stocks advantage

Yesterday I’ve been invited to break fast with the muslim women of my residence, and honestly it’s been the nicest evening I had in a while. It was quiet and nice, and everyone was so gentle. I’ve felt more welcomed and emotionally supported than by my own group class… and I’m basically re-invited to eat with them every evening lol

kirusei-nagisa  asked:

Any tips for a Robin main?

Count your tomes and swords.

You don’t need to do it exactly, but just a general idea of it.

Except Elwind… you *NEED* to count Elwind if you’re surviving long enough to get a stock advantage on your opponent. You WILL run out.

Especially if you use the Elwind jab.

Just as a reference, each “blade” from the UP B uses one durability.

So a full cast uses up two durability points. It only uses one if you happen to get hit/interrupted or you land on the stage using an “Elwind Cancel” (I dunno, that’s what smashboards calls it)

A jab immediately ended uses up one point. And it takes more the longer you hold it.

Elwind has 18 durability points.

Elwind respawns in about 5 seconds after throwing it away.