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  • luke skywalker is terrifying. 
  • no, shut up, come back.
  • you have to understand:
  •  to you or me he may not be; he may be all sunshine smiles and corngold hair and the biggest eyes this side of the galaxy, but imagine you’re Dagger (stormtroopers don’t get proper names), firing at a boy, only the bolts never hit. They sing to the side. You think that there’s something wrong with your blaster, maybe, but none of your friends can hit him either. Finest shots in the Empire, you are, but you can’t hit this boy. And he cuts you down. He wields a weapon whose name you’ve never learned and he cuts you down into smoking bloodless bodies and your friends die before you – only he leaves you. Knocks you out with a blow of the Force – and isn’t that a nightmare of its own, unseen hands blotting out your thoughts – leaves you there in the cooling blood of your squadmates.
  •  Imagine that you’re Cara Ilhyre and you’re a dancer for the Hutt and you hate it, of course you do, but it is a living, a living, and this boy comes in, fresh-faced and young and he says surrender or be destroyed only he and you both know that the Hutt do not and never have surrendered and when he says destroy there’s this grin on his lips, thin and sharp, and he’s kind, of course he is, but –
    • so you’re Cara Ilhyre and you’re a native of tattooine and like many of your specis you are force-touched and you were a girl, once, a very little girl, and your mother told you tales of krayt dragons who slumbered beneath the sands and gentled their young to their pearl-heavy breasts. krayt dragons are tender mothers, she had said, and it was meant to teach you something of the duality of nature, or to fear those with young to protect, or something; but all you can think is this boy, how he smiles as kind as your mother did, once, but you’re convinced that if you were to cut him down the middle you would find dragon-pearls in his ribs and fire instead of a heart
    • the boy cuts downs jabba’s goons like they are nothing, nothing, and afterwards, afterwards, you sense his sorrow. and somehow that makes it worse.
    • because you say, later, to your mother’s ghost (maybe) or to the desert, he knows that killing people is hard and that weighs on him and he does it anyway and –
    • and, you say, it isn’t as simple as: he makes the hard choices. he knew the hutt would fight. he wanted to burn them down, oh he did, and that sister of his –
Your fave is problematic : Jaal Ama Darav
  • Way too cute to be alive
  • Probably purrs when you pet him
  •  “Ahm….mother”
  • Crying is manly
  • Big Thighs™
  • Looks like a cat and a squid at the same time
  • Once you romance him there’s no turning back
  • “Fuck over”

Tfw when you bend over backwards to get dolled up for your boyfriend only to remember last minute that he’s mostly blind without his visor
Wouldnt matter if he cld see anyways cause Jack is absolutely smitten for Gabe in whatever form he takes


I did yesterdays inktober challenge and combined it with the previous day’s theme. Scanned it for tonight so that the small texts can be read!

Was loosely inspired by this wonderful pokemon go/MHA comics .

The Time Zephyr Killed A Chimera

Context: A very quick battle royale had started, our group was going up against a chimera. Our group was Zephyr, my Half Elf druid, along with a double crossbow wielding fighter I forgot the race of and a dragonborn barbarian.

Rogue: *had just bloodied up the chimera who’s on it’s last legs*

Me, OOC: Can i just whack the top if its head with my quarterstaff?

Dm: uhhh, sure, roll.

*nat 20*

Dm: *awestruck and snickering* You aim a bit off and instead ram it through its eye and deal… roll for damage

*another crit*

Dm: its dead as soon as you hit but you just kept at it oh my god

Rogue: you sTOLE MY KILL!

the (murder) squad™
@excailzkrossmazi @denovember @sharpibees i hope yall can forgive me

Stranger Things 3 a concept

It’s Halloween, Steve don’t have intentions on babysitting but these sons and daughters hella busy trying to keep up with him. He ends up door knocking with these punks, another party gone by for Steve and he knows he’s not going to that party. Besides, he likes the kids and El wants the full Halloween experience because Hopper did her bad last year salty af. Nancy and Jonathan probably too busy cuddling up anyways so at least he feels wanted around here with these little shits.

One of the kids yells out, probz Lucas, “Hey babysitter!”

Some chick turns around from nearby with a swarm of kids around her too and is like. “I’m not your babysitter kid…”

And then Steve our man is like “Nah, nah, nah, don’t talk to strangers Lucas Jesus… Wait who are you?”

And the chick is like; “I’m the babysitter, who are you?”

And Steve is like. “Nah, I’m the babysitter around here… These are my kids.”

And the girl is like. “What? So there can’t be more than one babysitter in Hawkins?”

Then these kids are like: “OOOOOH SHHHHHHIIIIT”

And that’s How I Met Your Mother

First off, I’m sorry for the horrible quality and sketchiness.

Second, Protag asked Ann to distract Makoto because he noticed that she’s following him. And Ann decided to do it, but got distracted by Makotos good looks.

Third, ok I’m gonna be honest, I just wanted an excuse to draw some fluff. You caught me