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Sweet Words of Mine

Summary:  A trip down memory lane as Bucky tries to find the right time to tell you how he feels.

Word Count: 2,213

Warnings: Slight angst. Brief smut.

A/N: This is a re-write of a Dean Winchester fic. It’s based on Norah Jones’ “Those Sweet Words.”

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Your eyes fluttered opened, your boyfriend’s face a blur. Yet you could recognize the long, dark hair. You felt him shake you, hear his voice from afar. Lips upturning, you tried to convey to him just how happy you were that he was there with you. Yet when your eyes focused on his, they were full of desperation, of frustration. You wanted to ask him what was wrong, why did he look so distressed? Yet the darkness swept you up and you gave in to it.

“Bucky, come on!” You grabbed his hand, dragging him with you through the throng of people waiting to enter the stadium. Your favorite band was on tour and were currently in New York City and you were more than excited to hear them.

“There are too many people,” said Bucky, grouchy expression prompting a laugh from you.

“Look!” you exclaimed, pointing at a security guard. “Maybe he can help us find our seats.”

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“You’re cute when you’re jealous” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Hey dude ! First, a big thanks for the compliment, always more than appreciated :D. And then, here’s your request, hope you’ll like it :

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-I just don’t understand why it has to be with a model that’s all…

-Honey, I already told you, she’s the face of the brand, she has to be on every pictures.

-Yeah well then if she’s the face of the brand, why would they need you ?

-You know why, it’s for the charity campaign we’ve been working on for the past few months. They’re a huge brand, they’ll help spread the words across the globe, more than we could on our own.

-”We’ve been working on” are key words here ! I worked on it as much as you, if not more, and I don’t get to be on the pictures. They just want you and her to have cute and classy “couple pictures”, because I’m not good looking enough for their damn brand and…

-You’re very cute when you’re jealous.

-I could knock you out with a punch to the face when I’m jealous.

-Oh, believe me, I know.

Bruce massages his jaw a bit, as a reflex, reminiscing of that time he made you jealous on purpose…It was a terrible idea. 

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Ok so a shimada bro prank war at the watch point. It starts off as genji trying to olive branch to hanzo, they would play small pranks as a child. Hanzo isnt impressed, the more it goes on the harder it is to ignore until he wakes up after a really harsh drinking sesh with an undercut. All bets are off. Hanzo goes through all the petty pranks and they slowly get more and more extreme. He finally gets sombra to hack genji and makes it so everytime he goes near zenyatta cheesy love music plays out… hanzo didnt ask how she managed this but hes sort of regretting it once rick astley is stuck in his head.

Genji doesnt take this laying down and thus poor innocent mccree gets involved. Genjis dragon also drags hanzos into the fray, much to hanzos dismay. Genji makes sure mccree is as naked as possible at all times round hanzo, mccrees a bit concerned about genjis wellfare cause he doesnt seem to know his own strenght anymore or at least thats what he blames the ripped shirts and spilt beverages. A few ‘innocent’ japanesse phrases taught to the cowboy makes everything so much more fun especially with how eager the cowboy is to be close to the elder shimada.

Zenyatta doesnt realise what hes done when he corrects mccree. Thats not the right way to compliment someone mccree, i dont think thats quite a first date suggestion. Mccree is absolutely furious at genji thinking hes taking the piss out of his feelings. Which wasnt genjis intention, he wasnt aware there were emotions involved. He just knew mccree was flirty in his own language and english and hanzo was easily flustered.

The pranks die away then. Mccree avoiding hanzo at every point and hanzo didnt realise how much time he spent with the cowboy till he left the room as soon as the archer entered. Frankly the mood was bringing the whole team down. It took genji a week to finally crack, he explained to hanzo thar mccree didnt know about the pranks, his reaction when he thought genji was messing his feelings. Why he was avoiding him out of embarrassment not dislike.

Hanzo being hanzo stews for a few days until jack butts in after another fight with reaper. All about lost time and taking the first step and communication. Which leaves both of them sore when hanzo storms out with the word hypocrite leaving a sour taste on his lips.

He held off a few more days to childishly prove something to jack ( hes not sure what but it was sure as hell summat). He finds the cowboy in the training rooms, practically begs in his own stoic way when the man tries to get the hell outta dodge. Once hes no longer going to bolt he explains about the prank war. How it help and hindered the brothers reconciliation and how hanzo dragged zenyatta into their little war even if the result was plesent for both parties it was a bit insensitive of hanzo to flaunt his little brothers feelings in front of his desire. Not that genji didnt strike back, teaching the only guy that had truly held the elder shimadas attention flirty little phrases in his mother tongue and more often than not showed off more skin than was decent( this coming from a guy that cant wear a shirt right to save a life)

So yes jesse it was part of a prank war but it was based on the truth, the archers reactions a splash of honesty that the shimada would have prefered to keep hidden but its too late now hes decided honesty is the best policy. So if you would say just about anything now mr cowman it would be very appreciated.

And mccree didnt say a word, just pulled the other man into a rather gentle kiss, shivering as the two noodle dragons wrapped themselves around the couple.

The next day genji woke up with his body covered in magnets in the shape of dicks.

A week later a platnium haired hanzo could be seen chasing a laughing genji across the watch point.

The pattern carried on until winston enforced new rules.

These were broken when reaper snuck in and moved everything in jacks room a lil bit to the left. A bit mean to do to a guy thats nearly blind but jack got his revenge in more imagintive ways over the next few months and long intontheir 'retirement’.

Two years later mccree proposes with a little prank ring that gave a small electric shock when it was placed on the finger.this of course came in a little cowboy hat ring holder ( no one cried at the wedding and that is a universally acknowledged truth for everyone who wants to live a long happy life, gabriel has his ways kids dont test him)

The look his lover’s face is something that he’s all too familiar with, one that often comes with dry admonishment. So he acts quickly, striking while there’s still confusion.

The blush that starts to form on the usually stoic man is definitely worth the light slap on his cheek.

McCree’s doting on all parts of Hanzo’s body that he can reach is legendary among the crew of Overwatch. Even more famous is the neon bright blush that one can see on Hanzo’s face after such event.

Cold Hearted (Prince AU) Part 6

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Word Count: 6559

Warnings: Blood, Smut (in later parts)

Jaebum sat on his bed and untied his boots. He pulled off his jacket and undid the cuff links of his shirt, going through the simplistic motions of getting ready for bed as he did every night.

He wasn’t used to these feelings. He didn’t consider himself as very emotional, war tended to favour the more stoic man; someone who did not get shaken by death or get jerked around by feelings.

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SNS Headcanon

Although Naruto has completely and wholeheartedly forgiven Sasuke for his initial abandonment, as he realized during their separation the true extent of internal battles and intense pains Sasuke faced, he can’t help but feel subconsciously insecure, often suffering from nightmares stemming from Sasuke’s absence.

These nightmares usually involve Sasuke’s realization that the village does not, in fact, mean anything to him, and he no longer feels a connection to the village, if he ever did.

On these nights, Naruto often talks in his sleep and reaches out for Sasuke, who is a light sleeper that grows frustrated at the slightest interruption of deep sleep…

Still half asleep, a tan hand reaches out, instinctively, landing on Sasuke’s chest, startling the usually stoic man awake. The voice is tired and groggy, mumbling, “just making sure you’re still here.”

Initially prepared to beat to a bloody pulp who ever had interrupted his REM cycle, he pauses as he finds himself suddenly silenced by the words. Naruto is already back to sleep, never fully awake to begin with, and Sasuke can’t help but smile sadly as his chest tightens at the innocent gesture.

He rolls on his side to stare deeply at his sleeping lover, fully confident in his thoughts that he would never leave his blonde fool; he couldn’t. They saved each other; how could he possibly leave behind the very person who helped him out of the all-consuming darkness?

‘Naruto will soon realize that.’ Sasuke finishes stating in his mind, as he proceeds to cuddle closer to him, wrapping his arms around his warm form.

Resting his forehead against a mop of messy blonde hair, he whispers, “I’m not going anywhere.”

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Can you tell me your top 5 of Benedict's performances? I know it's hard but I'm curious :)


This is the most challenging question to ever receive as a Bc fan. The faves change from day to day, from moment to moment and from gif to gif (thanks to amazing gifers like @elennemigo, @221bcumberb, @anidoorkitty and @whenisayrunrun ) luckily you have caught me on a day where I’ve been making clips for a future post and have come down with a case of CBF! So being in this state of mind, I think it’s a perfect time to do this list so here it is.

 *warning long post*

1. Richard iii

Bc takes us through the rise and fall of Richards thirst for the crown. From the moment we see young Richard cowering in horror while watching his brother being murdered, to the minute he decides to kill the king, not for his family, not for revenge but for his own dream of sovereignty, and to witnessing Henry Tudor stabbing the last breath out of Richard and proclaiming the “the dirty dog is dead”.

Bc delivers Richards devilish, smooth talking and deliciously devious dialogue with such ease that you can’t help but kind of root for Richard at times because he makes you believe that his Machiavellian dealings are for the greater good. His bone chilling cradling of his newborn nephew, his wooing of the widow of the man he killed. Are that of a man who just wants to be respected, loved and seen for his use rather than be mocked for his disability that he carries on his back.

Bc’s talent of tears and rage and downright madness was just PERFECT. I fell in love with his Richard iii. I felt pity, sadness, attraction to his wicked determination (as terrible as his deeds were) and most of all, affection for his deformity that was the catalyst for his anger and need to prove to the people around him that he could be a normal man that was capable of being a king. Bc’s Richard iii was the best possible example of a master class in acting. Proving yet again that Bc is the best actor of his generation.

2. Sherlock 

The greatest disappointment to come out of BBC Sherlock was the reaction of a group of fans who tried to destroy what MG and SM created because of a certain expectation they were invested in. Most people who hated S4 missed out on what the entire point of this version of Sherlock was about and that was to introduce us to Sherlock Holmes before he became known as Sherlock Holmes. Bc became a star in 90 minutes and the ACD canon would never be the same again.

Sherlock starts off as a man with a fortress of coldness who insists he has no need for friends or relationships, armed with a lifetime of brotherly advice that caring was not an advantage. But once Dr. John Watson comes into play we start to see that fortress slowly melt and the addition of the people who would become his Baker Street family, Molly Hooper, Mrs. Hudson, Mary Watson and Lestrade, we begin to see that Sherlock was so full of emotions and the capacity to care, that he wanted to care, he just didn’t know how to care. Bc’s portrayal of the world’s only consulting detective was brilliant and beautiful. Bc help make brainy the new sexy. He also made Sherlock’s drugged out alter ego, Shezza, look sexy too. Of course it helped that the writing and the location of this modern day Sherlock were also brilliant. But looking at those cheekbones and lips carrying a fluffy head of hair that you wish you could run your fingers through, just once! That perfect silhouette of a man dressed in the finest suits. The purple shirt of sexiness, the black suit, the blue shirt of sexiness!! Ok sorry I got CBF for a second there…

What I really meant to say was that Bc’s acting brought new life into this 100 year old literary character and it certainly made me invest my own feelings into these characters that I wouldn’t have any interest in. Bc’s Sherlock was rude, cocky, manipulative, arrogant and flawed, but you loved each of those characteristics because Bc made him lovable even at Sherlock’s worst, he took you through the whole range of emotions and that wasn’t just with one series, it frequently meant each episode! The fact that we got to watch Sherlock grow into a man capable of being a best friend, a kind and caring human being who tried his best to protect his friends, and a man who learned how to forgive and not judge the past mistakes of those around him. Because after all we just might be human. Even Sherlock Holmes. I am forever grateful to the Mofftiss for creating this show and for giving Bc a chance to show the world, what the London stage and various other people in the industry had already saw in him. For me the only Sherlock Holmes is the BBC version that could only have been pulled off by the talents and efforts of Benedict Cumberbatch.

3. Christopher Tietjens

My first thought is always I heart Christopher Tietjens, because I really do. He was the last of a dying breed. He had 2 women who tried to “burst him out of his glass cabinet” the wife who failed because she didn’t deserve him and the woman whom he really loved and waited for, the woman HE deserved. Christopher survived his name being dragged through the mud, a wife who socially embarrassed not only herself but made him look like a cuckold. 

He survived the war, not because he was lucky, but because he wanted to live to come back to the only woman who loved him and accepted him for going along with the parade. Bc’s Christopher Tietjens was a stoic beautiful man when he needed to be, and man enough to cry when the women he loved tugged or threw daggers at his heart.

I know I overuse the word beautiful when it comes to Bc’s acting but Chrissy was so painfully beautiful that all you wanted to do was give him a hug and take him back to Groby so he could live out the rest of his life as an english country gentleman. Another perfect performance from Benedict!

4. Alan Turing

This should have won Bc’s his first Oscar. If you want to truly see what Bc’s talent is capable of you don’t start with Sherlock, you start with this role. Benedict was able to conjure up the spirit of Alan in this performance that even Turing’s own family was blown away by his portrayal. Bc’s ability to display the eccentricities of Alan, the deep emotional bond and love he had for both Christophers and of course Bc’s master class of acting for easily portraying a genius mathematician at work.

The tragic ending that cut Alan’s life short, made us all want to learn more about Turing and his work. It made us angry at how this man was treated as an enemy, instead of a war hero who helped saved millions of lives. Bc reached into our hearts and brains with his charismatic, tragic, beautiful portrayal of Alan Turing.

5. Doctor Strange

IF ever a role was so perfectly cast it probably was Benedict as Dr. Stephen Strange. Not only does he come super close to looking like the comic book hero that was created over 30 yrs ago, he is able to adopt the persona of an arrogant and brilliant doctor who gets into a car accident that cuts his career short and with all hope lost, seeks treatment at a place that not only gives him the cold hard truth about himself, but it teaches him that in order to grow and learn he would have to open his eye to other realities.  

Stephen learned that all is not lost and there are other ways to help people, most of all, to help himself. Bc is so bloody perfect as Doctor Strange that upon first viewing, I just sat there and cried. I was so proud of him because even though I had very limited knowledge about this comic book character, he convinced me that HE was that superhero that the world needed. Benedict made it all look effortlessly. The American accent, the physicality of being Doctor Strange was just AMAZING. Bc has that ability to make himself into anything that is called for. As someone once said, young, old, strong, weak, whatever you call for that character to be, Benedict can play it and play it so well you don’t even know he’s acting. Not only did it convince us his fan base, but he basically won over the entire comic book community as well as the general public. 

Bc made Doctor Strange into a blockbuster that got overall positive reviews. That is the power of Benedict’s talent. You talk about a good script, you can talk about a good director, but that only goes hand in hand with an actor that can pull it all off and by god did Bc pull it off!

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Quiet; Part Four

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Baron Corbin/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Thirst Party Saturday! We embark on a voyage to last year’s Wrestlemania, hope you all have your tickets! Tagging Bossa Nova @toxiicpop, Riot Squad @oraclegazes, Big Gun @hardcorewwetrash and of course, Wolf Expert @writergrrrl29.


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Connor Kenway (Ratonhnhake:ton) x Fem!Reader

Length: 1209 words

Warnings: not really, mentions of racism?, i love him (protect him pls)

Connor Kenway, or Ratonhnhaké:ton, didn’t know too much about being in romantic relationships. Apart from what he’d witnessed as a young child, in his village, or the little he’d witnessed in the strict British colonies, in his later years, he was clueless. He refused to ask Achilles, so the young Kanien’kenhá:ka male read books on the matter. He perused various romantic novels, most of which held great tales of love, and many had men defeating insane beasts, in order to woo the women, they desired.

Frankly, none of these tales struck the young, teenaged Connor as very accurate.

It did not matter to him, either way. Very few women talked to him, as he spent much time away from the Kanien’kenhá:ka village, and the colonist women often looked down on him, due to his heritage. Ratonhnhaké:ton could possibly count on his fingers, the number of female colonists who treated him as an equal, or at least equal to the male colonists.

Y/N Y/L later became one of those women.

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[SFW] Reader has an over protective cat

Genji Shimada

A lifetime of spiritual training under Mondatta himself could not have prepared Genji for this war he’d been waging. The terms were amicable, no physical violence, no underhanded tactics. Each side fought for their greatest love, neither party relenting. The cyborg was determined to conquer and reign supreme. His sworn enemy responded with cool indifference, imagined wrath hidden under a fluffy exterior. Of course it was no surprise Genji was crouched behind your loveseat, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

“Oh God… What are you up to now?” Genji was vigilant. Not a muscle moved without purpose. “Can’t we just watch the movie without you getting all weird about Mr. Whiskers?” He looked at you, considering the proposal briefly before slithering to the left side of the couch.

“Dearest, nothing about this is weird. Great men have fought greater battles in the name of love.” He peeked over the arm rest. The target was a black cat with emerald green eyes. It looked lazily at the cyborg mask spying from behind a throw pillow. Genji scowled. “Go ahead and start the movie. The end is nigh.” You rolled your eyes and plopped down on the right side cushion. Mr. Whiskers meowed approvingly and stretched his paws, claws extending in the most benign way conceivable. “The fiend reveals his weapons!”

“Yeah. Sure. So am I eating all this popcorn by myself?” Genji made a horrified gasp, “My love please! You know I love popcorn…” God he was adorable when he wanted to be. You watched him affectionately. He sat on the armrest and tried to slide onto the cushion beside you. The cat naturally oblidged and took up his space on your lap. Genji puffed up with pride, charging rapidly towards the fall. “Wonderful. Glad you could make it. Now take the cat while I grab something to drink.”

You put the cat directly in Genji’s lap and the reason for these antics was clear. The ninja cyborg had a fear of cats! He stiffened up, arms tight to his sides, craning his neck as far from your beloved pet as possible. He tried to ask you to hurry but all that came out was a strangled groan. Mr. Whiskers licked at the metallic chestplate absentmindedly. You laughed wickedly from the kitchen. Why not enjoy having control while it lasted? Genji would have his time later on tonight.

Jesse McCree

“Darlin’ you know I love you, but if that cat doesn’t stop hissin’ we’re gonna have a big problemo.” As if she heard the vulgar cowboy, Cruella snarled in defiance. An aptly named black and white American long hair was primed to attack. Jesse blew a cloud of smoke in her direction. “I ain’t done nothin’ to it! Why’s it hate me so darn much? And why won’t you lock it in the bedroom when I come over?” You frantically tried to soothe both beasts in the room. Words of comfort were cooed to the cat. She looked up at you as if to warn you of what was coming.

“I’m not locking my cat in the bedroom. She was here before you.” McCree chewed angrily on his cigar, obviously hurt by that remark. You placed yourself between the two and wrapped your arms around him. He did not return the favor. “C'mon baby! I’ll make it worth your while. I promise.” You kissed his cheek, neck, collarbone, and back up to those taut lips. He seemed to soften under your touch.

“I’m not tryin’ to make you choose. For all I know you’d pick the damn cat. I just want to spend time with you without worrying about my eyes getting clawed out. Is that too much for a man to ask?” Cruella certainly thought so. She was having none of this canoodling and began to pace back and forth around your feet. You tried to shoo her away to no avail. McCree cursed and pulled away from your embrace. “Listen, why don’t you get this figured out and call me later? I’m heading home.”

The cat sat smugly at your feet and watched him walk through the kitchen door. “Jesse please don’t go! I love you! We haven’t seen each other in a week. Stay with me?” He heaved a great sigh before pulling a chair out from the table and sitting. “Fine. But I will not be caught dead in the same room as that mangy animal.” You frowned, growing tired of all this drama. “If you’re going to pout like that then fine. I’ll put the cat in the bedroom. But you’d better fuck me in every other room of this house I swear to God. I won’t hear another word about it!” The cowboy looked over his shoulder with a smirk. “I’m not one to let a lady down. I just hope you know what you’re gettin’ yourself into.”

Hanzo Shimada

Hanzo was never one to complain. Not even when his time with you was being hampered by an emotionally distraught kitten. The little thing had just been adopted from the shelter and couldn’t stand being away from you. Tonight was date night and you’d cooked a delicious meal for your man. Conversation was difficult, however, with incessant mewling from under the table. The nameless kitten pawed at your leg. Hanzo watched with feigned disinterest as you picked up the furball and held it to your chest.

“I’m sorry hun. Maybe he’s hungry too. Let me just fill his bowl.” Hanzo tightened his grip on the fork and took a long swig of wine. Once the kitten was distracted by fresh food, you returned to your seat at the dinner table. “Is there something wrong?” The archer shook his head curtly. “No. Nothing at all. Thank you for this romantic evening.” You could always tell he was lying when he strung more than three words together. “Hanzo,” you inquired, “Are you being honest with me?” Rhetorical, of course. He stared hard into his place, considering how to respond.

“It is difficult for me to leave Overwatch and visit you. I do not appreciate being second best to a cat. If that is how you feel, I will–”

“You are the most important thing in the world to me. I love you more than words can express. I’m sorry the kitten is so needy but… Is it really bothering you so much?” He seemed to recoil in shame. “You will always be my first priority, Hanzo. I need you to know that.” It amazed you that a man so cool and confident in the heat of battle could be shaken by a cute little kitten. A small chuckle broke the tension that had formed. “Why don’t you help me pick a name for him? That way he’s your cat too!”

Hanzo seemed confused but eager. “Tora is a fitting title. He will grow to be your guardian. A mighty tiger for my princess.” And then the impossible happened. Tora, now full of food, pattered over to the stoic man and rubbed up against his leg. Hanzo reached down and cradled the baby in his arms. “Tora indeed.”

Across the Room (Bucky x reader)

Hey everyone! I know it’s been really angsty up in here with Battered and Bruised, so I decided to lighten all you Bucky heartthrobs with some cute fluff. Trying to take the edge off from all the heaviness that’s been hanging around my blog lol. If you love Bucky and have a liking to angst and romance, check out Battered and Bruised! It’s my ongoing series. You can find it on my masterlist here

Description: You and Bucky catch glances at each other during one of Tony’s parties.

Warnings: None

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It was a Friday night during one of Tony’s parties, the Avengers Towers roaring with conversations, laughter, and music. You were standing in front of the many floor to ceiling windows, staring out at the New York skyline, watching the snow fall. It always made you smile, it reminded you of powdered sugar.

You weren’t a big fan of parties, but you went out of courtesy based on the fact that Tony pays for everything for the Avengers and this was the least you could do. You obviously weren’t socializing with anybody. It wasn’t that you didn’t love your superhero family dearly, or that you preferred the watch snow falling rather than spending time with them. You just liked to be alone in tranquil moments like this one. You continued to watch the snow that was falling in front of you, a pleasant smile pulling up at the corners of your mouth. 

Bucky saw you from across the room, and everything seemed to stand still. You looked so beautiful. Your H/C hair cascaded down your back in effortless waves and your E/C eyes seemed to brighten against the moonlight. You suddenly took his breath away in the dark navy blue dress you were wearing. It was long, the hem slightly pooling around your feet. It showed off the bare skin of your back, two silver chains draped low across it, pinning to each shoulder strap. It fell effortlessly against your body, accentuating every curve of your body. His jaw slightly dropped. He always thought you were beautiful, but he only ever watched from a distance. He was honestly too nervous to actually approach you. Everyone knew he had been eyeing you ever since you moved in. Well, besides you. 

“Hello? Is Bucky still with us?” Sam snickered, waving a hand in front of his face, trying to bring him out of his daze. You began to turn your head towards his direction and he immediately looked away. He had completely forgot that he was in the middle of a conversation with Sam and Steve when you caught his eye. 

“I think he’s a little preoccupied at the moment.” Steve chuckled, nudging his head in your direction. 

“What? No. I was just, uhh.. looking at that sculpture over there.” Bucky cleared his throat, rubbing the back of his neck. A slight blush began to creep up his cheeks. 

“I don’t think it’s normal then to stare at a sculpture like you’re in love with it.” Sam rolled his eyes, scoffing at him. 

“Honestly, Buck. Just go talk to her already.” Steve lightly shoved him in your direction. He planted his feet firm into the hard wood floor, trying not to draw attention to himself. Maybe he would finally talk to you. He just needed a little more convincing. 

As you peered out the window, you felt someone staring at you. Your eyes shifted away from the falling snow, trying to scan your peripheral vision for them. When it wasn’t enough and you couldn’t find them, you turned your head and looked over your shoulder. You scanned the room, finding that nobody was looking at you. It kind of disappointed you, you were beginning to get bored of looking out the window and wanted someone to talk to. You shrugged your shoulders, and began to turn your head back towards the night sky when your attention was drawn to a handsome, young man who you realized was Bucky.

He was wearing a dark gray suit that complimented his toned figure. The sleeves showed off his sculpted arms, making you bite your lip. His long, black hair was tucked behind his ears, giving you a good view of his face. He had a strong jaw line, scruff covering his face that made you swoon. His steel blue eyes were sharp. You thought you could see them from a mile away. You saw him talking to Sam and Steve. He began to rub the back of his neck and he began to blush. The sight of the usually stoic man actually blushing made you smile a bit. You felt your world beginning to spin. You realized you had been holding your breath. With a big sigh, you let out all the tension that was coursing through your body. When you began to notice that you had been staring too long, you quickly turned away, trying to focus your attention back at the snow. 

You liked Bucky. Well, a little more than like. Countless times you had tried to talk to him, but he always seemed standoffish, so you let him be. But, maybe was the night you would finally talk to him. Maybe one more drink would give you the push you needed. 

  “Okay, fine. I’ll go over there.” Bucky finally got the courage to go over to you after a tantalizing ten minutes of both Steve and Sam trying to convince him to go over there. He took a deep breath, making his way towards you.

The sound of footsteps came up from behind you, stopping next to you. You looked to your left, and there he was. Bucky was looking out the window, just like you were moments ago. 

“I find the scenery more intriguing than people sometimes too.” His deep, smooth voice filled the space around you, sending a shiver down your spine. He smiled down at you, a shade a pink raising to your skin. 

You realized he was waiting for you to respond, “it’s a little more calming than the current party. As you can see, I’m not much of a party person.” You smiled up at him, giggling a little. 

“You seemed a little lonely over here, so I thought I could join you and give you a little company.” He shrugged, looking back out the window. 

“Did you come to that conclusion after you stared at me for a while?” A scowl took place of the innocent smile that was on you. His face suddenly became red, and he looked down. You nudged his arm playfully, “hey, it’s okay. I’m just pulling your leg.” All of a sudden, you were laughing out loud, a huge grin gracing your face. He truly thought you had the most beautiful smile. The blush receded and he chuckled with you. 

The laughter settled, and the silence filled the empty space in between you two. You both were trying to catch sideways glances at each other. Neither of you noticed the other was doing the same thing. 

“Would you like to take a walk with balcony to the me? I- I mean would you like to take a walk with me to the balcony?” He was rubbing his face, quite embarrassed. 

You were laughing again, a warm feeling settling in your stomach. “I’d love to.” You gave him a sweet smile and wrapped your arms around his bicep. “To the balcony we go.” You earned a grin back from him and began to walk away from the party. 

As you strolled farther and farther away from the crowd, flirting the whole way to the balcony. You talked and laughed about everything from both of your childhoods to what you wanted out of life. 

The cool air hit your skin as you emerged onto the balcony. It felt refreshing. You felt like you were suffocating at the party, and this was a relief. The cold started to seep into your bones, the skin exposing dress you were currently wearing gave you no warmth. You felt naked as the cold breeze hit you. Goosebumps started to raise on your arms and you tried to use your hands to bring some warmth back into you. 

Bucky saw how cold you were getting. “Here.” He took off his jacket and draped it over your shoulders. “I wouldn’t want you to get sick.” He gave you a smile with soft eyes. 

You turned to him, his hands still placed on your shoulders. You gazed into each other’s eyes. 

“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered. He was taken aback in his head. He couldn’t believe he said it outloud. Your smile grew and despite the cold, you blushed. Your eyes flitted between his breathtaking eyes and his full lips. He was doing the same. You raised you hand to his cheek, feeling the scruff against your palm. 

Slowly, the gap closed between you two. His slowly moved his hands to your waist and you wrapped yours around his neck as your lips collided, fitting perfectly together like two pieces of a puzzle. His lips were warm and soft, the sensation setting off fireworks in your head. 

You pulled back, a soft smile reaching across your face. “I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for that for a while.” 

He chuckled under his breath. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a while.” The gap closed again as you smiled against his lips, deepening the kiss. After a few moments, you pulled away and he pulled you into a hug, kissing your forehead. 

“About damn time.” Steve said as he was watching you two from a vantage point across the floor. Sam was with him and they high fived, cracking up and whooping at the victory for one of their best friends. 

His body heat kept you warm as you listened to his heartbeat.  Nothing could take away this moment from your two. If you had nothing, you would at least have this. You both stood there for a long time, holding each other. Neither of you cared that snow began to coat your hair and clothes, the moment was too perfect. That night went about as right as rain. 

“This is pure bliss.” You whispered against his chest.

“It truly is, F/N. It really is.”

Hope you enjoyed it! If you have any requests, feel free to ask me! I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful night. And if you want to be apart of the taglist for any specific characters or for all of them, let me know!



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Idek if you're taking requests but if you are can you write a Harry imagine where you guys get invited to a Christmas Eve party and Harry seems like he doesn't want to go but you don't know why and at the party he's being really clingy and quiet and eventually he asks you guys if you can leave and he looks almost like he's in pain and once you guys get home he breaks down and starts getting really sick and is upset because he's really sick to his stomach on Christmas. Thanks love!

Thank you for the request sweetie. I’m sorry for the extreme delay! I hope this mends it! Love ya

#11: I’ll Take Care Of You

The soft padding of his feet came to be heard in the kitchen as Y/N sauntered in there, clearing up some tit-bits of their lunch. The house was awfully quiet considering the fact that they had been asleep for a while before, and now as Y/N was awake, Harry was still getting over his jetlag. 

Until his groan came loud into the kitchen and Y/N turned around in her place to see him walking in groggily, fingers rubbing his eyes and his lips pouted, pink and plump. 

“Hiya baby.” Y/N smiled as Harry now approached her with open arms. 

In reply to her he groaned some more and went in for a tight hug from her, snuggling his nose in the crook of her neck and winding his one leg around her hip in an attempt to find the desired warmth. Chuckling, Y/N wound her arms around his waist and pressed her lips to his hair sweetly. 

“Why’d ya get out ‘o bed, huh?” His deeply husks, words muffled into her skin and tone extremely languid. 


“C’mon, I wanna get back, c’mon.” He didn’t even let her leave her position, and snug his arms under her bum, pulling her off of her feet and carrying all the way upstairs to their bedroom. 

Y/N shuffled the blankets away at their feet as Harry sat her on the bed. She raised her arms to him, inviting him closer to her, and Harry gratified, pushed himself down at her till they both lay on the bed, him atop her. 

His lips found her neck, peppering kisses lazily, while her hand found his hair, scratching at the scalp and tugging on his roots that gave him a lighter feeling. 

“What happened? Don’t feel good?” Y/N asks in a hush voice, tracing her lips on his outer face as he gradually paused his lips at her skin and just breathed her in in long breaths. 

“It’s too cold. Just wanna stay here, with you.” He lifts his head to her, bringing his lips down and meeting hers in a slow, soft kiss. 

Tugging at his shoulders, Y/N succeeded in bringing him under her and priced his tired face and slump mood with soft, longing kisses. Harry held her hair, tugging up in a ponytail as she slowly trailed down his face, on his neck and then on his bare chest, and the anticipation of all of this made his breathing raspier. 

She had reached the hemline of his boxer briefs and Harry couldn’t wait to give out to her when suddenly, the phone on the bedside table rang.

Y/N lifted herself off of the bed, annoyed at the abruptness of this petty gadget and sat on the edge of the bed as she received the call. 

Harry sat up behind her, running a hand through his hair as he eyed her back suggestively. His hips bucked up, slowly sliding him across the mattress to her until his groan touched her behind. His arms closed around her waist, slipping his hands under her top until they met in a knot at her navel. He kissed her shoulder, back and side of her neck before resting his head on her skin, rocking back and forth with her, completely ignorant of her chit chat.  

“I can’t believe it just left my mind. God, we have time right? I mean it’s definitely not startin’ before 9 even though it says 7?” The thought of the pre-Christmas party at her friend’s home had completely left her mind; but she couldn’t really blame herself when Harry had arrived back home. 

“Okay, I’ll make it. Just let’s arrive there together so I don’t be the only one late. Kay, see ya.” She put her phone back to its place, and slowed arched her neck to see Harry’s face at her side, chin propped up on her shoulder. Resisting somehow, she grants him a peck on his lips and even after he urges for more with lip biting, she refrains and gets off of the bed. 

“We gotta get ready. There’s a party at Makayla’s place.” Y/N announces, looking at Harry now slouching back on the bed with the support on his arms. 

“And we’re not going..?” He hints slowly, giving her a curious look. 

Y/N sighs through her mouth. “We have to. It was planned like long back, Harry. I have to be there.”

“But now I’m home so we’re staying back here, baby, c’mere.” He lifts his arms to hold her but she flinches back. 

“That’s what it is. You weren’t supposed to be back till next week and I got committed to certain outings and plans which I doubt I can cancel now.” Y/N whines, biting her lip in slight tanginess of her words. 

Harry’s eyes grew wide. “So it’s coming down on me then, is it really now?” He grew serious, eyes sombre. 

“You can stay home if you want, I’ll be back soon.” Shrugging her shoulders, Y/N turned to walk to the wardrobe when he held her wrist to tug her back. 

“I’ll come with ya.” 


The house is packed and merry with familiar faces, all laughing and chatting about in casualty. Y/N smiled at her friend walking to her, enclosing her in a tight hug with her one hand that was free of Harry’s hold. Pulling away from Y/N, Makayla turned to Harry who gave her a mere smile, and quick hug, almost equivalent to a shrug. All this while, not leaving Y/N’s hand for a moment. 

“Come on, get your drinks, guys, we’ll start with some games after that.” Saying so, Makayla walked off in the party. 

Y/N looked up from her hand intertwined with his to his serious, jaw tightened face. She cupped the side of his face with her other hand and brought him down, kissing his cheeks twice. 

“I’m sorry about before, baby. Please let’s go through this thing together and all smiley?” She waited for him to respond while pressing her nose on his cheek repeatedly. 

“Hmm.” He responded, looking down at her with a slight neutral expression. 

“Now gimme a kiss and smile, sweetheart.” They kiss slowly - something a little more than a peck - and Harry pulls back, tucking his hands in the pocket of his jeans while leaving Y/N from the warmth. She frowned, nevertheless held his bicep and together, walked in the crowd. 

A while later, Y/N found herself on her third glass of wine, a little light headed as she sat on the arm rest of the couch, laughing about imbecile topics. Harry joined the group at the couch, sliding down Y/N from the armrest to his lap abruptly, almost toppling the wine glass on her lap. 

“Woah, easy there, honey.” She chuckled, looking back at Harry with glassy eyes. 

“You too there, love.” He gestured to her glass, keeping a straight face. Y/N chuckled some more and aimed for a kiss on his lips but he turned and she found his scruff under her lips. She turned back to the group, not minding his actions at the moment. 

One of the guys in the group, later, picked out his guitar and sang songs, changing the lyrics someway and making them sound chessy and sweet to the crowd. He serenaded every woman during this, looking in their eyes and smiling a handsome one. 

he approaches Y/N, shifting a chord here and there on the guitar, beginning to play soft, amorous tune with lyrics that he dragged to a slurry tone. Y/N smiled, not really minding the deal with the man - he’s just being sweet. The guy slowly drew close to her face, urging her to sing along and Y/N chuckled, looking away shyly. 

“Okay, that’s enough.” Harry’s voice came through and the music stopped, all eyes turning to the stoic man behind Y/N. 

“Yes?” The man questioned. 

Harry got up, making Y/N stay together with him. His hand came down against the man’s chest, flat, and it just seemed he was an inch away from shoving the man on to the group sat behind him. 

“That was good, but thank you, enough of it, we’re leaving.” With this, he grabs Y/N’s hand and drags her out of the building, the wine glass in her hand falling to the ground and breaking on the way. 


Y/N shuffles at the door, taking off her heels, Harry hot at her feet. She scurries away from the door in haste but Harry’s voice makes her stop. 

“Y/N, baby, I’m n-”

“What was that?” She demanded, turning around. 

Harry’s face grew struck with shock. “We were coming back, anyways, might as well did an hour or so before - what’s wrong with that?” 

“You really are stubborn, aren’t you? When you had thought that you’re gonna be absolutely rude to my friends, act like absolutely out of this world person and be absolutely sulking away my mood along with yours, I guess you played really well then.” She flared her nose at him. 

Harry’s shoulders dropped.” Baby, I wasn’t feeling well at all.” 

“I told you to stay at home, didn’t I?” Y/N accused. “I think you purposely act around like this arrogant and stoic in front of my friends just to maintain this air and talk about Harry Styles, don’t you? Goodness, you’re so implausible at times.” She hurried away to their bedroom. Harry trailed behind her, quick in his steps and got inside the bedroom before she could have closed the door at his face. 

Not sparing any look to him, Y/N quietly walked to the dresser to put away her earrings. It was until she heard sniffles that she turned around. 

With his face in his hands and his figure turned small at the edge of the bed, Harry openly let his sobs be heard. 

Y/N furrowed her eyebrows, biting her lip, and walked to him. Standing before him, she spoke,” Why are you crying?” 

With his face burried in his hands still, Harry answered. “I’m not feeling good, Y/N. After being home sick for so long, all I wanted was to spend time with you when I’d come back and you drag me to this party where there’s guys tryna flirt with ya. It makes me so sick, but is that what you’ve been doing while I was away?” 

Y/N dropped to her knees before him, clutching his wrists to bring his hands away from his face. 

“No, I would never do that, I swear, baby. And I didn’t drag you to the party, you could’ve stayed home if you wanted.” She spoke in a less monotonous and more understanding, soft voice. 

Harry looked up at her with his bloodshot eyes. “But I wanna be with you, why don’t you understand?” He burries his face back in his hands ,and Y/N’s fighting to have him look at her. 

“I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry, Harry. Please look at me, I love you, I’m so so sorry, baby.” She hugs him over him trying to hide his face, and she’s squishing his body in her grip before he finally wraps his arms around her. 

“Please smile, it’s almost Christmas, baby. I’m so glad you’re home!” She squeals into his shoulder, kissing his ear and neck and everywhere that she can. 

“Please come and hold me, I’m feeling so cold.” Harry murmurs against her hair. 

“I’ll take care of you baby, I’ll love you so much. C’mon.” Y/N urges pushing him back on the bed. She wipes his cheeks as she kisses him under his eyes and moves her hands down to help him change up. 

“I love you, Y/N and I’ve missed you and I love you so much.” Harry smiles at her. 

She leans to his face, pecking a kiss on his lips and smiles back. “I’ve missed you too,bug. Love you so much.” 

And their lips meet again. 


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Can I have jumin fiction where MC is covering for jaehee and he fells for her ?!


“Ah, you must be the cover for Jaehee, nice to meet you in person” he said incredibly formal, offering me his hand.

I gently took it and kept a straight face. Jaehee had told me how stern and cold this guy could be, so I had to be the upmost professional I could be.

“Pleasure to meet you too sir, I do believe you have my work number and e-mail address?” I asked, removing my hand from his.

“I do, all in my system, you start immediately yes?” he returned my question with his own.

“Of course, hence why I’m here sir” I explained, readying myself for the onslaught Jaehee had warned me about.

My best friend, Jaehee Kang, was Jumin Han’s assistant, but due to unforeseen circumstances, Jaehee had to leave for a week. Problem was, Jumin needed an assistant and couldn’t just give Jaehee a week off. Hence why I’m here. I’ve done intense assistant work before and I was asked in as a favour, well, a paid favour but still. I was sure I could cope a week with Jumin Han, even with the warnings I was given. It was just a week, what could happen?

Day 1.

He immediately put me to work, arranging meetings, making sure he was on time for everything with run downs of each one, not forgetting to give him the paperwork he needed. I believe I coped well, but there was no praise from Mr Han. I was new to this building and this man, surely he would give a little bit of praise? Nope. This was clearly a place where you just got on with your job, and if you were doing something wrong you were told, but nothing else.

I was so used to people praising my work, making sure I was on the right track, here, I felt like I was fumbling my way in a dark tunnel. If I kept walking I was doing fine, but I didn’t know where I was going. It was none stop too, if Mr Han was in a meeting, I was doing something else if not in there with him. Throughout the whole day I got a 15 minute break to have something to eat. How did Jaehee cope with this? This was incredibly unfair treatment. However, I couldn’t make Jaehee look bad in her recommendation of me, so I knuckled down and just got on with it. Six days to go.

Day 2.

I was working a lot closer with Mr Han the next day. Helping him write up some reports and future plans. To be honest, working with him like this made me realise how much of a hard worker he was. I only got a 15 minute break the day before, and yet, I didn’t see him take any. I only ever saw him grinding away at his computer or phone or even talking with his colleagues, I had my suspicions that he had eaten while on the move.

While we sat in his office, writing up a report, I noticed that his desk lacked photos. My previous bosses had photos of their families, friends, pets, this guy? Nothing. Except one photo of a beautiful, snow white cat. Was this guy single? There was no wedding ring. A big CEO like him not married at this age? I couldn’t contain the surprise on my face.

“Is something wrong?” he asked, catching me staring at the picture of the cat.

“Ah, no I was just admiring the cat, they yours?” I asked, nonchalantly, shaking the surprise from my mind.

“Yes, her name is Elizabeth the 3rd” he said quite proudly.

“She’s beautiful” I said truthfully. She was. Her fur looked well-groomed and she looked truly happy in the photo.

“Thank you” he said. And, was that a smile? That was the first smile I saw since meeting him. Strange man, but a man I kinda wanted to get to know more.

Day 3.

Today’s tasks consisted mainly of just me in my little office organising meetings more than working with Mr Han, which saddened me ever so slightly. I know the day before was a little bit stressful, desperate to get reports done and such, but seeing that stoic man smile so casually about a cat…I wanted to make him do that again.

When the clock turned 1pm I decided I would allow myself a break now, and since I was more on my own that day I knew I could give myself a little longer to eat. Bringing my sandwich out, I realised I hadn’t brought a drink. Damn it. I brought my purse out, grabbing some money then heading to the vending machines down the corridor.

Just as I left my office I bumped straight into Mr Han.

“Sorry sir, is there something you need me to do?” I apologised.

“…were you on your lunch?” he asked. Strange question.

“I was, yes, just started now, I was just going to grab a drink” I said “but if there’s something that needs to be done my lunch can wait”

“No, not particularly, I was hoping to catch you on your lunch” he said. He was acting rather strange, stranger than usual, nervous? No. Jumin Han never got nervous, he lived and breathed confidence, that’s what Jaehee had told me. But, why was he shifting on his feet like that?

“You were?” I asked.

“You said Elizabeth the 3rd was beautiful, I thought you might like to see some more photos of her” he said eventually. Ha, he wanted to show me more photos of his cat? I didn’t mind.

“Sure, why don’t you join me for lunch? Then you can show me the photos at more ease” I suggested.

Jaehee had said this guy was stoic, not approachable and overall, extremely professional. At this point, I disagreed with her, Jumin Han the CEO was yes, but Jumin Han the person? He just loved his cat.

Day 6.

The week had just flown by, I only had one day left with Jumin and I knew I was going to miss these stress filled days. Today had been no different, we worked hard, we had lunch together, he shared more photos and stories of Elizabeth the 3rd, he even laughed slightly at some of the things I said. I felt like he was opening up. I enjoyed his company, during work and during our lunch breaks.

At the end of the day, the clock read almost 11pm which had been the usual finishing time for me during this week, I grabbed my things, sending off one last email to Jumin before heading out. That’s when my phone rang.

“Mr Han?” I answered.

“Are you able to come up to my penthouse?” he asked.

His penthouse? I’d heard from Jaehee that sometimes he did ask her to go up there, but since I was only temporary I didn’t think that could apply to me.

“Erm, yes I can, I’ve only just left the building” I explained, turning back.

“Perfect, thank you” he said, hanging up.

It didn’t take me long to get up there, and naturally, I was impressed at the grandeur of it all. As soon as Jumin opened the door I was greeted by him and the infamous Elizabeth the 3rd in his arms.

“Thank you, it’s to do with the email you sent just now” he explained, ushering me in, closing the door behind me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as the cat dropped from his arms.

“You’re missing part of the attachment, take a look” he said, showing me his laptop.

Seriously, does this guy ever stop working? Just relax? Clearly not. When I saw the screen, though, I did panic a little.

“What the hell? It’s all gone encrypted!” I said, covering my mouth immediately “Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure we can fix this before the morning” he said, showing me that rare smile of his.

Day 7.

What was time? What was sleep? What was anything? We had been up almost the entire night trying to fix the email. I had even gone down to my office to resend it, but something had hacked into my computer so it wasn’t retrievable. We had to start from scratch, which took forever. But, finally, at 9am, just before Jumin’s meeting for this report, we had fixed it.

He didn’t look tired at all, how he managed to do that I would never know. Being the gentleman he was though, he did say to me I could take a nap on his sofa and shower if I wished before coming back down for my final day. I accepted. I needed it.

When the day finally came to an end and Jaehee came to meet me in our office, I did feel a tad relieved, and yet also a little sad. I wasn’t going to see Jumin again, it was all up to Jaehee now. Of course it was, I was just a stand in. Nothing special. I quickly gathered my things after giving Jaehee the run down and left the building.

Almost as soon as I sat down on my sofa at home, my phone beeped at me. A text…from Jumin? What the heck? I sat up and opened the message.

“Thank you for being my assistant, I deeply appreciate it, you were a hard worker” it said and I smiled, replying quickly.

“No, thank you for being a good boss, say hi to Elizabeth for me, I hope we can work together again in the future” I typed, not expecting a reply. And yet, I got one anyway.

“I don’t think so” I got back, making my heart sink. What did he mean? Was all that just an act? But my phone beeped again before I could spiral.

“I’d much prefer to see you again in a non-professional way, would you like dinner soon?”

I quickly replied, allowed the grin spread on my face like I was a teenager again.

“I’d like that very much, Mr Han”

“Please, call me Jumin”

Things John Couldn’t Possibly Write In His Blog

Link:Things John Couldn’t Possibly Write In His Blog

15k, Explicit, Canon Divergence

AO3 Summary: 

John Watson is possibly the most stoic man in the Sherlock universe. What is he hiding under that facade? What are all these things he can’t tell his therapist, can’t write in his blog, can’t even allow himself to say?

“My flatmate is the world’s only genius consulting detective, and I am the world’s foremost closeted perverted queer. I wonder what notes Ella would scribble down if she caught wind of that.”


Hi everyone! So I’m quite new to the fandom and haven’t been writing very long. But I’m quite proud of this fic here and if it’s your cup of tea it would really make my day if you check it out. This is a John that very much draws from my own experience, deep in the closet, frightened of his own desires, and he finally gets his happily ever after.

@love-in-mind-palace @consultingeastwind @addignisherlock 


Also, Kira’s entire exchange with Shigechi here brings up something I’ve touched on before, and that is how playful Kira can be with his eventual victims. I think something that gets misinterpreted is people thinking that Kira is a perpetually stoic man, when that’s often far from the case.

In fact, the most stoic we see him is when he’s trying to actively be Kosaku (as opposed to Melon Kira later on who reverts more or less back to his original personality, plus a confidence boost). It’s clear that he’s being so quiet and inert out of nervousness rather than out of a natural want to do so.

Kira himself is actually pretty emotional. Despite claims to the contrary, he has a pretty loose lid on things like his anger–which you can see in scenes where his pride is personally damaged–and takes a truly delighted sense of joy in just screwing with people. A lot of his actions are purely irrational and designed to give him the greatest sense of pleasure, even at cost to his own victory (see: fixing Koichi’s sock, repeating Hayato’s time loop one more time despite having already won, etc.).

He openly brags and celebrates and humiliates others and throws a huge fucking fit once he’s backed into a corner.

This kind of loops back into my post about Kira’s Quiet Life having very little to do with ACTUALLY leading a quiet life and more to do with a life that serves Kira. (Which I’ll probably reblog again in a moment).