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LEO: You really don’t want to admit it, because it’s a pretty ridiculous thought, but you’re scared of what being fully healed from the heartaches you’ve experienced entails. Because you aren’t sure of who you are when you aren’t hurting and you don’t know how to observe the world with unclouded eyes. It’s okay to be apprehensive of the sides of yourself that you haven’t had many opportunities to become acquainted with. While you may know yourself better than anybody else, that doesn’t mean that you need to be an expert on all things you. It’s okay to still be in the process of meeting yourself and figuring out who you are. You aren’t racing the clock.

VIRGO: You’re finally embracing the things you’ve been talking about doing for so long, but something feels off about it and you don’t know why. Because isn’t this the thing you’ve been working towards? Isn’t this the life you pictured yourself living after pulling yourself out of the gutter and onto the grass? I don’t think it’s right to assume that you’ve made the wrong decision here, but it’s important to remember that not everything you wrap your arms around is going to feel soft and easy to swallow. Sometimes the right decision has to hurt in order for it to be the right decision. Soon you’ll know if there’s anything that needs changing.

LIBRA: I know that trusting your instincts after being led astray so many times is a difficult thing for you to wrap your head around. You’re not the type to forget about the poor decisions you’ve made, or the mistakes you’ve given life to. However, road bumps and wrong turns aside, you are still a person worth listening to. It may seem as though everybody else has a map showing them the route to success and that yours was lost in the mail, but I’m going to let you in on a secret: nobody has a clue, a lot of us are just really good at acting as if we are. You haven’t fallen behind, you’re running with the wolves.

SCORPIO: Everyone assumes that you have a lot of love in your life but, while it’s easy to pinpoint a handful of people that have handled your heart with the utmost care, it’s easier to identify those that haven’t. At the end of the night the latter is what plagues your thoughts and wrings the tears out of your eyes, and admitting to that seems like a sign of weakness. But I want you to know that you aren’t obligated to live up to the expectations that the world holds for you. You’re allowed to make your own goals and visit your own places of interest. And the people that can’t love you for that aren’t people that you need surrounding you, anyways.

SAGITTARIUS: You have a tendency to look for yourself in everybody you meet, stacking your personality traits up like chips in a poker game that you’re destined to lose. The problem here is that in order to do this it involves reducing yourself to the most basic of traits and that isn’t what you are. Just because you can rattle off a list of acquaintances that use humor to detract from a situation in the same way that you do, doesn’t mean that you’re a carbon copy conglomerate of the souls you’ve met and interacted with. You’re unique, and you’re a lot more than simply a list of shared qualities. There are parts of you that cannot be put into words.

CAPRICORN: Has anybody told you lately that they’re proud of you? I know that things have been piling onto your windowsill and that you haven’t had the energy to clean it off yet but you’re still standing tall and you’re still here and that’s something to be happy about. Celebrating the small victories isn’t something that you’re used to doing, but it’s time that you start; it’s time that you open your eyes to all of the things that you do on a daily basis that warrant praise and positive attention. An action doesn’t have to be monumental in order to be important. You do wonderful things each and every day.

AQUARIUS: It’s been difficult to get back into the depths of your passion because there’s a really loud voice in your head saying that it isn’t worth it. A feeling of insecurity welling up in your throat and spilling out of your mouth whenever you open it to speak. Sure, your dream is big. Cynics may have told you that it isn’t worth pursuing. But there’s a reason that you’re chasing what you are, right? It’s because it makes you happy, and it makes you feel whole. And I know that it can be incredibly discouraging to stumble over things you care about, but you just have to keep walking despite all of that. Your goals are worth it.

PISCES: Lately you’ve been haunted by the memories of people that only came into your life to take. The nightmares have become an almost regular guest in your bed, taking the sheets and kicking your shins every night like clockwork. I want you to know that what you need to do in order to gain closure over the unkind past seems terrifying because it is. I also want you to know that you deserve to move on from those that have harmed your growth in the past. It may seem impossible to reach a place of contentment with the situation you’re picturing as you read this, but you’re more than capable of surviving what’s follow you. Allow yourself to thrive.

ARIES: Taking care of yourself still feels foreign, sometimes. Acting adult-like is an oversized jacket that you’re familiar with shrugging off and leaving at home despite the weather that requires its presence. There’s too much societal and social pressure to be fully grown all of the time, in my opinion. Not to say that you shouldn’t be responsible, or that you don’t already take care of the things that you need to, but you’re able to reevaluate what it means to be a successful human being. You aren’t chained to standards or rules or cookie-cutter definitions of “being a grown-up.” Don’t lose touch with the roots that mean so much to you.

TAURUS: Another ending, another heartbreak, another name written through the steam on your shower wall. It isn’t fair that you give so much and still only get apple cores and empty promises handed back to you. I know you’re starting to wonder if it really is a “you-thing,” if the absences you’ve needed to learn to exist around were created by your own hands in ignorance. While most failed connections falter on both sides of a line, that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to be mean to yourself for things that aren’t exclusively your fault. Being kind to yourself is a practice that will benefit you more than you know. It’s okay to give yourself a break.

GEMINI: Happiness is a lover that always sends you postcards but never tells you when they’re coming home. You’ve grown so accustomed to their quick scrawl reading “wish you were here” that you can almost predict each cards’ arrival after every new bout of sadness. It feels like your emotions enjoy mocking you a lot of the time, making you cry over your latest heartache while reminding you of the moments in which you felt nothing but pure and unfiltered joy. I can’t guarantee the continuous presence of bliss in your life, but I will say in confidence that it’ll always come back to you. Even when you think it won’t. Especially then.

CANCER: It’s a lot easier to let the dying embers of a fire fade into darkness than it is to stoke them back to life. I know that you’re tired of crouching next to weak flames, watching them flicker and refuse to glow despite your best efforts, and for good reason. Everybody knows that you deserve better from the world, that isn’t a question. How could you, the big-hearted lover of love, be destined for something as ugly as this? The answer is that you aren’t. Large, beautiful, fulfilling things are on their way, slowly but surely. Don’t forget that it won’t always feel like this. You won’t always view happy moments as a quick reprieve from the norm. Promise.


Okay seriously…how fucking gorgeous are Olara and Varl? X_X


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STEAL OF THE WEEK: embroidered patches by asildastore

i gotta share more patches for this steal of the week, guys … how can i keep these beauts to myself?! NEED. and at only $15 for two, i can totally buy both guilt-free.

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prompt- Chloe takes max to a punk concert, they get into a mosh, max punches Chloe out

Hella Thrashing

“Ready for the mosh pit, shaka brah!”

No, she was in fact so not ready.

Max realized her mistake all too late once she and Chloe arrived at the punk concert out of town. Sure, Max has seen concerts before but they were all behind the safety of a screen as she watched live recordings in preparation for this. Well that was stupid since no amount of hours watching could have possibly prepared her for the hellhole she so willing jumped into. She’s seen bigger venues in videos but that didn’t mean she could handle the smaller but still dauntingly large ones. Did she already mention the insane amount of people? It was amazing and suffocating at the same time. There’s seriously too many people crammed in here and she could have sworn that there’s more people here than there is in Arcadia Bay.

And Chloe wanted them to dive headfirst then swim right in until they were near the stage which was the only place where she could actually see the floor.

“I don’t know about this, Chloe.” Max confessed with her left hand consciously rubbing her right arm. She looked just as much as she felt and she felt like a defenseless human being about to get tossed into a pit filled with more humans than she’s comfortable with. Even worse, it’s a mosh pit. “I think it’ll be safer to just chill here in the back.”

“And miss out on all the fun? Lame!” Chloe scoffed at her as if she expected this reaction. She probably did. But it’s not like that’s going to stop her. “We came here to thrash. We didn’t drive out here for an hour just so we could quietly admire the view of the backs of people clearly having a good time. While we’re busy staying safe and boring, they’re punk and living dangerously!”

“Well living dangerously is kind of like the leading cause of not living. Literally.” Max joked and she hoped that with enough charm, Chloe would buy it. Of course hope and expectations were two different things and she’s learned so far to lower expectations around people especially when it came to Chloe and good decisions.

“Stop being so chickenshit, Max. It’s just a concert. It’s not going to kill you.” Chloe clapped her on the back encouragingly and then started dragging Max by the hand into the crowd of people. Max may have planted her feet on the ground but damn, Chloe’s packing guns with that incredible grip strength. “Besides, you asked for this. I know this isn’t exactly your scene but you’re the one who begged me to take your bony ass here. So sue me for being such a good friend.”

“Best friend.” Max corrected with a smile.

Chloe flashed her a toothy grin. “And best friends make stupid decisions together all the time.”

They dive deeper into the crowd and it’s kind of mind-blowing how they could possibly squeeze through barriers made of people when it looks like there’s hardly enough space to breathe. Max is pretty sure she’s made enough physical contact to last her a lifetime’s worth. They got a lot of glares and hand gestures for shoving in between people. Max ducked her head all throughout with muttered apologies while Chloe held her head high as if she owned the place and returned comments with her own colorful vocabulary. The deeper they headed, the more people there was seemingly cemented by their numbers. Once they got close enough to the stage and stopped, Max thought she could finally breathe in relief. Oh, how naive she was. They didn’t call it a pit for nothing. She could barely move in there and it was so hard to breathe. In th midst of Max’ suffocation, she worried about how worse it would get once the actual thrashing started.

“Is it…” She wheezed and then she had to gather her breath to yell loudly enough because not even she could hear herself. “Is it always this… intense?”

“You wish!” Chloe barked out a short laugh. “The show hasn’t even started yet. Don’t tell me you’re already quitting on me because I busted my ass just to get this spot and I’m not giving it up until the concert’s over.”

As much as Max wanted to tell her that she may have reached her limit long before that, she knew how much Chloe had looked forward to this. She’s not going to ruin this for her. And besides, as much as Max wasn’t into it, she was kind of looking forward to this too. Hanging out with Chloe always resulted in fun- reckless and bordering illegal fun but fun nonetheless. “Are you kidding me? I came here to thrash!”

What was it that Chloe said before? Best friends make stupid decisions together. Yeah, that one.

The band was loud. There was no other way to describe their music since Max could barely listen to the finer details when the speakers blared way too much than necessary. She honestly couldn’t tell if the music was that good but holy shit did she feel awesome. It was unlike anything she’s ever experienced before. Even the shy hipster Max could hear her inner punk calling or more like shouting. She could kind of understand why Chloe would like going to these kind of events. It really was something. Everyone was just full of life, too much life even, and it felt like there was literal energy in the air that even Max felt the buzz in her head. It was a low grumble at first but by the second song, it had everyone roaring.

“Aw, yeah! Let’s hella thrash!” Chloe whooped and that was the closest thing to a warning that Max was going to get before chaos ensued.

The whole world started to move but that made it sound like it was tame. No, this was no tame slight movement, this was wild thrashing and bodies colliding. With every hit, it energized the people and pretty much everyone around her were overcharged batteries dishing out at each other. And poor Max was being swept by the mosh pit that’s become like a force of nature, uncontrollable and unrelentling. She even got shoved to the side at some point, her arm out and ready to rewind, but before she could regain her bearings, someone had pushed her again. And that’s how Max accidentally clocked someone in the middle of a mosh pit.

When Max turned around to check on her partner and then turned again to check just who she decked, it’s only then that she connected the two.

“Holy shit! Chloe!” Max swore out loud as she dove after her fallen friend courtesy of her fault. “Sorry! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to! There was just so many things happening at once and I panicked and-” She rambled on just spouting what came in to her mind. She wasn’t thinking at all, she was just talking and apologizing. It even took her a second to remember that she had time powers and make everything better. She raised her hand. “You know what, I’m just gonna-”

“Don’t!” Chloe hissed as she grabbed onto Max’s arm tighter than usual. Her voice was so low and easily drowned by the noise but Max heard the seriousness in her tone loud and clear. “Just. Don’t.”

“I’m so sorry, Chloe. I didn’t mean to. I swear it was an accident.” Max apologized again because one, she honestly meant it and two, she’s never heard Chloe with that tone before at least not at her. She did not want to incur her best friend’s wrath. “I fucked up. I’m going to rewind and make the pain go away, okay?”

Chloe’s grip on her tightened and as she pulled her in, she ordered, “Don’t you dare rewind that punch.”

“What? I already feel bad about it. I swear I’m going to tell you about it after I rewind! I just don’t want you to end up sporting that bruise.” Max half-explained and half-pleaded. She seriously messed up and Chloe didn’t want to let anyone of them forget. Max bit her lip as her eyes begged her to reconsider. “I fricking punched you, Chloe.”

“And it was one hella punch.” Chloe answered with that same deathly tone. And then the punk did the wildest thing and smirked devilishly. “You do me proud, Mad Max.”

Max blinked, confused. “What?”

“Cute. You seriously don’t know how a mosh works.” Chloe laughed, it was such a relief to hear that and easily the tenion was lifted. She then not so lightly punched Max at her shoulder. Max winced. Well that actually hurt. She was about to whine about it but then remembered that she did punch Chloe just seconds before. Chloe just laughed harder at Max’s face and gave her a clap on the back for good measure. “There. Now we’re even.”

“Wowsers.” Max let out a relieved breath and even found herself smiling again despite her nerves. “We just punched each other. Does that mean we’re bonded for life now?”

“Totally. Forever.” Chloe readily answered and even hit the sore spot again much to Max’s annoyance and pain. She was definitely enjoying this. “Now that we’re bonded, our first post-bonding activity is you helping me get back in there.” She gestured to the mosh pit that looked more like a storm of violence. “I’m going to fucking kick that asshole who groped me. I know the bastard’s in there somewhere. Come on, Max. Let’s fucking raise hell.”

“You mean hella?” Max quipped with a pun that she may have been saving for a while now.

“Did you just say my patented word? I am such a good bad influence on you.” Chloe’s grin was absolutely dazzling and her purpling bruise brought out her teeth quite attractively. “Welcome to the mosh pit, sistah!”

It was the most awesome mosh pit Max has ever gotten in to. Hella hardcore. She’s not going to another one anytime soon though since Chloe could get pretty intense and violent when given the chance. 

Besides, she’d rather crash at the after-party than thrash.

My bf and I are going to Anime Expo and we’ll be cosplaying vacationing levihan. It’s gonna be the most low-key, casual cosplay and I’ll be truly shocked if anyone at the convention remotely recognizes what we are supposed to be 😂

I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO THANKFUL for the amount of ap classes i took during HS than when i was registering for classes today. i’m 5 hours away from entering as a (credit-wise) junior and that gave me soooo much chill room in my schedule compared to other engineering majors I AM LIVING. i literally have movie night every monday at 6 i’m crying i love college. and did i mention NO 8 AM CLASSES 😭😭


Prompt: Alone by Halsey for @whothehellisbella ‘s song fic challenge.

Summary: Pursuing a long distance relationship with a man named Bucky Barnes, you can’t help but feel so unsure of committing to him.

Word Count: 2,930.

A/N: After taking what felt like a century to get inspiration for this fic, alas, the product is finished. Angst isn’t my preferable choice when it comes to writing, but I think I did pretty well. Also, huge thanks to my pal @theassetseyeliner for being a big help when it came to editing this out :D

Warnings: Angst, and some pretty bad thoughts. 

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