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mr-rosemary  asked:

could you explain the post about shoelaces and presidents? it would be greatly appreciated thank you

Sure! Do you mean this post?

So, it started in a post in 2012 (or earlier, I don’t know the exact date). As the Urban Dictionary entry explains, you would say “I like your shoelaces” in public as a sort of secret code if you suspect there’s another Tumblr user there. And if there is another Tumblr user, they would reply “Thanks, I stole them from the president” to let you know they understood the message and are, in fact, a Tumblr user. 

I don’t think people do this anymore, and if they ever did, it probably wasn’t a very common thing to do. Maybe they did back in 2012 when the post was recent and Tumblr wasn’t as popular as it is now. 

I also don’t think there’s any deeper meaning to the phrases. “I like your shoelaces” seems like a pretty common and nice thing to say, and if it turns out the person you thought was a Tumblr user doesn’t recognise the ‘secret message’, nothing would happen. But then “Thanks, I stole them from the president” seems weird and specific enough that you would know they understood the ‘secret message’, unlike if they just replied “Thank you”. 

Then other posts appeared making references to the shoelaces and president posts:

does thinking of him have wings? does it clench helpless like a fist? does it open its mouth and swallow you whole?

keep it quiet and in the depths of the river: let the crevices of the riverbed eat it alive with soft teeth, soft like the way your mother always said don’t pick at scabs, i know healing hurts in its own way but bleeding all over again is worse. let it lose its shape and become light like water-soaked wood and let it wash away from the riverbanks where the people run. piece by piece it will be gone and leave you empty like a wound, ready to be cleaned and sealed.

- a girl loses a boy and is left with the river // abby, day 352

  • Lucas: Where is Maya?
  • Farkle: Doing stuff...
  • Lucas: And Riley?
  • Farkle: Trying to stop Maya from doing the stuff.
  • Lucas: Zay?
  • Farkle: He's trying to stop Riley from stopping Maya from doing the stuff.
  • Lucas: Oh boy... and what are you doing here then?
  • Farkle: I'm supposed to stop you from trying to stop Zay from trying to stop Riley from stopping Maya from doing the stuff.

In simplicity,
I found beauty.
In failing,
I found patience.
In wandering,
I found understanding.
In darkness,
I found myself.

It seems perfection
was never idealism
but little more than
the truth in who we are.