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Although Naruto has completely and wholeheartedly forgiven Sasuke for his initial abandonment, as he realized during their separation the true extent of internal battles and intense pains Sasuke faced, he can’t help but feel subconsciously insecure, often suffering from nightmares stemming from Sasuke’s absence.

These nightmares usually involve Sasuke’s realization that the village does not, in fact, mean anything to him, and he no longer feels a connection to the village, if he ever did.

On these nights, Naruto often talks in his sleep and reaches out for Sasuke, who is a light sleeper that grows frustrated at the slightest interruption of deep sleep…

Still half asleep, a tan hand reaches out, instinctively, landing on Sasuke’s chest, startling the usually stoic man awake. The voice is tired and groggy, mumbling, “just making sure you’re still here.”

Initially prepared to beat to a bloody pulp who ever had interrupted his REM cycle, he pauses as he finds himself suddenly silenced by the words. Naruto is already back to sleep, never fully awake to begin with, and Sasuke can’t help but smile sadly as his chest tightens at the innocent gesture.

He rolls on his side to stare deeply at his sleeping lover, fully confident in his thoughts that he would never leave his blonde fool; he couldn’t. They saved each other; how could he possibly leave behind the very person who helped him out of the all-consuming darkness?

‘Naruto will soon realize that.’ Sasuke finishes stating in his mind, as he proceeds to cuddle closer to him, wrapping his arms around his warm form.

Resting his forehead against a mop of messy blonde hair, he whispers, “I’m not going anywhere.”

Imagine a night where Bones just cracks and actually, really cries. It’s not like hes some stoic unflinching man the rest of the time, but he usually has his methods and figured out his emotions on his own, in his office, generally with some bourbon.

But one night he’s with Jim and he snaps, people died this week, too many of those desths were avoidable and he’d just gotten off the comm with Jocelyn telling him he’d called to late to talk to Joanna. And Bones cries.

Jim doesn’t quite know what to do with an honestly upset Bones. So, after being growled at for trying to stroke his hair, Jim calls Spock for help.

Now Spock is here and Bones has stopped sobbing, but he’s hiccuping and there are still tears falling down his face and instead of one confused boyfriend, there are two mildly panicked ones. Both of whom tried to stroke his hair, the patronising fools.

Jim gets upset sometimes and Spock has learnt tricks to help cheer him up. Hot chocolate is usually a good start. So Spock heads to the kitchen.

Spock gets upset occasionally and Jim has figured out a few ways to get him back to normal. Tea helps. So Jim and Spock squabble and fail to coordinate their kitchen use and incompetently make their tea and hot chocolate.

Both mugs appear infront of Bones at the same moment. Bones asks which one is more alcoholic and the silence answers his question for him. Neither.

Jim starts playing calming music while Spock opens a book on historical mishaps to read an amusing passage out. Bones tells them to be quiet.

Jim tried to guess what’s wrong and is nearly kicked out of his own quarters. Spock tries to feed him, but the disgusted look on Bones’ face convinced him to turn around before he even placed the tray on the table.

Finally Spock brings him some water because he’s been crying too long and must be dehydrated. Jim passes Bones a blanket and silently sits at his feet, his head resting on Bones’ knees. Spock sits next to Bones on the couch, reading a report on his Padd.

Bones drinks his water then pulls the two under his blanket and they sit until Bones breaks the silence.


@judithestelle double dares me to many things but since i havent had the chance to catch a break today, have the most recent one.
Impa is aroace queen
//gags and dies bc Zel is smiling this is not real//

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“It’s a film about heroism and the right to love, told without stirring speeches. Instead, it unfolds movingly in the tiny moments between Richard and Mildred, two people who have, quite simply, found a home in each other.”

“Watch how Edgerton’s Richard, a stoic man of few words, puts an arm around Mildred without seeming to think about it, naturally wanting her near; watch how Negga lets her performance speak through her expressive eyes, always looking for Richard.”

–  ‘Seattle Times’ review of 'Loving’

Ok I love PTA Sans hating on Linda as much as any other person

Linda is mostly stubborn and ignorant so I’m certain she would get over that with education and persuasion from the monsters and Frisk. But imagine someone worse, a male parent who is full of aggression and isn’t ignorant but has a superiority complex.

Introducing the racist, sexist, abusive, kkk member, gun loving, baby boomer, white suburban dad who goes by the name ‘Hue’.

He yells at Linda and Helen who previous lead the meetings simply because theyre women. He encourages the other men to openly express rude behavior that pushes down the other members of the pta. Once he threatened to hit Helen, another time he sent many dirty glares at the quiet, stoic black man who was there since day 1 to support his tiara wearing son. And the worst, imagine him actually influencing the school.

so i’m finally watching voltron and what’s really fucking with me re: my previous perceptions of this show (via tumblr gifs, like ya do) is i kind of expected Shiro to be this stoic, grumpy-old-man-with-a-heart-of-gold, Mal Reynolds type and like… he’s actually just this big wide-eyed softie dad man with absolutely zero outer walls and like, a mild curiosity and genuine lowkey upset over his time in captivity, and he just…..loves these kids so much……and i’m not crying youre crying

Alex Summers x Reader - Terrified

Word Count: 1,196
Requested By: anon
Prompt: “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified”
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: angst, language

Alex was having a crisis. Not an existential one and definitely not a midlife crisis either. This was something different, something worse. It made his hands clammy and his face heat up. He couldn’t control his emotions, the ones he had worked so hard to hide for years. For once in his life, Alex was no longer the stoic, serious man he had made himself. He was becoming shy and easily embarrassed and, god, he hated that it was all because of you.

Alex thought he knew what beauty meant; something pleasing to the eye. But when he met you, the definition of beauty changed forever. Beauty was the way the corners of your eyes crinkled as you laughed when Sean told a stupid joke. Beauty was the way you bit your nails when you were nervous. Beauty was the when you came into the kitchen in the morning, still half-asleep, your hair in a bun and a tired smile on your face.

When you walked into a room, time stopped. Alex knew it was cheesy to think that, but it was true. He would watch you walk into the room and the world around him went silent. Those moments when the two of you would make eye contact, you would send a soft smile his way, causing his heart to skip a beat. Alex would immediately duck his head down, embarrassed to have been caught staring, but only a few moments later, his eyes would be back on you again.

These feelings had lasted for four months and Alex did what he could to ignore them. If his palms became sweaty when you were near, he would tell himself that the room was too warm. If his heart skipped a beat, he would mumble something about heart palpitations and anxiety. This wasn’t a crush, it couldn’t be a crush.

In a way, Alex wasn’t wrong. This was love and he was in far too deep. Somewhere, in the back of his mind, he knew this was love. No matter how many excuses he came up with, these feelings wouldn’t dissipate. Ignoring them was impossible, so how the hell was Alex supposed to deal with this?

There had been a moment a few days ago when the two of you were completely alone. You had been sorting through some files in the living room, when Alex came in to watch TV. He had spotted you and went to leave, but you had stopped him.

“Oh, Alex! Hey! What are you up to?” You asked, shooting him a smile as you set the files down on the coffee table. Alex let out a nervous sigh and gave an uncomfortable smile back.

“I was, uh, going to watch sports or, um, whatever, but you seem busy and I don’t want to disturb you.” Alex stuttered out. You let out a light chuckle and grabbed the remote from the center of the coffee table. God, you managed to hypnotize Alex with a single glance in his direction.

“You won’t disturb me at all. I’m just going through some files for Charles. Here, take the remote.” You held it out towards him. Alex looked from you to your hand, frozen in his position. You watched him as he slowly took it out of your grip and moved to sit on the opposite side of the room.

The two of you sat like that for an hour, the only noise filling the air was the baseball Alex had flipped on. He tried to focus on the game, but his eyes kept drifting over to you. Every few moments you would tuck a strand of hair behind your ear, only for it to fall down again a moment later. It was in this moment, as Alex sat and watched you doing something so simple yet looking so beautiful, that he realized he was in love with you.

He had shot out of his chair and ran out of the room. For the next few days, he avoided you, despite your efforts to find out what happened that day. Hank and Sean tried to speak to him about the matter, but Alex refused to discuss it. He made sure to tell Charles to stay out of his mind, so there was no possible way for anyone to know what he was feeling.

Now he was sitting out by the lake, skipping stones across the water and trying, desperately, to get his mind off of you. His back was hunched with his elbows resting on his knees, eyes staring at the water in front of him. Alex held a stone in his hands, turning it over and over. He let out a breath he hadn’t known he had been holding, sitting up a bit. Alex stretched out his arm and released the stone, watching as it skipped across the water until it fell in.

“You okay there, Alex?” A voice from behind him spoke. Alex whipped around, surprised to see you standing there. His first instinct was to get up and get away, but by the time he had made up an excuse, you had taken a seat next to him. You didn’t look at him and trained your eyes on the lake. It was silent for a moment before he spoke.

“Sorry for avoiding you.” He mumbled. You turned your head towards him and nodded. Alex avoided your gaze, afraid that if he looked you in the eyes, he might say something he would regret.

“Do you mind if I ask why you were avoiding me?” You questioned. Alex gave a short shrug, leaning down to grab another rock. You placed your hand lightly on his shoulder, causing Alex to turn to you in surprise.

“There was a reason, Alex. I’ve noticed how you’ve been acting and I want to make sure I didn’t upset you or anything.” You explained. Alex let out a dry chuckle, shifting to face you.

“You can’t upset me, (Y/N). That’s the whole problem.” Alex said, kicking at the dirt below him. You furrowed your brows, confused by what he said.

“So, you’re avoiding me because I don’t upset you?” You asked.

“Fuck, no, I’m avoiding you because I’m in love with you!” Alex blurted out in a harsh tone. It took you a moment to realize what he said.

“Wait, Alex, what do you mean-”

“I mean that I think I’m in love with you. I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” Alex spoke. You stared at him, your eyes wide from both confusion and shock.

“Don’t say anything if you don’t feel anything back because I really, really cannot deal with it.” Alex said in a choked voice. Tears were welling up in his eyes, his fists clenched by his side. Here he was, standing in front of you, pouring his fucking heart out while you sat there in silence.

No one spoke. He didn’t even glance in your direction again. Alex turned on his heel and walked off. Part of him hoped you would call after him, saying that you felt the same, that this wasn’t an unrequited love.

You didn’t.

i literally hate myself for writing alex angst but i was craving writing it :) hope you enjoyed the pain and misery :))))

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UchiSaku Week: Day One- Runaway Queen

Prompt: Immortal/the garbage will do

Pairings: MadaSaku, hints of IzuSaku and SasoSaku

@madasakuweek Thank you!!! <3 <3

I wasn’t going to post anything but I’ve been reading too many fics so…I just had to. Typed this out in a rush, so it’s short and kind of sweet??

 He’d forgotten the thrill that came with this chase.

It didn’t happen often these days, but as Raijin broke into a furious gallop, he could feel his blood pumping at an almost equally fast pace.

“Madara-sama, please!” He glanced back to see Fugaku rushing after him on his own horse, an unusually anxious look on the stoic man’s face. “The paperwork-“

“-is not going anywhere. I’ll deal with it when I’m back,” Madara yelled back with a grin. “Or get Izuna to do it.” With that said, the wild haired man disappeared into the forest, his form quickly lost among the massive trees. Fugaku urged his horse to a slow stop, lifting a hand to his face in defeat.

“But Izuna-sama is not in the castle…” he whispered, shoulders shaking with the force of his frustration.

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Love & Coffee (Part 8)

Summary: You’re a barista at a regular ol’ coffee shop. That is until a handsome customer comes in and things start to change.

Word Count: 959

Warnings: None.

“Love & Coffee” Masterlist

A/N: Hope you all enjoy this part! I tried my best with some of the Smithsonian details, but I haven’t been there in over 10 years. So I apologize. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK :D 

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Bucky’s hold around your hand tightened as you entered the Captain America exhibit. You marveled at the giant portrait they had of Steve and smiled when you recalled how different he looked in person. The Steve Rogers you had met was almost shy and extremely sweet, nothing like the stoic, righteous man the Smithsonian presented him as.

Bucky remained silent as you ventured around the exhibit, marveling at how tiny Steve used to be, listening to the narrator’s voice as he told the great adventures of Captain America. But as you lifted your head, your eyes landed on the portrait of a short-haired man that had the same chin as Bucky’s.

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Hi! What was it like to work with/interview Bernie Sanders and to find out a bit more about him? Thanks :) #feelthebern

I was longing for a biopic of Bernie Sanders, something that told us a little more about who he was. There simply wasn’t really anything out there that opened a door onto the man that is Bernie Sanders. The reason for this is because he really doesn’t see himself as important in this election, he sees the people as important. He also has a very earnest humility about himself. He is a classic first generation immigrant in this regard, certainly the ones I have known that are from his generation. He is a stoic man. That said, my experience with him was very warm and open. You can not see it in the video but when he started speaking about his Mother and her love for her family he had tears in his eyes. There were beautiful surprising moments with him like that one. He does not like to take credit for what he is trying to do in America, he does not want to glorify himself in anyway so he downplays things like his work against segregation or talking about how he has such a strong morality or that he inspires people and reawakens their sense of nobility. It was a beautiful day and Matthew Cooke our director shot it beautifully and there was more than an hour there that I hope some day people get to see. It was a cherished day for me.

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Hanzo: I am a manly man. I am the stoic manly man. Hanzo in privacy: omg but did you see what McCree did today?? He's so precious and I love him so much!! He's my whole world!!!

blesssssssssssss BLESSSSS


For @phasma-is-a-badass…I kind of made the reader a bit flirtatious. Also, the pair seem to meet up quite often on the battlefield, allowing for these interactions.

Y/N smirked as she stopped in the middle of the battlefield. She twirled the electro-staff she had built as it sparked with energy. A ginger haired man in a massive overcoat stood opposite of her. He held only a blaster. Those battling seemed to ignore the circling pair. Y/N grinned at the stoic man while cocking her head to the side.

“Well aren’t you a pretty boy?” she teased, “Too bad you’re on the wrong side.”
Keeping his stern expression, he replied, “You, yourself, are quite something to look upon. Though you could improve your attitude.”
“Would that make you happy…sir?” she winked, emphasizing the title.
Hux allowed himself to smirk slightly. “You’re already improving.”

With that, the general raised his blaster and began shooting at her. She easily knocked away the blasts with her electro-staff. She attempted jabs that Hux was able to avoid.

“Ah, it’s the beautiful Resistance member, Y/N,” Hux flirted with his usual tone. “So nice to see you again.”
Y/N cocked a brow. “Have you been thinking about me, General?”
He smirked, licking his lips. “Everyday.”

He let off a shot. She blocked it with a smirk. She jumped closer to jab at the man. He dodged it.

“And why’s that?” Y/N asked, curiosity getting the best of her.
Hux halted. “Isn’t it obvious? I want the most wonderful thing in the galaxy, and I will have it.”

Y/N’s eyes widened. A light blush bloomed across her cheeks. This minor distraction caused her to go on the defense. Ignoring the stuttering of her heart, she fought back quickly. Y/N ducked under a blast, spun while crouching, and popped up behind Hux. She swung her staff, causing him to duck the charges.

Suddenly, her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she began to fall back unconscious. Instinctively, Hux reached out to catch her. The general glanced up to see Kylo Ren nearby. The knight gave him a slight nod. It always helped when the two could work together.

Y/N let out a moan while rolling her head. Her eyes began to flutter open, taking in the bright lights. She blinked a few times to try and get her bearings. After a moment, her gaze landed on a familiar gelled, ginger hair. Her view started focusing as the pounding increased.

“Wh…Where am I?” she mumbled.
“Speak up, my dear,” Hux nearly cooed.

Just like that, Y/N figured it out. The exhausted and beaten girl lurched forward only to be stopped by her restraints. She heard the ‘tsking’ come from the general.

“I’m afraid you’re pretty strapped in.”
She clenched her jaw. “Why am I here? I don’t know where Luke is.”
Hux raised a brow, feigning hurt. “Because I wish you to be here.”

The man circled the chair, examining the young woman under his control. His eyes glossed over her glimmering, sweaty skin. Her chest took in large amounts of breath as she heaved. Her half-lidded eyes barely revealed those beautiful eyes. Wait…what? Had he just really thought that?

Clenching his fists, he focused back on his goal. Hux moved closer to her, raising a hand. Y/N flinched away, expecting a hard smack-anything torturous. She was surprised to feel a gentle touch stroke her cheek and chin. Hux landed his thumb on her lips as she began to fall into his hand. Her eyes began to shut. He smirked.

“I want something from you,” he whispered.
She arched a brow, keeping her lids sealed.
“Any information you have for me will lead to…favors.”
“Any of those include leaving?” she inquired sarcastically.
Hux chuckled. “No…”

He cut himself to lean closer to her face. She felt his warm breath fan over her nose and cheeks. His thumb remained on her lips. The blush from before had returned as a darker shade. Her heart thumped a million times faster. Her breathing became even more labored.

“Would you like a preview?” he whispered so quietly that she almost didn’t hear it.
“Mm…n-no,” she breathed, “I…I won’t betray them.”

Hux slowly stepped back. Y/N kept her eyes shut as she felt the loss of his touch. There was a part of her that wanted nothing more, but she knew it would cost her. She was not willing to risk her friends’ lives over a crush.

“Have you gotten any information, General?” Kylo Ren questioned.
Hux shook his head. “No. She’s incredibly steadfast.”
“Steadfast…hmm,” he paused, “I thought your plans were fool-proof.”

Before he could retort, Kylo Ren was off and down the hall. Hux lowered his gaze. He could see the monitors that were across the room. It wasn’t long until they were trained on Y/N, the member of the Resistance. The general furrowed his brows in confusion. His plan to seduce the Resistance member was seemingly failing. He had expected to break her by now.

He scoffed lightly, figuring nearly nothing could break her. This thought perpetuated his confusion. If anything, this technique was having an adverse effect. It seemed Hux was developing feelings for Y/N. She was stubborn, sarcastic, strategic, beautiful, and loyal. All things Hux had long admired.

Slowly, the general stood from his seat. He tip toed, almost as if he were on eggshells, across the room. His hands were clasped behind his back in his usual demeanor. However, there was something in his eyes that was different. They were filled with wonder and curiosity.

Hux let out a long, disdained sigh. How was he supposed to continue harming one he harbored feelings for?

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