A selfie with Hillary? No problem.

After nearly four decades in public life, Hillary Clinton is no doubt one of the most photographed politicians in the world. And these days she’s helping add to the stockpile of images — acquiescing to voters on the rope line at campaign events who demand selfies with the Democratic presidential candidate instead of autographs or even brief conversation.

At event after event, Clinton poses for dozens of photos with supporters — so many that the former first lady and secretary of state has become adept at helping voters get their best selfie. Slowly working through crowds an event this week in Charlotte, Clinton did not merely shuffle along and pose for photos, as her GOP rival Donald Trump and other candidates do. She often grabbed voters’ phones, navigating to the camera menu before extending her arm and clicking the shutter button herself. In one case, she even checked to make sure the photo turned out OK before handing the device back.

While Clinton is all smiles for the mobile phone paparazzi, the candidate lamented “the tyranny of the selfie” in a February interview with Esquire magazine, suggesting it had diminished her experience working the rope line.

“It used to be that you would do an event like this and then you would shake hands with people and they would talk to you,” Clinton told the magazine. “They would say, ‘I liked what you said about this’ or ‘You didn’t mention that’ or ‘Can I tell you this?’ And it was a constant learning and absorbing experience … Now, it’s just, ‘Can I take a selfie?’” (Holly Bailey/Yahoo News)

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Crying about craft supplies drabbles: Knitting supplies, for anon

“Look what came today!” Mabel sang to the webcam, hefting a large cardboard box into view.

“We wanted to wait so you could watch us open it,” Dipper added.

“Yeah! For warm fuzzies reasons and in case it’s another cursed relic you need to help us exorcise!”

“I promise,” Ford replied, “There’s absolutely nothing cursed about this package. Look! I didn’t even need to ward it!”

“You said you didn’t need to ward the one two boxes ago and that almost got us tried for witchcraft,” Dipper pointed out. “I know you’re still getting used to the rules in this dimension, but the postal service is threatening to cut us off.”

Ford laughed. “If they do, we’ll just have to find a new way of delivering mail. I know Fiddleford was thinking about repurposing that Pterodactyltron …”

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i finished my big twine, BATWORLD! u can download it on dropbox here

create a bat of your very own, selecting from such options as ear length, overall size and diet, and explore the enchanting batworld, a planet much like our own in the sense that there are bats in both of ‘em

will your bat stockpile food for winter? make friends with other bats? master the art of flying? or will they search for secrets, and confront the mysterious white storm? only you can decide!


  • 8 endings, including one secret ending!
  • at least 6 bat stats to train and/or select
  • 13 nights of exhilarating text-based gameplay
  • at least 10,000 words of original, bat-based story
  • 3 story routes; will your bat befriend the weird widow nanny veldkamp, the lonely researcher sam oensis, or the troublesome nycter kids? how about all of them?
  • the patented new bat plus mode
  • more bats than u can shake a stick (with a bat on it) at!

The alien who’s looking after Ford gives him a nickname in a language he can’t understand. He hopes it means something cool.

It doesn’t.

Ford opened his eyes to see a cavernous maw looming above him. The triple rows of razor teeth were spread in a wide grin, deep purple saliva oozing between them. A long tongue, rough and forked and plum-colored, licked across the beast’s lips. Above the mouth, a pair of luminous blue eyes were fixed on him. They weren’t sharp enough to be hungry, filled instead with an aloof sort of amusement.

Zette laughed throatily and began to groom his hair.

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'Stockpile' water now: Prince Albert may close treatment plant over oil spill
Water containing oil from Husky Energy spill could reach Prince Albert on Sunday

People in Prince Albert, Sask., are being told to stockpile as much water as they can in anticipation of the closure of the city’s water treatment plant.

Officials say oil on the North Saskatchewan River could reach their plant’s intake system on Sunday.

“The City of Prince Albert is advising residents to stock up a water supply in their homes over the next 24 hours by filling bathtubs, water jugs, etc.,” the city said in a statement Friday.

The city said it was “highly likely” they will close the water treatment plant’s intake from the North Saskatchewan River on Sunday, as a precautionary measure.

The move is related to a plume from an upstream oil spill. Husky Energy reported a pipeline leak Thursday that led to some 200,000 litres of heavy oil and a product called diluent entering the river.

Officials with the city said Prince Albert’s reservoirs will be filled to capacity with potable water until a shut down is necessary. That will provide potable water for two days.

They said a contingency plan was being formulated if a longer interruption of the water supply was necessary.

The city added that the Kinsmen Water Park and the city’s spray parks will be temporarily closed over the weekend, as part of the effort to conserve water.

Irrigation at the Cooke Municipal Golf Course and various other parks in the city will also be suspended.

Crying about craft supplies drabbles: for @nokama “all of those bottles and jars. what are they useful for. why do they exist. why do i love them”

Selkie au.

“Dipperrrrr!” Mabel groaned, banging on the door. “I know you’re just hanging out in the bathtub being a seal! I need to take a shower!”

There was a suspiciously long pause before the latch on the door clicked and Mabel was greeted by the sight of her twin brother with a towel wrapped around the lower half of his body and their shared sealskin around the upper half.

“Sorry,” he said sheepishly. “I lost track of time.”

Mabel shrugged. “Eh. I can’t complain too much. At least you’re less stinky now you hang out in the tub all the time! Next we gotta work on your clothes.”

Dipper grunted. “Waste of time, I’m telling you.”

As he walked past her, Mabel gasped theatrically. “Wait! It’s all a plot! If you don’t have clothes to wear, you get more seal time!”

Dipper rolled his eyes. “Mabel …”

“A dastardly ploy! You fiend, plotting against your own sister!”


She froze. That wasn’t Dipper’s friendly sibling bickering voice, or his pretending-to-be-annoyed-because-it-was-funny voice. He was actually upset.

“I’m just not in the mood, okay? Sorry I’m taking away your seal time.”

He passed the skin to her without looking and stalked off to their room, arms crossed protectively over his chest.

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vera-invenire  asked:

Elementary school AU, how does a snowball fight go down?

Well, first of all, the vast majority of these children take it WAY too seriously. (They are also bonkers excited, because NYC rarely gets enough snow for really satisfying snowball fights. Maybe once or twice a winter, though the past few years have been far snowier than when I was a kid.)

Matt immediately rounds up his womenfolk (Karen, Claire, Foggy) and takes the high ground (the top of the slide). He tries to put them to work building a stockpile of snowballs for him to throw, but Karen is indignant that she doesn’t get to throw anything, and Claire and Foggy quickly discover that sliding down a snow-covered slide is really fun and leave the shelter of the top of the slide to do so. Matt spends a lot of time yelling “COME BACK, I CAN’T KEEP YOU SAFE LIKE THIS!” Then Frankie pastes him with a snowball in the back of the neck and he instantly forgets his “responsibilities” and parkours off the top of the slide to chase Frankie, and Karen goes running after them yelling about how boys are stupid.

Both the Jessica/Trish and Misty/Colleen duos have an extremely effective “you build, I throw, then we switch” rhythm going on. Luke and Danny try to do this but Danny is way too excited and also squishing the snow too hard to make proper snowballs. Mostly he’s flinging snow everywhere and shrieking. This leaves Luke as easy prey for the girls, but he takes the barrage of snowballs without flinching because he’s very tough and also because his coat is enormous.

Elektra has a pristine white coat which she uses to blend in with the landscape before emerging, hollering like a banshee, and snowballing her target in the face. Frankie gets into the art supplies and paints camo on his face, which does nothing because it’s green and brown and that doesn’t help with snow camouflage. They’re both indiscriminate snipers. Brett stands there yelling, “You have to pick a side, there are RULES” and gets a mouthful of snow for his trouble.

Malcolm just wants to make a snow angel. Marci is inside because absolutely not.

Mr. Urich and Coach Stick are observing together, both very troubled, Coach Stick because none of these kids have any goddamn strategy, and Mr. Urich because what the actual hell is wrong with these violent, too-serious babies? Also, crap, it looks like both Matt and Jessica have managed to hurt themselves. Again.

Afterwards they all go to Foggy’s house and have hot cocoa. Foggy sneaks two peppermint sticks into Matt’s mug, and Danny manages one sip before pouring the rest into his lap by accident.

tbh i hope that someday people will be allowed to sell homestuck stuff because i would love to compile my mASSIVE STOCKPILE OF DAVEKAT ART into one nice lil fanzine type thing.

85%+ HP blogs needed.

Hello everyone! I’m going out of town in the next couple of weeks and will be gone for probably around 2 weeks with minimal posting, so I’m looking for major HP blogs to stockpile my queue with! If you are one of these and wouldn’t mind me filling my queue from your blog, please like this! I’ll most definitely follow you as well because I always need more HP on my dash. 

Since I do the daily quests every day, I stockpile a large amount of coins and ended up having enough to buy the entire set at once when it dropped this evening.

I like to stay on top of things. ^_^’ 

My villagers have gotten sick 5 times so far today

Does anyone know if they’ve increased the illness rate again, or am I just having seriously bad luck?

EDIT: Thanks everyone, for all your answers!  It seems I’m not the only one whose villagers are getting sick more frequently.

anonymous asked:

apparently hunk likely dealt with like, a starvation situation or something growing up, he's conflict adverse, very fixated on food, and also fat (weight gain often happens after or even during a period of food insecurity because the body starts stockpiling).

Noooo no no no noooooooo D:

I mean yeah, that all makes horrifying sense when you lay it out like that. Ugh, why must the sweet ones suffer?

I mean, I personally headcanon that Hunk had a really nice childhood with a loving family and everything, I really do think his home life was basically pretty good because he seems so happy and generally okay during the show. 

But this could lead to an absolutely wonderfully angst-ridden what if >:D

Like, picture an AU where Hunk’s home life isn’t quite as great as he has claimed. No one actually hurts him, but he doesn’t quite get enough to eat. Maybe because there actually isn’t enough to eat, maybe it’s all a lie, whatever. Doesn’t matter. Things just aren’t as spectacular as he’s led everyone to believe.

Fast forward to the paladins coming back to earth after defeating Zarkon. They’ve all bonded so much, they’re basically a family now. So, naturally, they want to meet each others’ families on Earth. Hunk doesn’t remember what his home life was like - he’d been away for so long between the Garrison and SPACE that he’d actually begun believing the lies he’s been telling everyone - until it’s too late, and they’re all walking up the front pathway. He immediately tries to convince everyone to leave, to turn around, to just go, but it’s too late. They’ve seen everything.

Imagine how freaking upset everyone would be! Imagine how quick they’d just scoop Hunk up and carry him off, like, nope nope nope you deserve better than this you are ours now you never have to go back to that again nope. Lance and Pidge actually start arguing about which of their families will adopt Hunk (Pidge argues that Lance’s family already adopted Keith, so it’s their turn). Allura and Coran are ready to just kidnap Hunk and take him back to the Castle of Lions where their food stores aren’t necessarily human, but at least they never run out.

Just, the whole team coming together to protect Hunk and make sure he’s never stuck in a bad situation like that ever again because they’re a family and that’s what families do

(And if the bad situation is that there’s like no food and Hunk’s family is starving too, then clearly they will also be whisked away to happier times. Because the family of my family is my family, right?)

There’s Going to be a Wedding!

M’ichiru has FINALLY settled on a date for the wedding! *lol* We invite everyone who wants to come to join us on Saturday, July 24th at midnight. Please feel free to contact either M’ichiru Kaioh or myself for an invitation (I will most likely be on my main, Tiffaunie A’renaitre, but I’ll try to have a stockpile of invitations on her to give out).

We hope to see you there! =^.^=