okay so it’s been a few weeks since i’ve participated in bfsn so if this is like an overload on selfies, i apologize. these are from the last week or so from various halloween-y related activities happening in my life right now.

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so i saw a video of a taxidermist using a bird flesher style wire wheel to do the detail fleshing/cleanup on small mammals and immediately thought “I NEED THAT”. so my dad helped me put this together. it probably won’t work quite as well as a $300-$500 fleshing machine, but for just $20 (i only had to buy the wire brush and adapter to fit it to the motor, my dad had the rest lying around), it’s a worthy investment even if it only helps a little. i’m going to test it out tonight on one of my personal pelts. hopefully i don’t tear it to shreds :’-) 

anonymous asked:

If you got the chance to play match-maker what three couples would you like to see happen?

“Couples?” Clearly, she was disappointed. “What eve happened to good ol’ fights to the death? No? Alright, then. I suppose the idea of Ajay Dhale and Adalene Flores isn’t entirely repulsive. Maybe Whitney Dallas and Valen Laurent isn’t that bad, either. And for the hell of  it, I’ll throw Acacia Stokely and Kaya Araki together.”