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Could you tell us more about John Church Hamilton? I saw some people mentioning him here and his biography of his father. I'd like to know more about him (presentation, facts, essays... whatever feels best for you!)

Hamilton was born on August 22, 1792 in Philadelphia. He was the fourth son, and the eight Hamilton children. He was only eleven years old when his father was killed in the famous duel with Aaron Burr. In 1809, he graduated from Columbia College, and studied law. John Church served in the U.S. Army during the War of 1812, attaining the rank of second lieutenant. During this time he served as an aide-de-camp to Major General William Henry Harrison (later 9th president of the United States). He never engaged in any of field battles and resigned his position June, 1814. 

Sometime after his military career, he was married to Maria Eliza van den Heuvel (January 4, 1795–September 13, 1873). They had ten children: Alexander Hamilton (1815–1907), Charlotte Augusta Hamilton (1819–1896); Schuyler Hamilton (1822–1903), Mary E. Hamilton (1825–1887),  Charles Apthorpe Hamilton (July 23, 1826 – November 29, 1901), Adelaide Hamilton (1830–1915), Elizabeth Hamilton (1831–1884), William Gaston Hamilton (1832–1913), Laurens Hamilton (1834 – July 6, 1858), Alice Hamilton (September 11, 1838 – September 15, 1905).

Between 1834 and 1840, he sorted through his father’s letters and papers alongside his mother. He wrote a two-volume biography titled The Life of Alexander Hamilton, published 1840–1841–almost all copies were destroyed in a fire while in the process of binding. He then edited a collection of his father’s writings, The Works of Alexander Hamilton: Containing His Correspondence, and His Political and Official Writings, Exclusive of the Federalist, published in seven volumes in 1850–1851. Between 1857 and 1864, John Church published his seven-volume Life of Alexander Hamilton. In 1869, he published an edition of The Federalist. 

Hamilton was a member of the Whig Party and later a Republican, but never held an elected office. He once lost a run for Congress to represent part of New York City. July 25, 1882, John Church Hamilton died at the age of eighty-nine at Stockton Cottage, on Ocean Avenue in Long Branch, New Jersey, due to complications of jaundice and catarrh. His funeral was held at Trinity Church, New York.