stoke edith

rubyroxsims  asked:

Can my sim have long red hair (not ginger or orange actual red hair) , fair skin and loads of freckles! She is very geeky (glasses, gapped teeth, the whole shabang XD) and loves to play video games as well as record her gameplay for her channel. She she has bright blue eyes and wears minimal make-up. Her favorite colors are blue,pink, yellow and pretty much any pastel color. Luv your blog sm! :D

Here is Edith Stokes. She’s very weird, and loves everything about the internet. Even though she isn’t the most popular girl in school, she doesn’t mind being everyone’s friend and supporter.


Stoke Edith is a strange place. This Hereford village is perhaps best known for the grand Queen Anne house that burned down in 1927. The gardens were recorded in some wonderful tapestries that are now in the V&A, but all that really remains is the church of St Mary outside the gates to the house. The church dates back to the 14th century, but was given a radical 18th-century revamp, with an upper gallery, box pews and a colonnaded high altar. One of the most extraordinary things is the cadaverous medieval tomb effigy of a lady with eyes almost half-open and a high forehead that has been inscribed with graffiti. Outside in the graveyard is a one particular tomb that is overground with ivy. It recalls a green man and seems appropriate to the eery atmosphere of Stoke Edith - nature reclaiming man’s structures.