Licker from Resident Evil 2 by Joe Daxberger

Since Resident Evil 2 was the first playstation game I ever played, the Licker here is special to me. When I first sat down late one night to play RE2 for the first time, the Licker provides one of the first giant scares in the game. So its fitting that they have become one of the most iconic creatures from the series for sure.

Prismacolors and Pitt pens on bristol sketch card

So, I tried my darndest to get a Don Knotts likeness here. I’ve never had a particular knack for nailing likenesses, but it’s a sketchcard. In case this isn’t immediately obvious, this is of course Mr. Knotts in his esteemed role as Luther Heggs in The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. A classic. It’s a really wonderful movie to put on a few days before Halloween to get into the spirit of things.

This was done with the Photoshop, I gotta stop staring at Samnee artwork.



one week 

I present unto you the main antagonist, Trantor, in the seminal classic, Ernest Scared Stupid. This movie is wonderful, featuring one of Eartha Kitt’s more defining roles as Old Lady Hackmore. I think this movie should be yearly Halloween viewing, much as It’s a Wonderful Life is to Christmas. Miak indeed.

I’ll have to admit. This is a bit rushed. I would probably drop all this dry brush-y stuff in the next one, but hey, it’s a sketch card right? Once again , da Photoshop.


“Joe Dax here with my first entry in this years Stock*tober event. This is one of the vampires from 30 Days of Night, a movie I ended up liking quite a bit. While not perfect, I think it’s a lot better than many vampire flicks out there. Thanks again to the Stock*pile boys for including me in the festivities!”

Wake up and smell the pumpkin spice, internet! It’s Stock*tober once again, and once again the Stock*Pile Work Blog is going to be littered with horror themed artwork for the next 30 odd days!

4 years into this tradition, I probably don’t need to wax poetic yet again about how much I love horror movies and how much I love the fact that it’s in vogue to talk ad nauseam about horror movies during this time of the year, so on with this week’s art!

As per usual, I’ll be illustrating moments and/or characters from some of my favorite monster movies on sketch cards throughout the Stock*tober event. For this particular installment I chose to depict a scene from The Faculty. Your mileage may vary on this film depending on what era of horror you’re most fond of, but I have a lot of nostalgia for this movie. One of the few things that my sister and I bonded over as youths were mid-90′s horror movies, and The Faculty was one of our favorites. It’s a blatant knock-off of one of my all-time favorite movies: John Carpenter’s The Thing, but it’s so much fun that I don’t really mind. The cast is great, featuring Elijah Wood, Josh Hartnett, and (love of teenage Rian’s life) Jordana Brewster as plucky teenaged heroes and the likes of Robert (T-1000) Patrick, Famke (Jean Grey) Janssen, and longtime Daily Show host Jon Stewart as alien assimilated teachers. What’s not to love? Add a heavy dose of 90′s music and grunge-era fashion and I can’t get enough of this movie.

I’ve never claimed to be great at drawing likenesses, but this particular scene shows John Stewart’s science teacher character in mid-transformation after having his fingers hacked off and one of his eyes gouged out by Josh Hartnett. How’s that for an IMDb credit?!

“Guaranteed to jack you up!”

Drawn on 2.5x3.5″ bristol, inked with Millennium and Tombow pens, and colored with Copic markers.


It was really hard to choose between this and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’s Headless Horseman. The Horseman is all black with a cape, so he isn’t very visually appealing to me. Plus, I just recently wanted Beetlejuice with the misses and she likes it a lot, so it’s fresh. I’m not super happy with it, but hey, a card’s a card.

Day oh! Me say day, me say day, me say daayy–oh! Dey I come and me use Photoshop…..


I can’t believe STOCKTOBER is more then half over! I hope you guys have enjoyed it as much as I have. My next to last card is….

Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th:The Final Chapter (1984) 

Friday the 13th: The final chapter (part 4 of 10 mind you, 11 if you count freddy vs Jason) A good entry into the Jason “saga” Its got cory feldman! and crispin glover! Both of them being weird, nudity,  tons of violence and even a suicidal dog. what more could you want?! 

I wanted to try a little something more subtle (well as subtle as several gallons of blood splashed about can be) with my Jason card this time around and thought the reflection in the blood was a different idea. 

All the usual tools. 


Happy Stock*tober!

I love horror movies, so I loved Joel’s idea of drawing horror-themed sketch cards for the blog this month. When I sat down to decide what to draw for my first card, the thing that immediately sprung to my mind was the scene from Stuart Gordon’s From Beyond which I’ve depicted above.

Stuart Gordon is the guy who gave us the modern horror classic that is The Re-Animator. Most people are familiar with that film even if they haven’t seen it because 1.) it’s kind of infamous for being gory and outrageous, and 2.) the characters talk about it in the film American Beauty. Now, I LOVE The Re-Animator, but if you think that’s where Stuart Gordon’s horror cred begins and ends, you’re sorely mistaken. I consider From Beyond to be one of the most underrated horror films of the 80’s. I mean *SPOILER WARNING* (although my drawing kind of gives this away) Jeffrey Combs bites a woman’s eye out of her head, spits it onto the floor, and sucks her brains out through her eye socket, all while his enlarged pineal gland protrudes from his forehead and flaps about! How delightfully fucked up is that?!

From Beyond is another Gordon/Yuzna adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft just like The Re-Animator, and I consider the two of them to be on the same level as one another. Both feature Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton, who are great in all of Gordon’s movies, but in From Beyond they added Ken Foree of Dawn Of The Dead fame to the mix, which makes it that much more awesome for a horror fan such as myself. The practical 80’s effects aren’t always 100% convincing, but they’re a joy to behold and can be pretty gross at times. The premise of the film is great as well, and has a tinge of sci-fi which just makes it that much more enjoyable for me. In short, if you haven’t seen From Beyond and you dig gory horror/monster movies, you really should give it a watch.

I’ve been delving into the world of markers lately, so after inking my card with Pitt Pens, I went to town coloring it with my Copics. This is only my third or fourth time using them, so I’m still learning the ins and outs of the Copics, but I’m having a lot of fun coloring with them.

- Rian

Freaks was one of those movies that was verboten due to how scary it was perceived to be. True, as a child, it is in fact hard to deal with, but man, what a good movie. The ‘freaks’ as it were, are not who they appear to be in this movie. The scene I depicted is when Prince Randian(known as The Living Torso, or The Human Caterpillar, diagnosed with Tetra-amelia syndrome) is crawling under a circus wagon with a knife in his mouth to enact vicious revenge on the main antagonists! Frightening stuff for a kid. 

Par for the course, all photoshop, all the time.

So you’re probably noticing a theme. My second piece is…

Jason from Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning 

Friday V was always one of my least favorite Jason movies, manly because the Jason in the film isn’t Mrs. Voorhees baby boy at all.  This entry Gives us, Roy, the pyshcotic Ambulance Driver out to avenge his son. 

All that aside I think I’ve come around on this one. The character of Tommy Jarvis returning horribly changed by his encounter with Jason is some rare character development for the franchise. I love the fact that his visions of Jason are from Part IV…we are talking about a series that two films earlier used the clothes Jason stole at the beginning of the film for a flashback scene…so the attention to detail is nice. 

As much as I enjoy Part 6 there is a part of me now that kind of wishes there had been a sequel that directly follows this one. The downfall of Tommy Jarvis and him becoming the Killer. 

My biggest complaint still remains, to many close up and Killer POV shoots. I understand that Showing the Killer would have ruined the whodunit aspect of the film…but ultimately when Jason shows up (smashing through a door like a pro) he just looks like Jason anyway.

This piece was Inked with brushes using winsor & newton ink, colored with prismacolor markers and copics and the rain was down with a razor. 

This is the moment when the supposedly dead killer comes back to life, for one last scare. 

We didn’t really have anything planned for oct. 31st but the idea of having no card on halloween seemed crazy  to me. Which brings us to….

Laurie Strode and Michael Myers from Halloween (1978) 

Watching the original 78 version of Halloween is a yearly tradition for me. I love its creepiness and low Budget look.  As I’ve gotten older,  I’ve started to notice more and more flaws but its still great to me. The numerous sequels have added so much junk to the legacy, but carpenter had it right the first time around, an escaped mental case and a random victim. 

This was actually from a FW halloween thing I did two years ago, I cut them down into two cards and colored them. With sandy about to hit the east coast, I had to make sure everything was ready incase I lose power. 

so with that stock*tober comes to its official end.

Stock*tober started with a text message to the rest of the group, within a couple of minutes everyone had agreed, so I sent the message to tony and dax and they agreed as well. So my brilliant idea took less then 10 mins to set up. 

I want to thank Tony and Dax from the drawbox for helping us out on this little adventure. 

This was a blast, I can’t wait for STOCKTOBER 2 

Stay tunned to the blog, 2013 is set to be a big year for stock*pile and we’ll be updating on all our projects.