stole a balloon

The Samwell Team as things my boyfriend does: Part 4
  • Bitty: Stressbakes brownies at 3 am bc he heard Beyoncé gave birth to the twins
  • Jack: stole over a hundred balloons at his own graduation so that he could make a cute photo of his partner
  • Shitty: wearing his gf clothes, even though she is 5.2 and he is 6.5 feet tall (1.6m and 2m)
  • Lardo: asks for a painting for his birthday that portrays karl marx on a stripper pole
  • Ransom: has 23 alarms he sleeps through, but wakes up when the ducktales intro plays
  • Holster: Dramatically sings "its hard to be the bard" when he has to do homework
  • Chowder: learned the whole text of the lorax, dramatically performed it in front of his ignorant religion teacher
  • Dex: names every pokemon he trades simply "friend" so people who get it will form a faster connection with it
  • Nursey: instead of writing a school report he wrote his own eulogy and gave it to the teacher
  • Tango: falls asleep anywhere, once while lying under his couch
  • Whiskey: got so excited by breakfast he couldnt eat it anymore
  • Foxtrot: once met the principal of my school, hugged him (a complete stranger) and whispered hail hydra in his ear bc someone dared him too.

anonymous asked:

Isn't it so clear?? Cole was at the event in a disguise then Lili stole a hot air balloon (since Cole can't afford one and neither can she) with her best friends, then ditched them (bc she's so horrible) flew to the event, kidnapped cole, and forced him to record those videos on his Instagram gram... oh the PR

I’m dying…..but which mustache DID he choose???

Balloon Magick!

Just some ideas about making sigil balloons… some that I probably stole from Phil Hine.

Buy some balloons.
Pick a color that represents the type of magic you are doing, or just use a plain white balloon. You might even use different shaped balloons corresponding to what you are sigilizing, like heart-shaped for love or cat shaped for cat magick etc. If you are able to make balloon animals I’m sure that that could be put to good use as well.
Construct your sigil the way you like to make your sigils. Whatever method is fine.
Charge the balloon by blowing it up while thinking about what you want to achieve.
Draw the sigil onto the balloon.
Rub it, sort of like a genie, on your hair, your sweater, or even better, your animal familiar, and stick it to the wall or ceiling
(Btw be sure to give your familiar fair warning and tell them that the balloon pop will be mighty loud, and that it will most likely scare the crap out of them).
Meditate or use another technique for achieving gnosis (ekstasis).
Pop the ballon with your athame, or a needle taped to your index finger, or use a pen (it’s mightier than the sword they say).
Wait for the result. No, wait, forget the desire. Lust for results will either make the effect delayed or not happen at all.
Banish with laughter or your preferred method of banishing.

classic rogan freeman Moments™ bc today is his birthday:

that time he stole a balloon and tied it onto bane’s backpack

rogan: sees 2 people walking together
rogan: [pushing through them] sorry i gotta be in the middle

a list of things rogan felix freeman gets distracted by
-a seagull
-toni very obviously baiting him
-plastic forks ?

rogan: scorpeo stole a credit card
toni: are you sure about that. like are you really sure
rogan: well where ELSE could he have gotten it
toni: looks right into the camera like she’s on the office

  • “cool”
  • “gross”
  • “brag much??”
  • “i’ll save the day”
  • “we’re gonna shave toni’s head”

rogan: is a big intimidating werewolf
rogan: steps foot on a boat

the times he physically can’t stop from laughing at something toni said even though they’re not really on the best terms when they first meet 

bane’s internal monologue: rogan’s sitting next to me, SWEARING QUIETLY
rogan, next to bane, quietly: fuck fuck fuck fuck

rogan, in front of a world class contortionist, trying to bend backwards and honest to shit failing: i can do what you can lol

scorpeo: your sneakers are disgusting
rogan, immediately, taking the most offense even though his shoes are an affront to the world and to god himself: YOUR SNEAKERS ARE DISGUSTING
[scorpeo is not wearing sneakers]


scorpeo: why is freeman here
bane: ?? i honestly don’t ? know? ??

when he makes laken slow down when she’s eating her first meal since being imprisoned and … …. .. like

rogan, eloquently: me and toni are werewolves and bane and laken aren’t

i gotta fucking stop i could go on forever but he is my #kid and a shining ray of light and it’s his bday and i can’t wait for yall to read about him ANYWAY– 

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“I mean, you’re basically asking why someone’s in prison what did you think the answer would be you doofus??? He stole a balloon??” Midorima remarked harshly with his exaggerated gestures and Akashi almost smiled at that. He did not. He simply let out a breath in which his companion took great offense.

Hey I continued it in a attempt at procrastination ^ q ^ //shot. Let’s just establish random rules as go along ye? I’ll go first with angels and demons can retract his wings at will or else sleeping would be very uncomfortable ok? Ok.

From here.

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Why Spongebob is Amazing

Get ready for a tidal wave of text.

For the past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about Spongebob.  I saw and really enjoyed the new movie, and my friends and I reminisced about our favorite memories of the show.  Surely it was a very enjoyable and funny cartoon from our childhoods.

But is that ALL it is?  A good memory?  A fun after-school diversion?  In my opinion, no - and I believe a lot of us take good old Spongebob for granted.

I am 19 years old, and there were plenty of great cartoons on the air during my childhood.  Dexter’s Laboratory, Rugrats, Powerpuff Girls, Invader Zim, Courage the Cowardly Dog, the list goes on.  Chances are if you take a bunch of people from the age group that grew up with these shows and talk about one of these cartoons, at least a few of them will be able to fondly remember moments from the show and get a bit of nostalgia out of it.

But this is why Spongebob is special.  I just graduated high school, but back when I was still there, the number of people that remember Spongebob and got references to it was much bigger than that of pretty much any other shows combined.  Let’s say you went up in front of the class and quoted something from, oh, Powerpuff Girls.  I’m willing to bet at least one or two kids in a class of about 35 would understand the reference.  On the flip side, people have quoted old Spongebob episodes numerous times in my high school classes throughout the years.  And how many students generally understood and laughed at the reference?

Almost all of them.

See, the writing in the first three seasons of Spongebob was so clever, interesting, strange, and downright funny, that a lot of us have tons of these jokes ingrained in our memories, whether we realize it or not.  Just think about how many unforgettable moments of silliness that show provided us.  

“Ravioli ravioli, give me the formu-oli!" 


“The Krusty Krab Pizza - is the pizza -for you and me!" 

 "Sounds like a lot of - HOOPLAAAA." 

 "Is mayonnaise an instrument?" 

 "Wumbology? The study of Wumbo?" 

Hiiii, Kevin.

"Welcome to the Salty Spitoon, how tough are ya?”  

And of course, “FIRMLY GRASP IT!”

If you’re around my age, I’m willing to bet you recognized a few, if not ALL of those quotes.  Can you think of any other show that has such a wide spread of popularity?  How many shows can you quote in a large crowd with confidence that someone will get it?  I can’t think of another show with this quality on the level of Spongebob.

And we remember this show so vividly because it was so genuinely funny.  I can sit down and watch pretty much any episode from the first three seasons and laugh just as hard as I did when I was a kid.  And in some cases, I laugh even harder than I did back then.  The humor in this show was often, to be frank, very stupid.  But any show can be stupid, and most stupid shows don’t succeed on such a huge level.  Shows like Uncle Grandpa, Breadwinners, and Fanboy & Chum Chum have tons of stupid humor and crazy characters, but they don’t receive nearly as much love as Spongebob does.  Why is that?  It’s because writing stupid humor, contrary to what many people might think, takes skill.  A lot of skill.  To make something stupid AND funny, it requires a special talent - knowing just the right inflections to put in the voices, just the right amount of spontaneity in the events unfolding, just the right sound and animation to accompany it, and just the right amount of…zaniness. 

It’s hard to put into words how this humor stands out to me, so let’s see an example.  In one scene, Spongebob is walking along the beach, and he’s cheerfully singing about it.  If you were told to write a scene like that, what would you have him sing?  Because I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been that little “Steppin’ on the beach, DOOT DOOT DOOT DOOO” ditty they came up with (couldn’t put video here because of technical issues).  You get what I mean?  Some of these jokes were just nuts, and I don’t know how human beings came up with them.  It’s just the right level of weirdness that makes me bust a gut laughing.

This may have turned into a bit of a ramble, but that’s just because of how many amazing memories I have of this show.  And unlike a lot of shows, when I watch those classic episodes again in my adult years, it has not even become _slightly _less funny than it was as a kid.  It is still a treasure.  Though as you can probably gather, I’m only referring to seasons 1 through 3 in this entire post, because frankly, everything afterwards ranks from just average to absolute garbage.  But I won’t dwell on that.  The first three seasons are the true Spongebob to me, an entirely different beast from what is on today.  There hasn’t been a single show that left a bigger impact on my sense of humor.  It is an incredible show.

So the next time someone tries to write off Spongebob as obnoxious, or stupid, or just kids’ stuff, take a moment to consider that those childhood laughs may have been a bit more well-deserved than you thought.