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Utility Knife Top 5 Knife Making Tutorials How to Sharpen Knives Boot Knife – Custom Dagger created for Law Enforcement and Military – Handmade…
Everyday Utility Knife

Make a knife block out of skewers. The Lazy Person’s Guide to Organizing the Kitchen — How To Be a Grown-Up… #89 – StClair Custom Knives & Metalsmithing


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So I watched “Space Cop”

This is the recently released microbudget movie from the guys at Red Letter Media.

Space Cop is a cop from the future of space, stuck back in time in 2015 with a Cop from the Past of the 1940s. Comedy ensues as they unravel a plot involving aliens and brains in jars trying to destroy the world.

So I really enjoyed Space Cop, but I think you have to have an appreciation for low budget and microbudget films. They made almost everything themselves, they recast actors or themselves in multiple roles or as extras. Their limitations, and their dedication to making things on their own terms without ever crowdfunding or playing fast and loose with the money or expectations of their fans, is what makes supporting them and their work a real joy.

I should say this: it’s not a capital-G Good Movie. I don’t think any microbudget movie has the capacity to do this, and trying to make one is pretty much impossible unless it’s a pretentious art film. What RLM is good at, they do, and what they’re good at is their particular sense of humour, lots of improv, and creating the sheer charm behind their limitations and how damn hard they work for it.

Totally worth the money. It’s on BluRay and for digital download.

Referendum To Bar Same-Sex Couples From Marrying And Adopting In Slovakia Fails

Referendum To Bar Same-Sex Couples From Marrying And Adopting In Slovakia Fails

Fewer than 50-percent of voters cast ballots in Saturday’s vote, which means the proposal cannot become law under the country’s voting rules.

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A voter casts his ballot during a referendum to maintain a ban on same-sex marriage, in the village of Vinicne Feb. 7. REUTERS © Radovan Stoklasa / Reuters

A proposal to deny…

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JuraganFilm DVD

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Space Cop is a sci-fi schlock comedy about a cop from the future (of space) who travels to the present, where he’s teamed up with a cryogenically frozen cop from the past who has been thawed out in the present. Out of time and out of place, these two unwitting heroes must work together to save the world from a group of renegade aliens and the re-animated brain of a mad scientist bent on global extinction.

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