stockyard stoics


Stockyard Stoics - The Ballad of Maga and Squeeky

Incarceration! Degeneration! Humiliation of a generation!


Stockyard Stoics - Land of Opportunity

In the land of opportunity
Not a goddamned thing gonna came to you for free
There ain’t no house up in the hills
Just credit cards and mounting bills
Six bucks an hour won’t get it done
And sixty hours a week isn’t any fun
It’s all there for the making
Michael’s future is his for the taking
Take the plates off of the Chevrolet
A rubber mask and his old man’s .38
Two jobs down third time’s the charm
An interstate bank with a silent alarm
Cops run him down on the way out of town
Shot thirteen times before he hit the ground
Close his eyes look to the sky
Close his eyes look to the sky
Says “Father, is it alright for me to die?”


2 o’Clock Punk Rock - April 13, 2015
Stockyard Stoics - City Lights

Unknown Artist: Stockyard Stoics Quite possibly the best thing to ever come out of Oregon, Stockyard Stoics is an up-and-coming band in the ska punk scene. I think they have a familiar but fresh sound, and true punk energy with a raw sound that could send them to the top of their genre. Since their formation, the band has re-located to Brooklyn and continue to play many shows in the NYC area. The members have been in multiple bands like, Morning Glory,Leftover Crack, The Readymen, The Rickets, Trust Us and The X-Possibilities. They haven’t put out an album since ‘05 but I hope to hear some new stuff soon.

2 o'Clock Punk Rock - September 26, 2013
Stockyard Stoics - City Lights

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