Five Minute Ficlet (desktop version!)

I have approximately 10 minutes until I need to pick up my kid from basketball practice and go for a run. So let’s see what I can muster while I wait for @outside-the-government to come up with her prize fic req.

A lone woman rushed up to you in the crowded market and thrust a ragged bundle into your arms. Her eyes, filled with tears met yours. “She is better with Starfleet.” Before you could stop her and question her, she disappeared into the crowd. There, in your arms, was the most precious thing anyone had ever given you. A human baby. The colony was overpopulated, and the Enterprise had been sent to assess the situation. What you’d found, when you beamed planetside, was mass starvation, worse than anything Starfleet had recorded since Tarsus IV. Jim had paled when he saw the squalor and emaciated faces in the colony, and Bones had sent him back to the ship immediately.

The baby was quiet. Lethargic. Barely moving. In the ragged bundle, you could only guess at gender. You found Bones, passing out rations and triaging the sick and malnourished. “You need to beam me back,” you demanded, showing him the wee thing. He blanched and nodded.

“Head to the muster point, I’ll let Scotty know to expect you,” he nodded. You excused yourself and your tiny charge and headed to the area where rations and medication were being guarded.

Once aboard the Enterprise, you immediately carried the baby down to MedBay and worked on her, seeing to hydration and nourishment. She ate greedily, and after the fluid and electrolytes were on board, she started to kick and squirm. From your basic assessment, you thought she might be six months, but given her malnourishment she could be closer to nine months. And with every moment, she was more and more alert, grasping your fingers and cooing.

News of the babe spread across the ship quickly. Unsurprisingly, Sulu was the first to visit. He brought a tiny sleeper with him, quickly explaining it had been Demora’s, and he brought it on every mission. You didn’t want to accept his momento, but he insisted. You fashioned a diaper out of abdominal pads and cling gauze and dressed her, covering her little head with some stockingette intended to hold dressings in place. She was a beautiful little angel, but you had no idea what to do with her.

You were rocking her, quietly singing the lullaby your mother had sung you, trying to soothe her cries, when Jim stepped into MedBay, and came straight to you. He gently lifted the little girl into his arms and began to rock her, the act completely natural. He held her up to his chest, his rich baritone mimicking the song you’d been singing and patted her back to the rhythm of the song. 

And then stopped and made a face.

“Y/N, can you check my back?” He asked. “I have a feeling I’ve ruined another uniform.”

Sure enough, when you peeked around behind you, the little girl was finally peaceful, and there was a large stream of baby puke running down Jim’s back.

Mori Boy Guide

I discovered this interesting “guide” for Mori Boys :)
I hope you like it!         


  • Enjoys looking comfortable yet eccentric, through use of eclectic patterns & textures
  •  While colors range from light to dark, they are likely to be unsaturated, seemingly bleached by the sun or having a worn-in look
  • Likes to wear interesting fibers, like: fur, leather&suede, wool, linen, bamboo
  • Prefer more detailed fabrics to simple ones, like a textured knit to stockingette, or herringbone or tweed to plain weave.
  • Shoes are rugged and utilitarian, but can also be a bit stylish.
  • Worn in leather boots and wool topsiders are popular, but mocassins. traditional japanese sandals and even battered western sneakers like New Balances also work, as long as the color coordinates.
  •  Wants to look like wanderer, may accessorize with tools like binoculars or compass’
  • Will usually carry a bag, backpacks and large leather or canvas satchels are roomy and sturdy
  • Hair can be short to long, but has a unstyled tousled look, bed head is ok, especially if its curly (LOL)
  • Loves scarves of the thick and chunky variety, can be knit, felted, or even a fur stole
  • Often wears a statement cardigan or jacket, what it is is totally up to personal preference, but is often a major element of the outfit. Common examples are large gauge sweaters, cardigans with pattern or large buttons, or haori with a large printed pattern.
  • Likes vintage style, but stays away from the fussier elements of western clothing


  • Enjoys working with hands, hobbies like gardening, crafting, cooking, etc.
  • Loves to read, and maybe write, may daydream about vintage typewriters (Not necessarily, that’s a little antiquated hehe, seems too much stereotyped, or hipster -_-) 
  • Likes animals, and may even look to specific ones for outfit inspiration
  • Prefer to appear quiet and wild, mysterious. (just calmed, haha)
  • Enjoys outings that allow for discovery, like wandering in the country or a new part of town.
  • Might settle down in a coffee shop for longer than average.
  • Likes to take photos of adventures, but may lack for photos of themselves (they are behind the camera!)
  • Whether openly or not, may believe in fairies and other folkloric characters or spirits.
  • Has an interest in music, whether playing or listening, especially unusual instruments like harpsichord or ocarina. (lol, I like sax, or guitar…)
  • Is a collector of objects, usually small things they think are under appreciated
  • Often found in thrift, vintage shops, flea markets
  • Enjoys museums, especially ones with dioramas
  • If the choice is present, prefers rustic and wholesome food & drink, not necessarily veg/vegan (you don’t have to be vegan, gosh)
  •  Hot drink connoisseur

         Wardrobe Basics:

  • Try to stick with mostly unsaturated colors like ecru, deep navy or cadet blue, khaki green, burgundy, charcoal, chambray blue, sage, etc. most colors have a place, as long as they can be described as “rustic” or “earthy”
  • Bright colors can be included too, but can be more difficult to stay distinctly “mori”(I’m not agree)
  • Patterned or lightly textured button down shirts. chambray, flannel, and printed cotton are easy to find.
  • T-shirts with henley neck detailing or waffle texture
  • Bold & simple patterned sweater that can go with many outfits, ecru and navy dot or stripe is prefect.
  • Bottoms can be most any type of rugged pant, even trousers if they are worn. even wide culotte pants or  wrap skirts are fine, just try to keep the forest wanderer element here.
  • Good starter bottoms would be straight legged corduroy or denim pants in a khaki or faded blue.
  • This style is not for minimalists, it usually requires layering, even in summer, for the right look (You can do it as you wish). Thats not to say you have to wear long pants, socks, cardigan, button down etc when its sweltering, but wearing a lot of items at once is almost essential.
  • Good starter shoes might be leather boots for cool weather and short desert boots or Birkenstocks for warm weather.

Since summer is a difficult topic in all mori styles, a nice mori boy summer outfit might be:

  1. Khaki shorts with a leather belt
  2. Interesting crew length socks (to show color or pattern)
  3. Short sleeve button down, with a flower or other brooch
  4. Talisman style necklace worn over shirt
  5. Backpack & watch
  6. Hat (lots of options: straw boater, vintage felt, twill newsboy, etc, again color is important)

So, you can wear a lot of things but not be all covered up!



Many of our wildlife rehabbers use knitted or crocheted nests for the very young wildlife. These nests act just like nests in the wild, to secure the young, allow them to snuggle together and to maintain body temperature. 

Please use yarns that are not too “snaggy”, double up your yarn and stitch in very tight stitches (so that tiny arms and legs can’t slip through). Colors do no matter! The babies do not care what their nests look like.

To begin, chain 3, join (with a slip stitch) to form ring. 
Round 1: Chain 2 (this counts as your first “stitch), work between 10 – 15 single crochets into th ring (depending on what thickness yarn you are using). Slip stitch the last single crochet to the top stitch in the chain 2 that started this round. 
Round 2: Chain 2. Single crochet into each of the next two stitches, then do 2 single crochet’s into the next stitch, single crochet into the next two stitches, then 2 single crochet’s in the the next stitch. And on and on around the circle. Slip stitch your last single crochet into the top of the chain 2 that started this round.
Round 3, 4, 5, 6, and on: Repeat Round 2 over and over, until your circle is at least 3” big. You can make your nest with a bottom as small as 3” big, up to maybe 6” big.

Once you have made the bottom of the nest from 3” to 6” big, from all rounds thereafter, crochet ONE single crochet into each stitch. You will see your “sides” begin to form. Crochet until the sides are about 2 – 3” high. Bind off and weave in loose ends.

On size 5 dpn’s cast on 54 stitches (dividing up into 18 sts/needle). Work in knit (stockingette is automatic on dpn’s) stitch for approximately 3 inches. Begin decreasing for the crown as follows:
Next row: *K 7, k 2 tog* repeat to end
Next row: *K 6, k 2 tog* repeat to end
Next row: *K 5, k 2 tog* repeat to end
Nest row: *K 4, k 2 tog* repeat to end
Next row: *K 3, k 2 tog* repeat to end
Next row: *K 2, k 2 tog* repeat to end
Next row: *K 1, k 2 tog* repeat to end
Clip of yarn leaving a tail of about 6 inches.
Using yarn needle, slide yarn needle under all stitches on needles, and draw tight to close up the end. Knot

Drop off or Mail to: 
If you would like a mailed acknowledgement, please include a note with your name, address and quantity of nests sent.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.  Thank you for your generosity.

Virginia Beach SPCA Wildlife Program
Attn: Wildlife
3040 Holland Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23453

These instructions were written by our volunteer exclusively for the VBSPCA Wildlife Program.