I got the job!!!

I got the dispensary job! I’m so excited to start my first full time job with full benefits and everything!
I’m stoked I get to help people find the right strains for their problems and work with marijuana all day!
I’m pretty sad to quit Michael Kors though because I love everyone there, but I need something more stable and I’ll be starting off with a higher pay.

Spn Artwork

I’ve been commissioned to render two pieces…a jared “love yourself first” one and a jensen one.  I am so excited to get started on these pieces.  I will be adding other supernatural ones to my list and opening up a shop, thanks to everyone who offered their favorite quotes from the show and/or actors.  I’ll be posting photos as I make them.  This weekend is dedicated to painting.  I need to just relax and focus on my commissions.  

If you have any requests or would like to see my photo canvas art, let me know.