James Stokoe. Marley Zarcone. Shane Hillman. Kenneth Rocafort. Andre Szymanowicz. Corey Lewis. Aluísio Cervelle Santos. Caanan White. Sheldon Vella. Maximo Lorenzo. Heather Breckel. This is only a small list of amazing artist that you might recognize.

All of them once battled in this arena.

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(ad by the ever lovely Brittney Scott, a veteran voider )

One of the most interesting Godzilla tales in quite sometime.

The interiors for this series look incredible and I hardly use that word. Just Google Image Search Godzilla The Half Century War, you’ll see. This is one of those minis that you sort of brush by and then regret it. I’m not quite sure why this isn’t the ongoing IDW Godzilla Series.

It sucks that eBay exists and I would really like to spend the money and own the first three issues that are out.