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The Walking Dead |SEASON 7| ➝ T E A M ♡ F A M I L Y

“You were right. You were right from the start. You told us to get ready to fight… I didn’t listen. And I couldn’t. But I can now.”

My Savior

8. “She’s missing, not dead.”

A/N: I enjoyed writing this, let me know if you want a part 2

        The italics are flashbacks.

5 weeks.

You had been MIA for 5 weeks. It was normal for you to be gone a week or two, but not this long. Carl was worried and it was starting to show. He paced the living room floor while biting his thumb.

Rick watched his son with intensity. He let out a deep sigh before speaking up, “She’s missing, not dead.”

“How do you know?” Carl snapped as he continued pacing. “Everything in this world’s trying to kill you. If it’s not the walkers, it’s other people.”

Rick dragged a hand down his face before replying. “You’re worried about her, I get it. I worry about Michonne when she goes out too. It’s called love.” He emphasised the word love, but Carl didn’t seem to notice or he didn’t seem to care.

“Michonne’s different. Michonne’s a fully grown woman who can take care of herself.” 

“You don’t think Y/N can take care of herself?” Rick questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“I do,” Carl sighed and stopped pacing. “It’s just, she’s been gone 5 weeks! Glenn and Abraham died in those 5 weeks. She wasn’t there so she doesn’t know about the ‘Saviors’. What if she’s hurt? Or dead?” He mumbled.

Rick was just about to reply when Aaron ran into the house. He bent over, placing his hands on his knees and panting.

“Rick,” He wheezed. “Negan… He’s here.” He managed to say between breaths.

Rick was out of the front door in a second. Carl was just about to walk upstairs when Aaron turned to him, still breathing deeply.

“You’re gonna want to see this.”

You had been gone 5 weeks. Somebody had to be worried about you. Didn’t they? Carl probably was, Carl was always worried about you.

You had been gone two weeks and it was going fine. You usually went out on long runs to gather supplies or map out areas where you knew there would be lots of supplies, so that you could take it back to the group. 

You were walking down one road and you got a feeling that someone was watching you, but when you turned around there was no one there. You kept walking, trying to ignore the feeling that something bad was about to happen. That’s when a group of walkers surrounded you. You had been so lost in thought that you didn’t notice them sneak up on you. You looked around desperately trying to find an opening, but to no avail. There had to be at least 23 walkers. Once you realised there was no escape, you faced one of two options: either die, or fight and try to survive. You took down 5 of them with ease and you were about to take down another one when the sound of gunfire filled the air. You closed your eyes, covered your ears and crouched down. When the gunshots stopped, you opened you eyes, stood up and saw the walkers blown to bits.

“Well what do we have here?” 

A man with a salt and pepper beard, wearing a leather jacket with a baseball bat slung over his shoulder walked up to you. He had a smirk on his face that was accompanied by dimples. He stood two feet in front of you and when you made eye contact, the hard look was replaced by sadness.

“Naomi.” He murmured just loud enough for you to hear.

How did he know your mum? Surely it was a different Naomi…

You shook your head. “Y/N.”

The sad look disappeared and was replaced by the cold, harsh look again.

“What?” He snapped.

“You called me Naomi. My names Y/N.” You replied with a small smile knowing that this Naomi must have meant a lot to him.

Realisation dawned on his face and he cleared his throat. “Well then, Y/N, you seem to look like you can handle yourself around those bastards. How about a place with me and my men?” He gestured around him and you only just noticed the group of 30 men sat on bikes and in trucks.

You were about to refuse and tell him that you had somewhere to be but before you could, he clapped a hand on your shoulder and laughed.

“Guys, lets all welcome Y/N. She’s our new Savior.”

You sat in the truck bouncing your leg nervously. You were on your way home. So why did you feel so nervous?

Negan placed his hand on your knee to stop it. “Calm down.” He insisted.

You had spent 3 weeks with Negan and he was one of the nicest men that you had met since the apocalypse had started. 

Sure, he carried round a bat with barbed wire on the end and he made people kneel in front of him, but we all have our quirks, don’t we? 

In those 3 weeks that you had spent with him, he had explained that he had a daughter called Naomi before the apocalypse who looked exactly like you, but she didn’t make it.

He gave you your own room, next to his so he could keep an eye on you, and he made sure that everyone respected you. You were sure that he was only doing this because you reminded him of his dead daughter, but he assured you that it wasn’t.

“You have potential,” He had told you. “One day, you could become a fucking great leader, like me!”

As you pulled up to the front gates of Alexandria, you started to feel nervous again.

“This is gonna be good.” Dwight, one of Negan’s men, whispered to you.

You watched as Negan walked up to the gate and banged on it with Lucille, you stood a few steps behind him but in front of the other Saviors.

“Little pig, little pig, let me in!” He swung the bat over his shoulder as he usually does.

Spencer opened the gate and you nearly cried with joy because you were so happy to see a familiar face. 

He just stood there and stared at Negan.

“Well?” Negan asked, bending his knees a little. 

“Uh… Who are you?” Spencer asked.

You wanted to scream at him for being so stupid. Could he not see you? Why didn’t he just let you in?

“Oh you better be joking,” Negan looked too cheerful. He lifted Lucille off his shoulder and held her in the air. “Negan, Lucille. I know I had to make a pretty strong first impression.” 

Has he met them before? You were just about to ask him what he meant and then Rick came into view. He stopped behind the gate glaring at Negan, he hadn’t spotted you yet.

Negan turned to Rick. “Well hello there.” A few seconds passed and Negan lowered his voice, “Do not make me have to ask.”

“You said a week,” Rick stated, moving to open the fence. “You’re early.”

“I missed ya.” Negan replied, the sarcasm dripping from every word.

A walker emerged from behind the trucks. 

“Oh, Rick. Come on out here, watch this.” Negan invited, walking passed you and over to the walker. “Callin’ it!”

He swung his bat and you watched as it hit the walker and he fell to the ground.

Negan turned round with a grin spread over his  face. “Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!” He sing songed. 

You turned back round towards the gate as Negan stood besides you. If Rick hadn’t spotted you before, he had now.

“Alright everybody,” Negan announced, turning towards the group near the wall. “Let’s get started, big day!”

You eyes widened as you saw Daryl stood with them. He was wearing a jumper with an orange ‘A’ on it. How long has he been with Negan? Why hadn’t you noticed? 

You followed Negan and Rick into Alexandria, your home. You watched as Negan’s group spread out and walked into houses, taking things.

“What’s happening?” You asked Negan.

“He’s stealin’,” Rick replied before Negan could get a word in.

“No, Rick. I’m not stealing. You said half of your stuff belongs to me, remember?” Negan turned towards Rick with the same smile that he had on his face as when he killed the walker.

When did Rick say that half of his stuff goes to Negan? When did he even meet Negan? 

You were about to ask him this when another voice pulled you out of your thoughts.

“Y/N? Is that you?”

TWD Season 7 Episode 8

Negan shaving & cooking/ Carol & Morgan 

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Daryl getting out/ Aaron & Rick in the boat/ Aaron getting grabbed or falling out of said boat/ Michonne & the red headed chick/ That glance between Morgan & Carol when they were talking to Richard/ Spencer & Negan/ Rosita pulling her gun & shooting Lucile/ Eugene speaking up/ the person watching Gabriel

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Olivia and Tara

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Daryl flipping a table/ Maggie’s cravings and the guy on watch at hilltop being like ‘dude give her the apple’ 

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Richonne/ Michonne’s speech/ Maggie seeing Rick & CO/ Daryl & Jesus/ Everyone hugging Daryl/ Daryl giving Rick his revolver back  

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Spencer’s death

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Olivia’s death

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Aaron getting beaten by the saviors

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Reunion [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Summary: You and Rick were together at the prison, but were separated during the Governor’s attack. Eventually you walk up to gates of a community called Alexandria, desperate and hungry.

Warnings: Smut, swearing, unprotected sex, abduction attempt

Words: 2,578

A/N: Sorry for my terrible gun description, I know nothing about them.  

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Imagine Negan having an interest in you when he visits Alexandria but Father Gabriel protecting you from him

(Rewatching the episodes of this season just really inspired me to write this one :3 today Also I believe someone also messaged me this request so hope it is as requested :) Lol I live for Gabriel being innocent but savage at the same time and Negan being creeped out XD So I hope it’s okay and you can somehow appreciate it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

After everything you and your friends had went through it wasn’t easy to always wake up in a good and bright mood in the morning.

However, luckily for you, you had Gabriel in your life. Every morning since, you’d wake up to him hugging you tightly from behind and him kissing your forehead before leaving.

He was positive about how it would all turn out and always reminded you that it wasn’t the end of anything. Thinking about everything he’d say, you had gradually came to believe in it and for the moment you accepted it.


One morning, you had woke up to the sight of the Saviors inside of Alexandria and suddenly you just didn’t enjoy accepting how things were.

They had barged in your house taking everything that was “theirs” and didn’t even bother to be careful or whatsoever.

You ended up being led outside of your own house and just stood by the stairs, looking at them with an angry and frustrated gaze as they took out your furniture.

As you did so, Negan and Rick were walking and talking just behind and passing by you. You then heard Negan talking about Maggie and how she was a special kind of widow at this point and that he needed to see her.

It ticked you off even more and made you turn around to get a good look at the man who made this nightmare happen.

As you did, you saw a tall bearded man in a leather jacket, smiling and laughing, and it made you look at him in disgust and he suddenly noticed you.

He was taken back and looking back and forth between you and Rick, he started to get loud.

“Hot diggity dog! You are fine as hell! Rick, who is this lovely lady! How come I haven’t met her yet…and how are we not together…”

He suddenly got closer to you and instinctively you tried to back away but couldn’t as he ended up reaching to grab a hold of your arms.

He chuckled seeing your reaction and eyeing you up and down, continued, “Oh did I scare you? Sorry…I’ll introduce myself first…Hi, i’m Negan…You know you’re really hot…It’s hard for me to stay calm…”

You didn’t know what to say and just still tried to get away from him but his grip only got tighter. Rick wanted to step in and help but as Negan looked his way, he instantly stopped.

He then looked back at you and tried to coax you into telling him your name.

“Come on, honey…Introduce yourself, I want to get to know you…”

As he was towering over you and his grip was tightening, you got even more nervous and eventually you surrendered to him.


However, as you were about to tell him, you heard a familiar voice from behind.

“Would you like to pay your respects before meeting, Y/N…”

It made Negan jump and as he turned around, he couldn’t hide his shock.

“Holy shit! You are creepy as shit! Sneaking up on me with that collar around  and with that freaky ass smile like that!”

It was Gabriel and as you looked at him, you just wanted to run over to him for a hug but obviously you couldn’t with Negan still holding onto you.

As Negan stared at him, Gabriel stared back and eventually took notice of how he was holding you closely to him. In that instant, he just wanted to tell him you were taken or just punch him and get you back but knew it would be a rather stupid move to do so.

Instead, he remained calm and thought it was just better to distract him otherwise.

“My apologies…That wasn’t my intent…I simply wanted to know if you were interested in paying your respects to the deceased…”

As Negan listened and looked at him, he suddenly scoffed.

“No…Not anymore! If that pregnant girl is gone then she’s gone! I found my new interest, right…here! So Y/N’s your name, huh…”

As he said that, he turned to look back at you and winked. You grimaced and mumbled to him to let go, but it only made him laugh and smile even more.


It made Gabriel sigh and he stepped in closer. Still trying to maintain his calm tone but with his fists closed, he said, “I understand your interest…but maybe Y/N…would like you to let go of her…”

Negan turned back to look at him and eyed him up and down. He noticed the way he looked at you and as he looked back at you, he understood something.

He started laughing and as he turned to look at him, he held you by your shoulders even closer to himself and said “Ho-ly shit! You two are sleeping together! Goddamn, Rick! You got some sinners here!”

As his tone got louder, Rick looked down to the ground, while Gabriel only got even angrier at him and it started to show.

Staring back at you, Negan continued “Y/N…you’re such a naughty and dirty girl! Sleeping with a priest…What else are you down for? Huh?! Tell me…What other dirty fantasies do you have?”

You tried to push him away and you tried to tell him to let go of you but he just couldn’t care less.

“Y/N…Baby…Come on tell me about yourself! Don’t play hard to get with me! Of all people! You got yourself, a priest! That means either you were damn easy or you were real desperate!”


Finally, fed up with the whole act, Gabriel got really angry and got closer to him. He reached over for your arm and in a quick move he managed to pull you away from Negan’s grip while also pushing him away.

As Negan stumbled and got back on his feet, Gabriel put himself in front of you and in an pissed off tone, said, “Who she sleeps with…is none of your goddamn business…Don’t ever…Ever think of touching her that way ever again…Or talk to her in that disrespectful tone…”

Negan’s smile slowly disappeared as Gabriel’s tone got rougher.

Despite Negan being much taller than him, he felt somehow threatened by the way Gabriel stared up at him, especially when he continued making his way towards him.

As he finally got close to him, he then told him, “She isn’t yours…She’s mine…So from now on every time you come here…You’re going to leave her alone…Because if I ever see you do that to her again…I won’t be able to keep my calm…Do you understand…”

As Negan listened, he got slightly frightened by him and his eyes widened in surprise by what had just happened. With nothing else to say, he nodded and told him he understood.

“I get it, priest…She’s yours and yours only…As long as you’re here…I ain’t ever fucking touching her again…”

Gabriel nodded and then turned back to you and reached his hand out for you to hold. You quickly grabbed his and followed him as he walked away.


Still scared from what had happened, you clung to his arm and felt him squeeze your hand. As you looked up at him, you said, “Thanks Gabe…”

He smiled hearing you and said “You’re welcome…That’s what i’m here for…I’ll take you to the church…we’ll stay there until they leave…alright…”

You nodded at him but feeling as if you were being watched, you looked back behind you only to see Negan smirking and pointing back at you, as if he was saying he was going to get you back.


fictional characters + mbti ~ infj (the advocate)

We’ll get through today. Then we’ll find a way to go forward, how to beat this. …. I have faith in us. I have faith in you. Things change.

INFJs are the lest common of all the MBTI types. Often found in building communities, in politics and in law- the INFJ is in tune to people and what they need. They like things orderly, and may have high standards for themselves and others. Intuitive, they may have accurate ‘gut’ feelings which they follow through on and have well developed instincts. They can 'read’ people and make good impressions and are found to be kind and caring. A weakness for the INFJ is conflict- whereas other types can wield it to their advantage and make a strong argument, this may be overwhelming for the INFJ. They pride themselves on being complex and deep thinkers. This can make them be rather perfectionistic and neat. They are general romantics, have idealism and strive to make the world or certain communities a better place. May also be reserved, peaceful and private.

Characters: Galadriel, Will Graham, Father Gabriel, Melisandre, Obi Wan Kenobi and Remus Lupin.

I better fucking not see these posts in the next few days/weeks:

“Well, I guess it’s time to ship Maggie with Tara!”

“…with Daryl!”

“…with Spencer!”

“…with Rosita!”

“…with Eugene!”

“…with Carl!” 

“…with Gabriel!”

Uh, how about give the woman some time to grieve, Jesus Christ. This wasn’t just some rando, flavor of the week love interest. This was her freaking husband and father of her child for nearly four seasons. Please respect that. 

#Team No Love Interests for Maggie Greene-Rhee Until an Appropriate Amount of Time of Grieving Has Passed

TWD Season 7 Episode 4

Rick talking about Shane to Michonne/ The girls not okay with this/ Carl & Negan/ hidden gun/ The fake grave for Maggie

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Dwight being an asshole to Rosita/ A savior harassing Enid/ Spencer hindoing the guns 

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Negan & Olivia/ the camera

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Searching for the guns & alomst bot finding them 

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Comic lines

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Negan’s reaction to Father Gabriel

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That was a fantastic episode for fans of the comics…especially for fans of the Negan/Carl relationship.

Just hearing Negan say so many of my favorite lines of his tonight (or at least the variations they could air on TV) made me so happy.

All of the Negan makes me happy.

But enough about him…My favorite non-Negan moment tonight was Father Gabriel calling Spencer a piece of shit. I was expecting Gabriel to scold him when he told him to stop the car but not like that. ‘Twas a great moment.

And I can’t wait for a certain something that will very likely happen next week. No spoilers though.