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A Concept

One day Ladybug mentions how her favorite flower is *insert some rare blossom here* and Chat knows he has to get her a bouquet. So he goes home thinking he’ll just stop by the florist the next day and pick one up. Easy right?


Adrien goes around to no less than 14 flower shops before realizing that not one florist in Paris even stocks those types of flowers because they only grow wild and are not typically seen as desirable for bouquets because they are considered weeds. Disappointed but not undeterred, Adrien takes matters into his owns hands, scouring every park and garden and patch of green earth he can find until he manages to scrounge up a bursting bouquet’s worth of the elusive flower, which he presents to Ladybug the next time they meet up for patrol.

He’s got thorn pricks in his fingertips, a sore ankle from falling into a riverbed, and a mean case of poison ivy, but none of that matters when Ladybug lights up with a brilliant smile when she sees her gift.

(She gives him a kiss on the cheek)

(Chat silently screams)

(He ends up finding a way to grow *insert same rare flower here* in his yard so he can bring one to Ladybug every week)


An Amazon engineer gave random people on Twitch $50K to invest — and this is what happened

  • A long-standing rule for preserving one’s sanity on the internet is to never, ever read the comments section.
  • Amazon engineer Mike Roberts had a different idea: What if he let the comments section pick his investment portfolio?
  • After six months of tinkering, he has now released his invention: Stock Stream, which Roberts is billing as “the world’s first multiplayer stock market game that uses real money.”
  • As of last week, anyone with an account on the game-streaming site Twitch could log-in and help allocate $50,000 of Roberts’ money by typing stock symbols into the Stock Stream’s comment section.
  • Roberts says he got the idea from watching Twitch users collaborate on games like Pokemon.
  • As more and more Twitch-ers started using the platform to crowdsource ideas, Roberts got the idea to see how that crowdsourcing might be used for more practical activities, like choosing what stocks to invest in. Read more (6/5/17)
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Democratic Nomination 2020

so I figured I’d give my hot take on 2020 Democratic nomination because why not?

No Country for Old Men:

Jerry Brown: Brown’s name, to my shock, has come up a few times. The first a most major problem is that Jerry is ALREADY 79 years old, and will be in his 80s by 2020. Not to be grim, but it’s mathematically unlikely for a man who is 82 on taking office to live to serve two full terms, even one term would be a gamble. Past the mathematical issue, Jerry is a household name in California politics but over 40 years has never managed to build up a base of support outside is home state. Best known as “Moonbeam” two flopped runs for President hint how round 3 would go even if he was 10 years younger.

Bernie Sanders: It’s pretty clear that Bernie is at least thinking about another run at the Presidency. His problem is in the same as Brown, if slightly less intense. He’s 75 right now meaning he’ll be 79 election day 2020 asking people to vote for a President who will be in his 80s in office is a tall order. I realize that age for whatever reason didn’t hunt the 70 year who eats trash, never sleeps and hates work outs, but I feel like a nearly 80 year old can’t get away with it. I’ve heard many of his supports saying he should run on age alone. Past this Bernie failed to connect with black and latino voters in 2016 and has made a few notable missteps since becoming a mega political figure. More and younger progressives are interested in running and the fandom around Bernie is unlikely to relight with the same flame in 2020, even if it did, it was not enough in 2016, he needs to widen his support outside of white liberals and college kids to win the primary.

Joe Biden: again age is the biggest single problem he’ll be 78 years old on election day 2020, and like Bernie it’s pretty clear Joe is at least thinking about it. Again I think asking voters to have a President in his 80s is a bridge too far. Though the health of the sitting President might be a factor, if Trump very unhealthy lifestyle plus the horrible stress of being President leads to Trump looking sick, weak and unhealthy after 4 years, even a older man who was slim and fit and sharp might benefit next to a fat slow unhealthy mess. Though it might also serve to highlight the risks of an older President. Past age Joe has no geographic or Ideological base. While remembered with a level of fondness by Democrats, his image is as something of a drunk uncle (I know he does not drink) who’s fun and says what we’re all thinking. I’m unsure that translates and the warm fuzzy feeling people have about him as a member of the Obama team I don’t think boost him much. His last two tries to run for President were total failures and his 2015 non-run didn’t show very impressive polling for a sitting VP

Hillary Clinton: While much younger than the 3 other people in this camp (she’ll be a youthful 72 come 2020) and younger than Trump, she’s a woman and as we saw in this campaign women are badly punished for showing signs of age. It seems fairly clear Hillary does not want to run. Her running would set all the former Bernie people’s hair on fire and generally the press would have a field day printing nasty stories and playing the 2016 primary all over again along with “have the Democrats learned nothing?” all pretending that Hillary didn’t win the popular vote and is super out of touch, blah blah blah. What’s more many of her hardcore supporters suffered a soul crushing loss and might not have the energy to gear up for a 3rd bitter battle to the nomination, while many feminists who like Hillary but aren’t worshipers likely feel it’s time for a new younger woman to try to take down the glass ceiling

When you’re famous, they let you do it:

Kanye West: he said he will run for President, if he means it, or remembers saying it, who knows. A lot of people will say in the age of Trump we should count out any rich or famous person. However this over looks that the Republican Primary voter and the Democratic Primary voter are very different. The later is more likely to be college educated for one thing, as well as ethnically diverse and think experience is important. Getting back to West, he’s generally seen as a huge egomaniacal crazy person. His troubles with mental health are public record with his very public break down in November 2016 (and some other things). His ego and weird need to pick a fight with the First couple of hip hop Jay Z and Beyonce has made him a messy and controversial character even with-in Hip Hop and the black community. What’s more is November trip to Trump Tower and on stage weird pro-Trump rant are unlikely to go away. Also there’s the in-laws, his wife is someone a lot of people love to hate, and his step-mother-in-law Caitlyn Jenner has gotten a lot of well earned stick for being a Republican Trump supporter and rather tone deaf on most issues.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: He has a history, low key granted, as a Republican, has not really voiced any support for any policies or issues. On the plus side he’s handsome, can laugh at himself and seems generally likable and well liked. That said there’s no proof he’s smart in any way and much of his history has been playing over the top characters and then over the top characters making fun of the fact that he’s the Rock. All of which might give Democratic votes Trump flashbacks. If he can speak clearly on issues and takes progressive stands on things he’ll have an outside shot, but if he can’t sound like an adult and draw a line under the guy who stars in the Baywatch remake he has no hope

Mark Cuban: As boorish and bullying as Trump, with vague political ideas that mostly circle around Ayn Rand and discount libertarianism Cuban is unlikely to get Democratic voters hot. Voters will likely also dislike his early softening on Trump after the election. That said Cuban has clearly made a lot of money, a lot of Democratic Primary voters loath Trump and might wish for a candidate who only bullies, attacks, and mocks the object of their hate, his money and experience with politics before now puts him above Johnson or West but behind the next guy

Mark Zuckerberg: One of the handful of business people in the 21st century to be a household name. Young, tech friendly he and his company seem the very embodiment of white millennial ideas of diversity and inclusion. Sadly for the Zuck the place one might expect him to most popular, with people under 35 who are on-line a lot is the place he’s the least popular. Justified or not a lot of people get a creepy big brother vibe from Facebook and Zuckerberg has become something of a Hollywood stock villain type, with Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor just being a retread of his performance from The Social Network. indeed that movie is a major problem for Zuckerberg, he’s a villain and a creep in a hugely popular movie all about him. Zuckerberg is and always has been a slightly awkward, slightly off nerd, and lacks the charm to fight off attacks that he stole Facebook from someone, he’s too California tech kid to be relatable for much of America. That said weirdly Zuckerberg might play well with older voters who didn’t see the Social Network, don’t understand the problems people have with Facebook and see a young, fairly good looking young man who built a company they know and likely use, who’s used his money to do good stuff, who has a charming and beautiful wife and a multi-ethnic family, basically a kind of anti-Trump. Outside of the story of how Facebook started I’ve never heard any stories of him being a jerk on a personal level, and while we laugh at him feeding cows, some people like when the big city liberals come out and get their hands dirty.

The (White) Dude abides:

Steve Bullock: Freshly re-elected in a bad year for Dems out of a Red state. All sounds good, but the state is Montana, who’s Democratic party is hardly reflective of the national party. In a party headed to the left it’s unlikely a western conservative will get people off. past this he has no national name recognition, and his last name is a British slang term for a testicle, something the internet will love

John Hickenlooper: a two term governor of a key swing state that Democrats need to win, Hickenlooper has a fairly progressive record, will likely make stoners and college students happy because his state has legal pot (even though he didn’t support it, that’s likely to be a detail glossed over by 2020). counting against him is that he’s largely unknown outside his state and political nerd circles, and he has a frankly ridicules name and is skinny and odd looking. A strange looking man with a very weird lass name, politics can be piety that way.

Terry McAuliffe: another governor from a key swing state, but like Bullock and Hickenlooper with very little name recognition outside is own state. Past this McAuliffe will have been out of office for 3 years, the 2017 race is likely to get far more attention than his race and if Tom Perriello replaces him, he’ll have been beaten in what looks and feels like a Clinton Bernie rematch, with Perriello as Bernie, close links to the Clintons will likely get him tarred as a corporate Democrat.

Still feeling the Bern:

Tulsi Gabbard: A lot of ink has been spilled about Gabbard, but she’s young, very pretty, multi-ethnic from a minority majority state with a military record. Her support for Bernie endears her to a block of his voters. However, she’s just a Representative, no one since Garfield has jumped from the House to the Presidency. Again remember Democratic Primary voters different from Republican ones. Her support for Assad has won her alt-right fans, but both those facts will likely be horrifying to most Democratic voters. It’s unclear if she’ll be able to use her status as a minority and woman to hide from attacks based on past homophobia and islamophobia. Finally her early meetings with Trump, her statements about Russia and Putin and the bridges she burned down with non-Bernie supporters in the party are all likely to hurt her badly

Elizabeth Warren: Likely the only person the American Left liked more than Bernie going into 2016, and her being a lady and feminist well known for forcefully speaking her mind warmed her to one group Bernie struggled with, Feminists. That said Warren likely suffered damage by sitting out the 2016 primary as long as she did, hardcore Bernie supporters feel betrayed and did nothing to win the hearts of Clinton fans. Past that Warren’s tone and attacking passion has made her a hate figure for Republicans but not widened her appeal past the left of her own party.

The Senator from somewhere

Sherrod Brown: A populist leftie in a key swing state. Downsides being he sided strongly and early with Hillary, thus is “no longer a progressive” to Bernie supporters. Much ride on if Brown can be re-elected in a state that is getting redder all the time, his raspy voice has never lent itself to rising oration, and it’s a little unclear what he brings to the table, despite his best efforts he’s never captured the left of the party’s hearts and minds the way Sanders and to an even greater degree Warren did before 2015.

Chris Murphy: having been in room with Chris Murphy, Chris Murphy thinks he should be President. He’s young, good looking and has laser focus on one easy to understand policy idea that is fairly popular with base Democrats. Sadly for him, that policy is gun control. While nothing he’s saying is radical the NRA will do anything to stop him, and his campaign will likely get attacked early and often by Newtown truers fueled by Alex Jones. bluntly Murphy is not a great speaker or a very interesting guy, nice enough but likely to struggle in any state without be cities with gun crime problems, like say Iowa or New Hampshire.

Cory Booker: He’s young, he’s black, he’s hot. Sadly for Cory every time he opens his mouth people want to hear Obama. Booker lacks Obama’s speaking skills and has failed to impress basically every time he’s gotten a prime time shot at the mic. Past that he doesn’t have a lot of accomplishments to his name, For whatever Reason Bernie supporters went after him hard early in the year for voting against Bernie, if this is a sign of the progressive reaction to him or not is hard to say. Booker seems to be skating on Street Fight 15 years later. Past that Booker is a single man, in politics being young, handsome, and always single makes people talk

Mark Warner: Senator from a key swing state, looks like he was sent from casting to play the President some time between 1940 and 1964. This hinges a lot on what the next 4 years looks like, Warner is not the fire breathing Trump slayer a lot of Democrats want right now, but will they still want that in 2020? Will Warner slowly become a national figure based off being the face of the Congressional inquiry into all things shady Russian and Trump? who can say, if not Warner is too bland and boring, if he’s the claiming face of justice slowly wading toward the truth, thats a leg up

Al Franken: Funny, witty, and good on the attack. Al is the kinda guy millions of liberals are turning to every week, the grandfather of political humor in the style of the Daily Show, as well as of left wing TV (MSNBC’s Maddow got her start with Franken on Air-America Radio) It’s the world he help build that’s keeping millions of Democrats sane. However most of them don’t know this, Al’s more or less been on ice since getting elected though his first book in 12 years might help people rediscover him. Another problem is Franken has been in comedy for 40 years, jokes that were funny and/or off color in the 1970s are surely offensive now, so there are surely hours of clips of Al saying racist, sexist, homophobic, and transphobic things as joke on SNL and later stand up and in his often crassly funny political books from the 1990s and 2000s

The Ladies doing it for themselves

Tammy Duckworth: A lot of women were put out and also made spitting mad that a sexist monster beat a woman for the Presidency and want a woman badly. Duckworth is a war hero with an inspiring story, a fresh and new face in the Senate. Sadly for her, her disability will surely be an issue, it wasn’t in her Senate race because she was running in a deep blue state, against someone who also had a disability and couldn’t walk well. However a FIT President is important and the standard to be a fit woman President was clearly higher, people won’t be comfortable with a President who has to sit to talk to world leaders. Past that she’s never been a great public speaker and would face “well she’s been a senator for what? 15 minutes?” criticisms

Tammy Baldwin: A strongly feminist Democrat from a state Democrats normally win but lost in 2016 and want back badly. Having heard her speak she’s not amazing but pays the bills. Sadly for her she’s a lesbian, her sexuality, the electability of same, would likely take over her campaign, with people gun shy about “identity politics” it would likely handicap her against more well known candidates.

Amy Klobuchar: One of the longer serving Democratic Women in the Senate, Al Franken’s other half, a well established member of the establishment liberal wing of the party. She likely will suffer by not being as well known as others, she’s also awkward both physically and in speech, funny she’s just a little big too nerdy, to nasally, plus as an establishment woman she’s likely to rub Progressives the wrong way

Kirsten Gillibrand: Young, beautiful, experienced in the Senate and having built on a rock hard anti-Trump record, one of the one’s to watch, the connections to Hillary (a blonde NY Senator holding Hill’s old seat) likely will get those hardcore Hillary supporters behind her, but also runs the risks of setting off progressives, her hardcore anti-Trump stand and not having jumped into the Clinton campaign as forcefully as some may help

Kamala Harris: A lot of people see her as grown in a lab as an admixture of Obama and Hillary. Young, Beautiful, smart, well spoken, black multiethnic and coming out of the State that is framing itself as the anti-Trumpland. Kamala has downsides of course, first being no one is gonna know how to say her first name, but if Obama got over it so will she, second the “what she’s a been a senator for 5 minutes?” her race is likely to get people talking about “identity politics” though she’s managed to make a good case on that, likely her time as Cali AG will bring the wrath of some parts of BLM but we’ll see how much that matters

Too Slick by half

Andrew Cuomo: Governor of a major anti-Trump strong hold, managed to score some out of state progressive brownie points with a very public free college plan that had both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton next to him. However Cuomo is loathed by the progressive base of his state’s party and is seen by basically everyone in the know as a low-key political mobster, his New York sleaze factor is unlikely to go over well in Iowa or New Hampshire (just ask Chris Christie)

Gavin Newsom: Still young, still pretty Newsom has waited a long time to get from “rising star” to Star but he’s almost there, just has to manage to win the California governorship, but that seems pretty likely. Newsom has the record of granting gay marriages at the unthinkable time of 2004 which likely will buy him support of the LGBT community (or at least it’s professional activists) likewise he’s been pro-pot something likely to endear him to college students, much will depend on what he does with real power once Governor, and many will say that he’s only been in high office a year. Past that many again see Newsom as “establishment” making him not very popular with the left of his state party, how much this will be translated outside of Cali, if his slick California air and style will play poorly in eastern rural early primary states is hard to say

House on stilts, Krakor, Cambodia by Alex Saurel
Via Flickr:
This kind of house is typical from Cambodia. Some modern ones are in concret but still on stilts. The earth road going through the countryside around Krakor village was very nice to walk through since every 50 meters was animated by a life scene.

anonymous asked:

You are so cool man. Okay, I just got into investing as in I opened an account with bank of america merrill edge for retirement but haven't done anything else. I know I should like buy safe stocks and stuff, but I am so wary of researching this. like i just don't trust sources that i google or magazines (my dad was interested in stocks and lost a lot of money so I just can't trust him or those magazines). I see that you have set up different markets (target retirement, inflation protected), (1/2

(2/2) and other funds. How did you get started? Where did you research? Like books or things. Thank you for your time!

Aw, thank you Anon! So, this is a little bit of a narrative, buckle up. (There is a readmore below! Read more!) 

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Art Show Tips for Newbies

So a friend asked for some tips–he has another friend who’s a good artist, but doesn’t know where to begin in selling his work.  I wrote up a long list of tips and advice for him–and figured hey, there might be a few people online who might find this helpful too!  

So here’s what I’ve learned from selling my work over the last 4 years!

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There was not much promise
For a country seamstress
Her mother shared lament
With any woman baking bread
She paraded the type of stockings
With the line down the back
You know,
The kind that accost the gaze
Of every male since 1950
Great mystery of the heart
That we should come to be ourselves
The place where rogue
Was a polite way of saying idealistic
A practice in character resilience
Laugh lines
Blonde eyebrows
The summer blues set in too early
“This is where I’m at” and
“This is where you are”
Premature hysterics
Pointed to the road from arms akimbo
Searching her eyes like the breechless sea
To write about her poignant rhythms
The way the sky looked different
From her windowless view
How lovers longed
To lay claim with more than fingers
A chemistry in flux with one amalgam
One conquest
I mostly thought afterwards
About the way the leaves lined up
Personal soldiers
A diaphanous chain unbroken
Her notebooks fraught
Leftover plight and vendetta
So many ends
Too tawdry to finish

“Where do you get your crystals?”

I know I was supposed to make a new FAQ a few days ago, but I’ve just been swimming in unfinished work, lol. So I thought why not just make a whole post dedicated to the number one most asked question, ever. 

The answer may be more complicated than you think.

There is a huge difference between where an individual retail customer buys stones for their personal needs and where a business-owning person buys crystals to stock their store. 

In the state of California, I am required to have a license to be able to buy stock for my store to resell. This way, when I buy these items, I don’t pay sales tax. But when I resell them, I am required to collect sales tax for California (but only for sales to people who also live in California). It’s a little bit complicated, but all you really need  to know is that I have a special license/permit that allows me to make purchases for my business. All the warehouses I go to require every person who enters to also have this permit, because they only sell wholesale. 

When you’re buying wholesale, you need to sign this whole contract that says you will resell what you’re buying, and that you will collect the sales tax for the state of California when applicable. 

That is how the business works (and many other business work this way as well). There are the wholesalers who sell only to businesses at wholesale prices, then the shop owners buy the stock (usually in huge quantities), and then the shop owners sell to individuals at retail prices who have them for personal reasons. 

Now me, personally, what I always try to do is get as close to the source of the stones as possible to ensure that my customers are also getting the best prices. For example, when I go to mineral shows I try to find people from the countries who are from where the stones are from, because that way I am getting things directly. It cuts out costs of middlemen (like warehouses or smaller wholesale dealers). This can’t always happen, but I try my best! 

Most of my stock comes from those types of dealers that I find at mineral shows or sometimes online, if I’m lucky. These types of dealers require me to buy a ton of stocks at once to get the best prices. When we go shopping for new inventory, we spend thousands at once to be able to get these deals. 

It’s taken me years of being in business to be able to find all the suppliers I’ve found and I’m always on the lookout for better deals so that I can pass that on to you guys :)

Hanja from news articles

the ones in here are from this article.

축산물 - livestock products

  • 축산업(畜産業)의 생산물(生産物)
  • 畜 짐승 축, 産 낳을 산, 物 물건 물
  • life stock + 생산물 product

품목 - type of product/item, list of items

  • 물품(物品)의 종류(種類)를 알리는 이름
  • 물품(物品)의 명목(名目, name/title)
  • 品 물건 품, 目 눈 목

출범 - embark, sail, as a figure of speech used to mean be founded, established 

  • 出 날 출, 帆 돛 범
  • 배가 돛(帆)을 올리고 떠나감(出)
  • 단체가 새로 조직되어 일을 시작하는 것을 비유하여 이르는 말.

조짐 - sign, indication, symptom

  • 兆 조 조, 朕 나 짐
  • 좋거나 나쁜일이 생길 기미(兆,朕)가 보이는 현상 
  • both characters are used to mean sign/indication in this word

소매 - retail

  • 작은 소, 팔 매,

도매 - wholesale

  • 모두 도, 살 매
  • 都 도읍 도, 買 살 매
  • 물건을 낱개로 사지 않고 하나로 묶어서(都) 삼(買)

육박하다 - approach, near, draw near (to)

  • 肉 고기 육, 薄 엷을 박
  • 몸(肉) 가까이 바싹(薄, closely) 다가붙음
Etsy is open for business!

Hey! after some difficulties, I finally got our etsy shop open!

We currently have a small amount of slimes just to see how it goes and if it goes well we’ll restock!

Stock (some have kind of weird names lol)

  • 3x Blue Berry Butter slime
  • 3x Strawberry Butter slime
  • 3x Lemon Butter slime (lemon scented!)
  • 2x Blue Cloud fluffy slime 
  • 1x Cucumber Melon fluffy slime (cucumber melon scented)

and I might be stocking another type of scented butter slime later!

Shop here!

All slimes are $4 and comes in 4 oz containers.

Also I apologize for the low quality pictures I’m gonna try to take better ones soon!!

Feel free to ask any questions I’d be happy to answer!! -Mod Max     

Edit: I forgot to add that orders come with a little borax that you can mix with some hot water if the slime arrives a little sticky

☆2017 Casual Clothes Setting (6)☆ 

Rui: ”Ta-da.”
Iku: “Ta-da! You [as in the August representative] said, ‘Those are some serious casual clothes, don’t you think?’ in his straight man* comedy voice, but they’re just the clothes that I have (lol). There’s nothing wrong with them…!”
Rui: “Mhmm.”

※These are their outfits for their respective months, not spring clothes

(*it’s a comedy term referring to a type of stock character)