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The Types As Stock Photos That Don't Make Sense

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A Concept

One day Ladybug mentions how her favorite flower is *insert some rare blossom here* and Chat knows he has to get her a bouquet. So he goes home thinking he’ll just stop by the florist the next day and pick one up. Easy right?


Adrien goes around to no less than 14 flower shops before realizing that not one florist in Paris even stocks those types of flowers because they only grow wild and are not typically seen as desirable for bouquets because they are considered weeds. Disappointed but not undeterred, Adrien takes matters into his owns hands, scouring every park and garden and patch of green earth he can find until he manages to scrounge up a bursting bouquet’s worth of the elusive flower, which he presents to Ladybug the next time they meet up for patrol.

He’s got thorn pricks in his fingertips, a sore ankle from falling into a riverbed, and a mean case of poison ivy, but none of that matters when Ladybug lights up with a brilliant smile when she sees her gift.

(She gives him a kiss on the cheek)

(Chat silently screams)

(He ends up finding a way to grow *insert same rare flower here* in his yard so he can bring one to Ladybug every week)


There was not much promise
For a country seamstress
Her mother shared lament
With any woman baking bread
She paraded the type of stockings
With the line down the back
You know,
The kind that accost the gaze
Of every male since 1950
Great mystery of the heart
That we should come to be ourselves
The place where rogue
Was a polite way of saying idealistic
A practice in character resilience
Laugh lines
Blonde eyebrows
The summer blues set in too early
“This is where I’m at” and
“This is where you are”
Premature hysterics
Pointed to the road from arms akimbo
Searching her eyes like the breechless sea
To write about her poignant rhythms
The way the sky looked different
From her windowless view
How lovers longed
To lay claim with more than fingers
A chemistry in flux with one amalgam
One conquest
I mostly thought afterwards
About the way the leaves lined up
Personal soldiers
A diaphanous chain unbroken
Her notebooks fraught
Leftover plight and vendetta
So many ends
Too tawdry to finish

“Where do you get your crystals?”

I know I was supposed to make a new FAQ a few days ago, but I’ve just been swimming in unfinished work, lol. So I thought why not just make a whole post dedicated to the number one most asked question, ever. 

The answer may be more complicated than you think.

There is a huge difference between where an individual retail customer buys stones for their personal needs and where a business-owning person buys crystals to stock their store. 

In the state of California, I am required to have a license to be able to buy stock for my store to resell. This way, when I buy these items, I don’t pay sales tax. But when I resell them, I am required to collect sales tax for California (but only for sales to people who also live in California). It’s a little bit complicated, but all you really need  to know is that I have a special license/permit that allows me to make purchases for my business. All the warehouses I go to require every person who enters to also have this permit, because they only sell wholesale. 

When you’re buying wholesale, you need to sign this whole contract that says you will resell what you’re buying, and that you will collect the sales tax for the state of California when applicable. 

That is how the business works (and many other business work this way as well). There are the wholesalers who sell only to businesses at wholesale prices, then the shop owners buy the stock (usually in huge quantities), and then the shop owners sell to individuals at retail prices who have them for personal reasons. 

Now me, personally, what I always try to do is get as close to the source of the stones as possible to ensure that my customers are also getting the best prices. For example, when I go to mineral shows I try to find people from the countries who are from where the stones are from, because that way I am getting things directly. It cuts out costs of middlemen (like warehouses or smaller wholesale dealers). This can’t always happen, but I try my best! 

Most of my stock comes from those types of dealers that I find at mineral shows or sometimes online, if I’m lucky. These types of dealers require me to buy a ton of stocks at once to get the best prices. When we go shopping for new inventory, we spend thousands at once to be able to get these deals. 

It’s taken me years of being in business to be able to find all the suppliers I’ve found and I’m always on the lookout for better deals so that I can pass that on to you guys :)

anonymous asked:

*curtsies* Dear Duke, I have checked the tags but it didn't come up so apologies if I searched the wrong thing/didn't look for long enough. I was wondering if you've taken the Enneagram test and if so, what your type is? I find it really interesting so I'd love to know :) *curtsies again*

*Curtsies* I don’t actually know what this is and I’ve never taken it. Sorry.

Etsy is open for business!

Hey! after some difficulties, I finally got our etsy shop open!

We currently have a small amount of slimes just to see how it goes and if it goes well we’ll restock!

Stock (some have kind of weird names lol)

  • 3x Blue Berry Butter slime
  • 3x Strawberry Butter slime
  • 3x Lemon Butter slime (lemon scented!)
  • 2x Blue Cloud fluffy slime 
  • 1x Cucumber Melon fluffy slime (cucumber melon scented)

and I might be stocking another type of scented butter slime later!

Shop here!

All slimes are $4 and comes in 4 oz containers.

Also I apologize for the low quality pictures I’m gonna try to take better ones soon!!

Feel free to ask any questions I’d be happy to answer!! -Mod Max     

Edit: I forgot to add that orders come with a little borax that you can mix with some hot water if the slime arrives a little sticky

☆2017 Casual Clothes Setting (6)☆ 

Rui: ”Ta-da.”
Iku: “Ta-da! You [as in the August representative] said, ‘Those are some serious casual clothes, don’t you think?’ in his straight man* comedy voice, but they’re just the clothes that I have (lol). There’s nothing wrong with them…!”
Rui: “Mhmm.”

※These are their outfits for their respective months, not spring clothes

(*it’s a comedy term referring to a type of stock character)


At some point or another, you’ll face a “roadblock” in your journey. For fitness, I’m at the point where my body just… doesn’t wanna lose fat anymore. I realize this now.

I’ve been “losing weight” for the past what, 2.5 years now? But right now, at ~170lb, I’m sitting at around 23% body fat. The ideal bf% for women is 19-24%.

Am I satisfied?


I was having a conversation with a bodybuilder during my church health fair and he told me that right now, I’d have to be like a scientist. I’d have to hit the numbers to a T and manipulate things to get the results I want. Not losing fat? Either cut calories or increase cardio. See how that works for a few weeks, then if you hit another roadblock, do the math again.

I’m only human, though. I need to learn how to love my body.

Abs would be nice, though.

In the Before, the Lab, Eleven’s world is solid and cold, like a stone structure. The Lab is all there is. There’s stark white coats and a smell that always burns her nose and glass walls where they watch. Her world is ruled by sharp pains from strange objects and uneasy feelings in her stomach that make her head feel dizzy…but it is. There’s no question, no Other, nothing beyond the concrete walls. In the After, the place called Home in a bigger place called Hawkins, the walls are shattered and her world becomes endless. There’s rooms stocked full of more types of food than she could ever imagine and crowds of kids just like her and soft blankets and warm Eggos. Her world now has friends and mouthbreathers and pudding and gently reassuring words and soft touches. She has so many questions in this endless Beyond. In the Now, the decrepitness of the Upside Down and the isolation of wherever she is now, the bounds of her world are as thin and wavering as walls made of paper. There is no Papa or Demogorogon or Will or Mike. No bickering of Dustin and Lucas or crackling over the radio. No kind bearded man to give her food or gentle protection of a mother to save her this time. The rules of her reality are as fleeting and shaky as walls of paper. There is only darkness to be sure of

typing stock photos

you cant tell me this picture doesnt scream esfp

an intp in their natural habitat

estj and entj during a typical day

this is an infj using their crazy psychic abilities

looks like an esfj tbh

and let’s be honest this is like every infp ever


idk what the hell this is but it’s probably entp

Halter Stock Horse Shine - DOWNLOAD HERE

This is a very buildable shine and also very subtle with only one layer. 

The reason this is name Halter Stock Horse Shine is because it is meant to simulate the conformation of stock type halter horses. More muscle, typical shoulder angles, etc. This isn’t to say that you can’t use it on other breeds, but this would look a little wonky on warmbloods, arabians, etc. This might actually look quite nice on draft breeds as well.

Highlight: New Moon

I got that bank job.

I will be starting a new job in the first full month of spring and on the week of the first new moon of spring. Even those of you who don’t put stock into those types of things should see that those are promising signs.