stoke park memorial

Big Bob's Langley List:

Things you love at home

- Family
- Memories
- Parks (Langley Park, Black Park, Ditton Park, Virginia Waters, Stoke Poges Memorial Park)
- Close to the library and local park (this was appreciated more when younger)
- Close to uni (Royal Holloway)
- Close to London
- Close to Heathrow Airport
- Close to the Gurdwara
- Close to school (waking up 20 mins before school was the one)
- Close to so many people we love
- Close to Windsor
- The basketball hoop (although we hardly play now)
- My room (although it’s a mess atm and it’s bugging me)
- Sitting in the garden
- PTC live – only at rehraas time 😉 hahaha
- The cooker/oven
- Bike rides
- Juicer
- Wi-fi
- Relaxing and super cheap yoga classes
- My car
- Comfort
- My bed
- Sukh