before the ideas disappear forever.

Charlie & Quill

I have a lot of thoughts about Charlie and Quill in Class so I started writing them down and they got quite long, and they got quite long.

“There is not always a good guy. Nor is there always a bad one. Most people are somewhere in between.”

That is a quote from A Monster Calls, by Patrick Ness. What else did Patrick Ness create? That’s right, BBC’s Class. This quote seems to sum up perfectly the fascinating relationship between Charlie and Quill. The two characters are so interesting, and have such an interesting dynamic, because neither of them can truly be the “good guy” or the “bad guy”.

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You know what’s so funny (not) about the whole “refugees are raping European women and stealing everything” rhetoric? It’s the fact that that the ancestors of these same bigots who don’t want to help the hopeless invaded my country and so many other countries, raped our women, stole our land and resources. I’m sorry, but like, if you want to talk about violence, maybe you should ask your grand-father? If my mom’s aunt was alive, she could have told you about that one night 60 years ago when she was kidnapped by the French, tortured, raped, and forced to spend 3 days in a dark cell WITH dead bodies. You know what happened to her after that? She lost her mind and spent the rest of her life out of this world until the day she died. Or maybe I should tell you about my grandmother and her friends who used to literally cover themselves in cow shit just so that European soldiers would feel disgusted and not rape them. Or the millions of Algerians who were forced to flee their OWN houses and leave their lives behind just to survive. Guess what, these stories and worse have happened all over the third world. It’s happened in Syria, Iraq, Tunisia, and many more. You CANT talk about violence when you have one of the filthiest histories in the world. I’m not saying every single Syrian refugee is an Angel, but the fact that you are choosing to stereotype millions of people, many of which are older men, women, and children, shows astonishing ignorance..And let’s face it, if we talk about rape and sexual harassment against women, I’m pretty sure white men and ALL men in general are just as guilty. Europe wasn’t crime free before the war in Syria. Stop putting the blame for everything on the “other”. 

All bombs should be directed to Kekistan, and all the resources we stole from Iraq should be stolen back from Kekistan and redistributed to Iraq.

If you see a kekistani, syphon their gas. It’s for the better cause.

Africans must wake up and realize that we also were affected by slavery and the events that took place during slavery. During the era of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade very little is mentioned on what happen to African civilizations during that period. Well during that era Africa had been fully invaded by Europeans, they were not colonized yet, but had been fully invaded. It’s a common misconception that Africans went on with their original way of life during the slavery era. This is false because many Europeans continued to stay in Africa, they even raped the women, tortured the men, and stole the resources from some parts of Africa. Towards the end of the slavery era a new era was about to begin in Africa, which was the colonization era. It’s not a coincidence that the many of Europeans countries that colonized many African countries were also involved in the slave trade. White supremacy is a structure that threatens all Black people in the world. We as Africans must realize this!

Post written by: @Oba_Tayo

Unpopular Opinion: The Japanese Occupation

Let’s pretend that it was 19th century America, during the Civil War.

Europe decides to invade the United States (Which they were actually planning to). And during the Civil War, Europe just stole many U.S resources, invaded areas and killed many American civilians. But not only that, the U.S at the time were already enslaving Blacks and Asians, and enrolled in multiple ethnic cleansing campaigns against Natives.

So then the ‘random’ Europeans then came and said, “Hey! We’ll set you slaves free, because you are enslaved by the Americans, and you may fight on our side too! We’ll also let you Native Americans free too, if you want to join our side and fight for your freedom!”

So the enslaved and the Natives went and fought for their independence from the American colonizers.

And that was how the colonized Southeast Asia gained their independence. From the British Malaysia & Burma, Dutch Indonesia to the French Indochina and U.S Commonwealth of the Philippines.

Though there were heavy casualties in Eastern coast of China in the initial Sino-Japanese War (Estimated 300,000 in the Battle of Nanking), the Japanese occupation resulted in dethroning European imperialist and installed ethnic local leaders back onto the seat of power to rule their own people, which created countries like Vietnam, Laos and Malaysia.

Mao Zedong would then go on to kill 45 million people in 4 years.


In all honesty we can’t afford to be lying to our people and our children about the truth to protect our “White friends” image. We can’t afford to change words and take things out so that we won’t be offend White people. We can’t be giving fucks, we don’t have fucks to give. 

Europeans Enslaved generations and generations of Africans and committed the largest holocaust in world history. Invaded the continent and stole it’s resources while literally “breeding” Africans (colonization) to work for their interests. Neo-colonialism. Then made up propaganda about “Africans enslaving themselves” to justify it knowing damn well Africans DID NOT do what they did. Africans did not dehumanize  people. FACT.  

People of European Descent identify as WHITE PEOPLE. The Majority of White people still hold racist views. Whether you want to believe it or not they do. That colorblind shit they pushing now is not reality.  Every now and then one of them gets caught voicing or acting out their racism and we think it’s a small population. We cannot afford worry about how we are going to “offend” that 1% of White folks who are not racist. That would be irrational and a betrayal to the progress of Black people. 

When we speak about racism? The goal is to end it. The goal is to liberate your people from the constant bombardment of racism they face daily. YOU HAVE TO BE UNAFRAID TO KEEP IT ALL THE WAY REAL. White People get away with Racism because we are afraid to speak about it. We allow them to turn it around and blame the way are treated (I.E Trayvon Martin case) on “who we are” or “how we’re acting”. Typical Victim Blaming.  Black people say what you need to say to your people when it’s necessary do not allow white folks to guilt trip you. PEACE!!



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Listen. I support every race and ethnicity 100 %. But why so many black people feel the need to take every white people that ever invented something and be like "yea the jokes on you cause if we look at it this way it was actually a black person who invented it." Like jfc yes maybe, but no one cares who it was originally, it's 2015 why aren't we living in this day? No one cares if it was a white or a black person.

Well it’s the same reason history books from grades 1-12 showcase 99% white achievement. The historical narrative sets the foundation for white supremacy when for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for at least 12 years we are taught how awesome white people were: how they explored stole lands, how they educated and civilized raped and colonized the indigenous Melinated People of the world, and how they fought valiantly stole land and resources and slaughtered PoC in wars to make the world a better place.

So when PoC are being programmedand fed LIES for years, when they finally hear the truth about their greatness in history, they want to tell the world:


It is our duty as the next generation to pass knowledge of self onto the next generations to come in order to REPROGRAM the masses of the true history and not the lies we to believe in school.

Even these white folks know whatsup:

im taking british lit and american southern lit at the exact same time rn and i have to say…… why is british literature full of WAY more white men than southern lit, and also worse in every single way possible….. why do all literature degree programs focus so heavy on kissing Britain’s ass…. like i could have gotten this degree and taken 1 class on british lit and been as happy as a clam…. instead i take about 4000 british lit classes and then like 3 other classes of my choosing….. all Britain ever wants to talk about is darkness and grey clouds and suffering…. also they are obsessed w being boring stuffy intellectuals….  Whereas southern literature is actually engaging and interesting and shocking and also FUNNY a lot of the time. also, every discussion of southern lit focuses on how evil and racist the south has been and still can be, which is def an important part of the context, and i dont think southern lit should ever be read without that conversation, but no one ever wants to mention the fact that england literally was the one orchestrating the african slave trade into america OR the fact that they exploited africa and just stole all their resources and murdered/tortured anyone who refused to comply. all anyone ever wants to talk about is how Smart and Witty and Full Of Dry Humor the british, are but i can tell u what: ive been to england and ive also been to every major city in the american south, and there is a reason southern literature actually has Life and Color and Excitement and british literature is just about being boring and sitting around in petticoats. shakespeare was pretty good ig. there are some things in the british canon that i definitely love, but for the most part it’s truly the whitest and malest and most boring canon out there and i wish everyone would stop treating it like the holy alter of all  things literature bc it’s honestly so…. not  

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but Europeans were very much on the supply end of the slave trade? Like we were/are about 50+% responsible for the enslavement of millions.

They were more than 50% responsible for the enslavement of the West Africans. Let’s also not forget the colonization that was happening in the interior of Africa as well.

Cecil Rhodes aka Lucifer, enslaved those from sub Saharan Africa. He raped men and women, embezzled and stole diamonds, resources, land, and people from Africa. Let’s not to mention he perfected torture techniques that would later be used in the holocaust and other unspeakable events.

Europe scrambled for Africa and is STILL scrambling for Africa. Africa has some of the most fertile land and abundant resources, which is why they keep the people in poverty. If the Europeans had not used illegal and foul play (poison, trickery, disease) to enslave the Africans than Africa would be this worlds power house.

A merciful one at that.

- Susie

Big Boss’ descent into villainy has already been established by the time of Ground Zeroes, he’s recruited child soldiers, built nuclear weapons and is intent on creating an army nation.

It’s covered up by the fact that Peace Walker’s tone was that of humor and childishness at times – but don’t forget that building a nuclear weapon was MANDATORY to progress the game.

Remember how Big Boss reflects on The Boss during Strangelove’s torture of him, he screams she betrayed him and has a warped misunderstanding of the events of Operation Snake Eater – and when confronted with the truth, dismisses it as The Boss abandoning him and her role as a soldier.

By the time of Ground Zeroes, Big Boss and Outer Heaven are literally planning to hide their nuclear weapons from a nuclear inspection team.

Also in Peace Walker you have to remember, MSF claimed to not be tied to any one nation – because they themselves were already becoming a nation of soldiers.

They had their own currency, their own rules, their own creeds – and profited by deploying soldiers to battlefields all over the world.

Huey while being a sociopath had some correct points about Big Boss/MSF/Diamond Dogs – and was correct to call him out despite his own hypocritical nature.

“ The entire world wants Big Boss dead! “ – I mean of course. He kickstarted guns for hire on a worldwide scale and helped overthrow countries, governments and stole/developed nuclear resources in his ridiculous dream to give soldiers a place in the world – a world full of war.

White people’s culture is raw sewage flowing in their streets, deformities, and incest. I see why they want to steal everybody else’s culture theirs is nasty. And before racist hecklers come trying to spew crap: you caused disease in other countries, crack epidemics in black communities, and corrupted other people’s governments. Africa is only poor because you stole their resources.