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instead of assuring everyone that it “isn’t a phase”, why don’t we just assure everyone that if it is a phase it’s fine? it’s healthy to figure yourself out? because if we tell everyone it’s not a phase and it ends up being a phase, those people are going to feel guilty, like they stole resources or wasted time. It’s not bad to ‘go through a phase’. It’s a healthy way of finding out who you are. And if it isn’t a phase, that’s fine too. But if it is, there’s no reason to feel bad.

Capitalist countries: *Invade and colonize the entire globe,take possession of the resources in Africa, South America and the Middle East*

A few countries: *Get independence* “We want to be socialist now.”

Capitalists: “That’s why you’re poor! Not because I stole all your resources, but because you want to switch to socialism! Now I’m going to embargo your countries and destabilize your governments to prove how wrong socialism is and how it doesn’t work!”

ungrateful serfs these days

“waaaah the king gets to live in a castle why won’t the rich hand me their resources they stole from me waaaaaaah”


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why do you think the targarians are white supremacists

Because they mirror everything we see in real life white supremacists. They embody everything that was wrong with the imperialist societies that conquered lands that were not there’s and subjugated people against their will.

People tend to think that white supremacy is only the KKK and the Nazi’s but it’s not. The driving force behind almost every single imperialist society was white supremacy. It’s rooted in extreme narcissism, uninhibited self indulgence, and unchecked entitlement. It’s rooted in the belief that you are inherantly superior than the people you are conquering and have more of a right to their land than they do. Those same traits can be found in many of the targaryens.

Just take a look at Africa. The continent of Africa is the richest continent on this planet but Africa is one of the more ravaged continents on this planet because of centuries of imperialism. The British, the Dutch, the Portuguese, the Spanish, The French, etc They all felt that they were entitled to lands and resources that belonged to other people. White Supremacy is what gave them these feelings of entitlement. They didn’t care about the cultures of the people who lived there, they didn’t care about the people, they only cared about themselves and their own needs and they were so racist they deemed those people as nothing. They stole their land, stole their resources, even stole their bodies. They stripped them of their own languages, their religions, their customs, and forced their own upon them. They took their land by brutal force, committed genocide after genocide and left those people without a choice. Many places in Africa are still feeling the effects of those centuries of imperialism. Black people across the diaspora still feel the affects of this imperialism as well.

Take a look at America. This land was stolen from Native Americans and Mexico. Europeans sailed across the Atlantic and just decided to claim all this land as their own and committed genocide to get it. They brought African slaves with them and built this entire society off the back of the slave and the blood of the Native American.

The targaryen conquest mirrors this behavior and is rooted in the same narcissism and belief of superiority. They pat themselves on the back for stealing a land that was not theirs to take and only rule by subjugating other people. They bullied their way on to land giving people no choice and forced their customs and practices upon them.

They also mirror the same post conquest behavior that we see in real life white supremacy. Oppressors love to rewrite the narrative to make themselves look like admirable and brave people. They fed children songs of the great aegon who rode on the back of his special dragons with his brave sisters and conquered a land that they made into greatness. They conditioned children to want to be just like them even tho they live under their subjugation. They did that so no one would question their power and their right to it. It’s just like how we tell children that Christopher Columbus was a great explorer who stumbled upon a land and helped build a great society, or how the imperialism in Africa and America was some altruistic mission to bring civilization to savage people. Its supposed to make the later generation admire then and want to be like them instead of question the subjugation they live under, because once you start to question you won’t like what you see and you will eventually rise up. It’s a way to keep the people you subjugate powerless.

It’s why in my hometown they take little black kids on field trips to a slave plantation and show us how pretty they are and how amazing the architecture is, conditioning us to see the plantation as just a pretty house that we should want to live in one day instead of a structure that embodies the rape, murder, and oppression of our ancestors. It makes us hold reverence for the structures that kept us oppressed instead of making us Want to root it up and tear it down. It’s how we erect monuments of confederate soldiers and feed people stories about how they valiantly fought for freedom when the truth is they fought a way to keep black slaves in subjugation. This romanticized narrative we see with the targaryens is EXACTLY like the romanticized narratives we see in real life when it comes to imperialists and white supremacists. That’s why Arya wants to be like one of ageon’s dragon riding sisters even tho Aegon and his sisters were going to burn her homeland to ashe if Torrhen Stark had not kneeled. It’s all about reinforcing their own supremacy and maintaining their own power. It’s not about truth because truth is a threat to their power.

Let’s also talk about their look…. pale skin, white blonde hair and striking “violet” or blue eyes. There is no way GRRM was unaware of the implications of this look when he started to write his novels. Their look mirrors the same beauty standards that we see today, all of which are rooted in white supremacy. There’s a reason Hitler was obsessed with the “aryan” look, blonde hair blue eyes. Its a symbol of whiteness, the inherently superior race. It’s what we all should look like, the master race. It’s hailed as the most beautiful of all, that no one can resist. It’s the apex of beauty. Why? Because it’s white, it’s the phenotype most associated with whiteness and whiteness is inherently superior therefore the look is superior to all others. Dany’s arc in Essos drives home this point. All of those brown people become enamored with her beauty. They talk everywhere of the targaryen with long white blonde hair and blue eyes, the mother of dragons the great savior of them all. It reeks of white saviorisim and white supremacy. These brown people worship her because her inherent superiority has been engrained in them. They all see themselves as noting but low people compared to her because she’s beautiful and powerful and “special” and they worship her because she dared to see them worthy enough to save. It’s just like how black people look at Abraham Lincoln fondly because he issued the emancipation proclamation and freed the slaves even tho he participated in the same oppressive system for years before that. It’s the EXACT same way that white supremacy is internalized by people of color in real life. It’s why colorism exists in almost every single non white race.

Let’s also talk about the incest. There’s a reason why most of the great kingdoms in Europe had monarchs that were all genetically related. These people believed wholeheartedly in the idea that they were set apart by God and given this birthright to rule over any and everyone they so desired to rule. They believed this so much and wanted to keep their power and their genes alive that they married each other and created generation of inbred children that could continue the family line and keep their power. That sounds a whole lot like the Targaryens. This need for consolidated power and genetic purity is elitist and racist. They can invade your land, but you can’t have a stake in the power structure that you are now forced to live under because only they can hold the power ,they are the only ones worthy. White people didn’t want to breed with or marry black people because they didn’t want their bloodlines “poisoned” with something they deemed genetically inferior and they didn’t want black people having a stake in their power structure. You were good enough to keep their dicks wet but the true inheritance and power was only reserved from the progeny that came from their pure white bloodlines.

I know that the targs did occasionally dip outside of their own bloodline but incest was a major practice for them and they did it for very specific reasons, reasons that mirror that same elitist and white supremacist reasons that incest was practiced among European royalty. You can also look at the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt as another good example of incest practiced for white supremacist reasons and that same dynasty mirrors the Targaryens. I believe it was even direct inspiration for them. Basically in every real life equivalent practice of incest like the Targaryens you find strong white supremacist ideals.

Now I know that the concept of race in westeros isn’t the same as it is in real life, but the fact remains that Targaryens embody supremacist ideals, and if they did in fact exist in our world they would embody white supremacist ideals just like the people that they mirror. They are a fantasy metaphor for white supremacy.

Whenever I think about the Philippine Precolonial History, I feel so bitter because it was such a beautiful society where we were rich in gold, where we had our own alphabet, where women were seen as equal as men, and we had this unique culture - and all of this was destroyed when the Spaniards came to colonize us and shamed us for practicing our culture; it goes the same with the Americans colonizing us. They stole our resources, capitalized on it, and made us poor. Honestly, colonization is the worst thing ever and I get really angry when I think about it.

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What precisely the fuck does France owe to Africa at this point?

Read some quotes from this article, then shut the fuck up forever.

“Just before France conceded to African demands for independence in the 1960′s, it carefully organised its former colonies (CFA countries) in a system of “compulsory solidarity” which consisted of obliging the 14 African states to put 65% of their foreign currency reserves into the French Treasury, plus another 20% for financial liabilities. This means these 14 African countries only ever have access to 15% of their own money, [and] if they need more they have to borrow their own money from the French at commercial rates”

“France has the first right to buy or reject any natural resources found in the land of [its former colonies]. So even if the African countries can get better prices elsewhere, they can’t sell to anybody until France says it doesn’t need the resources. In the award of government contracts, French companies must be considered first; only after that can these countries look elsewhere. It doesn’t matter if the CFA countries can obtain better value for money elsewhere”

I don’t know what white supremacist shit-hole you live in, but I wonder how you’d feel if a foreign power stole all the natural resources in your country, then tried to overthrow the government if they put up a fight. I imagine you’d be pretty fucking annoyed, wouldn’t you? I imagine you’d think the thieving foreign power “owed” you something, wouldn’t you?

That you have no idea how African states have been organized post-independence is fucking staggering, and frankly, it makes me hate you.

Charlie & Quill

I have a lot of thoughts about Charlie and Quill in Class so I started writing them down and they got quite long, and they got quite long.

“There is not always a good guy. Nor is there always a bad one. Most people are somewhere in between.”

That is a quote from A Monster Calls, by Patrick Ness. What else did Patrick Ness create? That’s right, BBC’s Class. This quote seems to sum up perfectly the fascinating relationship between Charlie and Quill. The two characters are so interesting, and have such an interesting dynamic, because neither of them can truly be the “good guy” or the “bad guy”.

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Africans must wake up and realize that we also were affected by slavery and the events that took place during slavery. During the era of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade very little is mentioned on what happen to African civilizations during that period. Well during that era Africa had been fully invaded by Europeans, they were not colonized yet, but had been fully invaded. It’s a common misconception that Africans went on with their original way of life during the slavery era. This is false because many Europeans continued to stay in Africa, they even raped the women, tortured the men, and stole the resources from some parts of Africa. Towards the end of the slavery era a new era was about to begin in Africa, which was the colonization era. It’s not a coincidence that the many of Europeans countries that colonized many African countries were also involved in the slave trade. White supremacy is a structure that threatens all Black people in the world. We as Africans must realize this!

Post written by: @Oba_Tayo


In all honesty we can’t afford to be lying to our people and our children about the truth to protect our “White friends” image. We can’t afford to change words and take things out so that we won’t be offend White people. We can’t be giving fucks, we don’t have fucks to give. 

Europeans Enslaved generations and generations of Africans and committed the largest holocaust in world history. Invaded the continent and stole it’s resources while literally “breeding” Africans (colonization) to work for their interests. Neo-colonialism. Then made up propaganda about “Africans enslaving themselves” to justify it knowing damn well Africans DID NOT do what they did. Africans did not dehumanize  people. FACT.  

People of European Descent identify as WHITE PEOPLE. The Majority of White people still hold racist views. Whether you want to believe it or not they do. That colorblind shit they pushing now is not reality.  Every now and then one of them gets caught voicing or acting out their racism and we think it’s a small population. We cannot afford worry about how we are going to “offend” that 1% of White folks who are not racist. That would be irrational and a betrayal to the progress of Black people. 

When we speak about racism? The goal is to end it. The goal is to liberate your people from the constant bombardment of racism they face daily. YOU HAVE TO BE UNAFRAID TO KEEP IT ALL THE WAY REAL. White People get away with Racism because we are afraid to speak about it. We allow them to turn it around and blame the way are treated (I.E Trayvon Martin case) on “who we are” or “how we’re acting”. Typical Victim Blaming.  Black people say what you need to say to your people when it’s necessary do not allow white folks to guilt trip you. PEACE!!



im taking british lit and american southern lit at the exact same time rn and i have to say…… why is british literature full of WAY more white men than southern lit, and also worse in every single way possible….. why do all literature degree programs focus so heavy on kissing Britain’s ass…. like i could have gotten this degree and taken 1 class on british lit and been as happy as a clam…. instead i take about 4000 british lit classes and then like 3 other classes of my choosing….. all Britain ever wants to talk about is darkness and grey clouds and suffering…. also they are obsessed w being boring stuffy intellectuals….  Whereas southern literature is actually engaging and interesting and shocking and also FUNNY a lot of the time. also, every discussion of southern lit focuses on how evil and racist the south has been and still can be, which is def an important part of the context, and i dont think southern lit should ever be read without that conversation, but no one ever wants to mention the fact that england literally was the one orchestrating the african slave trade into america OR the fact that they exploited africa and just stole all their resources and murdered/tortured anyone who refused to comply. all anyone ever wants to talk about is how Smart and Witty and Full Of Dry Humor the british, are but i can tell u what: ive been to england and ive also been to every major city in the american south, and there is a reason southern literature actually has Life and Color and Excitement and british literature is just about being boring and sitting around in petticoats. shakespeare was pretty good ig. there are some things in the british canon that i definitely love, but for the most part it’s truly the whitest and malest and most boring canon out there and i wish everyone would stop treating it like the holy alter of all  things literature bc it’s honestly so…. not  

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but Europeans were very much on the supply end of the slave trade? Like we were/are about 50+% responsible for the enslavement of millions.

They were more than 50% responsible for the enslavement of the West Africans. Let’s also not forget the colonization that was happening in the interior of Africa as well.

Cecil Rhodes aka Lucifer, enslaved those from sub Saharan Africa. He raped men and women, embezzled and stole diamonds, resources, land, and people from Africa. Let’s not to mention he perfected torture techniques that would later be used in the holocaust and other unspeakable events.

Europe scrambled for Africa and is STILL scrambling for Africa. Africa has some of the most fertile land and abundant resources, which is why they keep the people in poverty. If the Europeans had not used illegal and foul play (poison, trickery, disease) to enslave the Africans than Africa would be this worlds power house.

A merciful one at that.

- Susie

Big Boss’ descent into villainy has already been established by the time of Ground Zeroes, he’s recruited child soldiers, built nuclear weapons and is intent on creating an army nation.

It’s covered up by the fact that Peace Walker’s tone was that of humor and childishness at times – but don’t forget that building a nuclear weapon was MANDATORY to progress the game.

Remember how Big Boss reflects on The Boss during Strangelove’s torture of him, he screams she betrayed him and has a warped misunderstanding of the events of Operation Snake Eater – and when confronted with the truth, dismisses it as The Boss abandoning him and her role as a soldier.

By the time of Ground Zeroes, Big Boss and Outer Heaven are literally planning to hide their nuclear weapons from a nuclear inspection team.

Also in Peace Walker you have to remember, MSF claimed to not be tied to any one nation – because they themselves were already becoming a nation of soldiers.

They had their own currency, their own rules, their own creeds – and profited by deploying soldiers to battlefields all over the world.

Huey while being a sociopath had some correct points about Big Boss/MSF/Diamond Dogs – and was correct to call him out despite his own hypocritical nature.

“ The entire world wants Big Boss dead! “ – I mean of course. He kickstarted guns for hire on a worldwide scale and helped overthrow countries, governments and stole/developed nuclear resources in his ridiculous dream to give soldiers a place in the world – a world full of war.

White people’s culture is raw sewage flowing in their streets, deformities, and incest. I see why they want to steal everybody else’s culture theirs is nasty. And before racist hecklers come trying to spew crap: you caused disease in other countries, crack epidemics in black communities, and corrupted other people’s governments. Africa is only poor because you stole their resources.