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I Wanna Be Your Man

Characters - Steve Rogers, Reader

Pairing - Steve x Reader

Summary/Request - Steve’s been gone…a lot. And it’s changing things in their relationship.

Word Count - 1120

Warnings - Little angst and lots of fluff….
(If you spot any other warnings I should add, please let me know so I can edit this post to include them!)

A/N - Tonight I Wanna Be Your Man - Andy Griggs

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Story - 

Originally posted by sadbatfleck

Steve had been busy lately.
More so than usual.

He was always away from home, doing who knows what. If he wasn’t Captain America: King of the Boy Scouts, I’d probably be convinced he was cheating on me.
Obviously, that wasn’t the case.

That didn’t make it any easier when he was gone, though.
Sometimes it was for a few hours, sometimes weeks. I did the best I could to keep myself grounded, but I couldn’t help but feel like I was…

Well, that I was losing him… sometimes.

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Thoughts About TsubaHono

So during browsing and looking for fanworks for this pairing, I stumbled upon a blog post where someone expressed their dislike about this ship. No hate here, mind you, and the post was rather polite and thoughtful, but it revolved around a single reason: That fans only ship Honoka with Tsubasa because the rest of u’s are paired up with each other already.

This reasoning saddens me a bit. I am a TsubaHono fan, had been one since that short scene in Season 2 Ep. 3. I fell in deep for the pairing (or rather, the potential of the pairing) in Ep. 10. Why? To be honest, I find it hard to pin down why I like them so much. There’s magnetism there and there is definitely respect between the two characters, but I liked them together not because the rest of u’s are supposedly paired up already (at the time, I’m still copping around for a ship I actually like) but because I feel like they share something special, something that Honoka doesn’t necessarily have with her group.

Tsubasa and Honoka are both leaders of their respective groups. They are the driving forces behind A-RISE and u’s respectively, the face of the team, and the spokespersons. Because of this, I imagine that they are both placed on a certain pedestal by their members. u’s claims that it does not have a leader, but they all clearly look to Honoka for decisions and ideas. Eli, for example, asked Honoka many times what must be done. I bet A-RISE is the same, especially now that we know that Tsubasa may also be responsible for song composition. Because of their positions, I feel like these two characters share a bond that they do not have with their teammates. There are things that only a leader knows and understands, and I think this is one of the reasons why Tsubasa sought Honoka out in Ep. 10, aside from asking her what drives u’s to be as good as they are. She hoped that Honoka would understand where she was coming from when they were talking and that there would be no offense taken. Though Honoka was confused and perhaps even overwhelmed, deep down she knew where the questions came from, hence she called Umi later that night for guidance.

After going back and watching the episodes many times, I always smile whenever we are shown instances in which Honoka and Tsubasa watch each other as idols. And here lies yet another reason why this pair is endearing to me. In the anime, Honoka got the idea of forming an idol group because of she saw A-RISE perform. Later on, Tsubasa keeps an eye on u’s, because they are potential rivals. Gradually, they become each other’s idols and end up driving each other forward. A-RISE is already popular, they have all the glamour of being celebrities, and they won the first Love Live! like so many fans thought they would. Yet, in the second event, u’s was there to keep them on their toes. There is a new challenge since u’s is back and better than ever, and A-RISE must somehow try to keep the crown. But instead of being a bad sport, Tsubasa found herself admiring Honoka. It was never stated verbally in the anime, but the looks she gave, the sheer awe in it, spoke volumes. Of course, this could only be because she was impressed by u’s Yume no Tobira performance, but we see that look a few times in other instances, like after they talked by the lake and after Tsubasa saw what Honoka came up with as a catchphrase for u’s. The fondness in her expression for Honoka’s honesty and achievements always makes me smile.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I haven’t seen their interaction there. I heard that Tsubasa had quite the role in the latter half of the movie. I really like how they did that. And I think they did so because Honoka needed someone, another mentor, outside of her group. Umi might have taught her discipline, Eli might taught her how to better herself and overcome adversities, but no one from u’s knows how to deal with the bigger picture. Tsubasa is there to teach and guide Honoka into being more than a School Idol, into being popular. And I’m certain Honoka appreciates this, perhaps she’s even grateful. It’s not everyday that the person you admired for so long would openly support you, especially after you have surpassed her.

I won’t jump the gun here and prattle about romance, because it’s difficult to assume that with characters who have so little screen time together. However, I still find it hard to understand why some people cannot see their potential and simply wave the pairing off as a solution to Honoka being a leftover. I believe that Honoka and Tsubasa see each other as equals, true equals. They’re not each other’s leader, and they are no longer each other’s rival. They have become two people who have gone through the same process of rising from the very bottom and climbing to the very top with their friends in tow. And they did this through sheer will and determination. Romance may blossom, or it may not (though I’m certain Tsubasa is already quite smitten of Honoka’s sunny charm), but they have more chemistry with each other than many of the other possible ships in LL.

EDIT: I nearly screamed when I saw those horrible typos on there. This is why I dislike typing crap on my phone. Bad things happen! /0\ And knowing my typos, they’re always actual words that go unnoticed until I read it carefully. Either that or missing words. OTL -laments in the corner of fail writing-

@officialvarrictethras was posting sad headcanons of Hancock, and I was forced to fight back with my own fluffy headcanon of my agender SS playing Got Your Nose! with a little kid who then sees Hancock and thinks SS stole his nose and never gave it back.


Scout and four-year-old Billy stared each other down. Children were great at staring contests. They didn’t know to be embarrassed by prolonged eye contact yet and Scout was pretty sure this one had some sort of mutation that kept his eyeballs moist without blinking. The two had been going at it for forty-five seconds now, and Scout’s eyes were starting to water. At second forty-eight, they reached out and grabbed at Billy’s face, fingers brushing lightly against his little nose, then snatched their hand back and made a fist with their thumb sticking out between their first and middle fingers.

“Got your nose,” Scout teased.

Billy’s eyes widened. “No fair, give it back!”

Scout pretended to think about it. “Hmm. Have you been a good boy?”

Billy nodded quickly.

“A really good boy?”


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That’s How I Feel

Characters - Sebastian Stan, Reader

Pairing - Sebastian x Reader

Summary/Request - No summary….

Word Count - 796

Warnings - None…unless you count Fluff as a warning :P (I mean, like when ISN’T it? -Wren/Grace @wrenwritesometimes)
(If you spot any other warnings I should add, please let me know so I can edit this post to include them!)

A/N - Because…The “Boo Bear” Feels Are REAL!!! <3
How Your Love Makes Me Feel Diamond Rio

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Sebastian sat with Y/N wrapped in his arms -lying in companionable silence on the couch - just watching whatever romantic movie happened to be on the TV. They weren’t really paying any attention to it at all, they just stared at the television, enjoying each other’s presence.

Suddenly, Y/N spoke. “Seb?”

“Hhmmm…” he hummed in response.

“Can I ask you something?”
She looked up at him expectantly.

“Didn’t really give me a choice there, did ya princess?” He smirked.

She hit his chest lightly with a smirk
“I’m serious, you jerk,” she chuckled.

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For some reason, I can suddenly write again. I’ll try to q a few Aiko in canon updates along with duck poetry for tozettewrites (I am taking your earlier comment as enthusiasm at the prospect, yes you are welcome.)


Is there an au scenario or short idea that someone would like to see set up for what might otherwise be a long dry spell? I’m not promising I’ll pull through, but I’d like to try. I tried an au prompt scenario, something like ‘i work at chuck e cheese and your sibling is having  a huge bday party’ and that somehow (d)evolved into team 7 ruling chuck e cheese and basically being gigantic unambitious losers while overachiever Lee balances a much more demanding school with the huge mouse costume and also Sakura is trying to romance Hinata who is herding many small people who vie for Hanabi’s favor? Anyway. It got weirder than anticipated.

Truth Or Dare

Pairing - Sebastian x Reader

Summary/Request - A little game to spice up their relationship.

Word Count - 755

Warnings - Smut! Honest…it’s just pure, smut…There’s no cuddles, there’s no fluff..just, her getting off hehe

A/N - This series is a team effort! So make sure to follow the other 2 authors so you don’t miss anything!!! (I will always take a couple lines from the previous chapter to start mine. It will be in bold italics.) A single master list will be made once the series is complete <3
Image at the top was made by @theimpossibleg1rl

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Part 1 By @theimpossibleg1rl
Part 2 By @hushothermuses

Story: Part 3

“Make it quick” he demanded. She got out of bed, whining she didn’t finish reaching for her phone answering it. As she was talking on the phone, Sebastian had an idea.

A smirk made it’s way to his lips as he got out of bed crawling to her.

Kneeling in front of her as she leaned against the dresser, setting the vibrator down next to his knees, Sebastian looked up into her eyes. An evil smile still pulling at his lips, and he trailed his fingers up the outside of her legs.

She knew immediately what he was thinking. Trying to shake her head no, despite desperately wanting to feel his touch. Y/N kept talking, trying desperately to keep her voice in check.

“Uh-huh… Ye-yeah, th-that sounds good.” Her breath caught in her throat as his fingers reached her core.

Seb lifted her left leg, setting it over his shoulder to steady her. Trapping the phone between her ear and her shoulder, so both her hands were free to grip the dresser behind her.

“N-No, no! Nothing’s wrong.”

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Love Makes Me

Note: Written because @hardcorewwetrash likes Fluffy Seth :P

Apologizes: It’s not great..Sorry :/ 
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They had been together for around a year now. Everything was going perfect, despite the fact that he wasn’t home as often as she’d like. She happily spent her days with Kevin, Seth’s happy go lucky dog, and focused on her own work. Some days she wished she could travel with Seth, and see the world, but she knew that she was needed more at home, than traveling. She knew he was living his dream and was having a blast while doing it. It was difficult on days like today though, when she really missed him and wanted him home. That was when she heard her phone go off with his ringtone.

“Hey baby.”


“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing I guess. I’ll be fine.”

“No, tell me, what is it?”

“It’s nothing Seth, just missing you is all. Nothing to worry about.”

“Awe. I’m sorry baby, I’ll be home soon enough, you’ll see.”

“I know, but I wish you were home now.”

“I have tomorrow off, I can be on the phone with you all day if you want?”

“It’s not the same Seth and you know it.”

“I’m sorry. I wish I could come home, but it just doesn’t make sense.”

“What do you mean? Seeing me doesn’t make sense?”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.”

“Well, it’s sure what it sounded like.”

“Cayden, I’m not going to start a fight with you.”

“Just forget it Seth. Call me tomorrow, okay?”


She hung up on him without saying goodbye. Cayden knew full well what he meant, but she was upset he wasn’t home, and it just blew up. She would just apologize tomorrow though, it was getting late. Quickly showering, she crawled into bed. Kevin was already snuggled into his daddy’s spot on the bed and asleep, but try as she might, Cayden just couldn’t sleep. Not wanting to wake the sleeping pup, she went out to the living room and turned on the TV. Sitting on the couch, her back to the door, she was entranced by the show she found that she didn’t hear the door open behind her.

Walking in slowly, he saw her curled up on the couch watching some random show. He slowly slid his hands around and covered her eyes. Seth could feel her tense up a moment, then relax.

“Seth!” He just laughed.

“I’m sorry baby, I saw an opportunity and took it.” He kissed the top of her head.

“What are you doing here?” She whipped around on the couch to see him.

“Well, you seemed upset.”


“We made a pact when we had our first fight, that we wouldn’t go to sleep mad at each other.” She looked at him a little surprised. “I know, I don’t remember much most days, but I always remember the small details for you.”

“Seth. I’m not mad at you. I was just -” She stood up and walked around the couch toward him.

“I know. Don’t worry. I know you’re not mad, but that’s not the point. I’m not home much, and I should really be trying to spend every chance I can, at home with you. Not staying gone just because it would only be one day here. That shouldn’t matter. The more time I spend gone because of stupid excuses, is just more time I leave for you to decide you deserve better.”

“Seth, I could never leave you. By now you should know, I can’t live without you. I know that just because you’re not home, doesn’t mean you don’t love me. If anything, it means you love me more because you’re willing to sacrifice to provide.” Standing in front of him, just looking up into his eyes.

“Sometimes, I still can’t believe that I was able to find someone like you.” He pulled her into a hug.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you see me. Not a character I play, but the real me. You believe in me, and you give me every piece of yourself. I know you’ve been hurt before, we both have, but you hold nothing back with me.”

“I guess I’m just a sucker for the little things with you. The way you touch my hand when we’re sitting on the couch, the way you let me fall asleep on you and don’t complain.”

“I wouldn’t trade any of it. Watching you sleep, so comfortable and relaxed in my arms, or even the way you interact with Kevin.” She laughs a little, making him smile. “It’s like a heavenly high for me.”

“Have I ever told you, that you’re kind of a dork?”

“Maybe once or twice.” He laughs. “But I mean everything I’m saying Cayden. I love you too much to ever risk losing you.”

“I love you too Seth. And believe me, I’m not going anywhere.” She stands on her tip toes and kisses his lips gently. He pulls her in tight, kissing her with a passion she hasn’t felt from him in a while.

“Let’s head to bed love, it’s getting late.” They start walking toward the bedroom.

“Okay, but you know you’ll have to fight Kevin for your spot, right?”

“That boy has a better bed than we do, and he still steals my spot?” He laughs a little.

“He just misses his daddy as much as I do.” She turns and kisses him again.

“Well, then I guess I’ll have to try to be home more for both of you.”