Ok guys. Tonight might be thing night. Tonight, Lin-Manuel Miranda might make history and become the third person to achieve the status of a PEGOT Winner.

The other two being Richard Rodgers and Marvin Hamlisch.


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I really like how you use the your "old" style to draw ashe !! It give me nice memories somehow.. I can't wait to see ratch tho

im trying to find a fun balance between their original style and my style now…their style definitely contributed to the characters 

i want to make their visuals the way 11 year old me Wanted them to look…im doing this for the child that wanted them to be Cool

At long last, i finally purchased rf1 again.

by this, i mean when i was a lot younger I fell in love with the characters and basically everything from the original rune factory. i made this little journal with favorite gifts, dungeon names and levels, and would watch all and any YouTube videos about the game. when my mom finally ordered it for me, they delivered rf2 instead by accident and i was so depressed but never returned it since it’s a rf game anyways and returning through amazon is a pain in the rear! anyhow, I’m super excited for it but it might arrive around when trio of towns is released. that might be a problem lmao