Got into work early this morning and ended up looking at pictures of The Stockholm Metro in Sweden - the bedrock ceilings of each station are kept natural and painted differently, with some looking like the fucking gates of hell. I would love to go here and just visit each station and have a look around. It’s been called the world’s longest art gallery (which apparently isn’t completely true, because Moscow has more stations with art). Regardless, it’s wicked and makes Australian train stations look like boring pieces of shit.

People commonly think of ghosts and apparitions manifesting in human form. However, it seems there is also a global phenomenon of ghostly transportation. Ghostly horse riders, horse-drawn carriages, ships, road vehicles, aircraft and trains have been reported across the world.

  • The St. Louis Ghost Train, better known as the St. Louis Light, is visible at night along an old abandoned rail line in between Prince Albert and St. Louis, Saskatchewan. Two local students won an award for investigating and eventually duplicating the phenomenon, which they determined to be caused by the diffraction of distant vehicle lights.

Trains for Weeds - Stockholm edition

Hey, Weeds, I know you are busy being important, impressive and definitely not depressed, but maybe you have time to look at these pictures of Swedish public transit?

1) map of the Stockholm metro lines
2-4) trains at and coming into two different stations. 2 and 3 are from Gamla Stan, 4 from Zinkensdamm
5-6) the metro station at Gamla Stan, featuring two different kinds of trains, and electronic and non-electronic information boards
7) A rainbow escalator at the central station
8) metro interior
9) escalators with signs above them. The first sign says “restoration in progress ready 17-03-24”, the second says “down” and the last one says “not down”.

ich mein, wie’s wirklich ist, steckt in jedem “ich komm schon klar” und “ich wünsch dir glück” ‘n klein wenig “ich bin am arsch” und “mein hirn ist gefickt”, naja n bisschen mehr als nur ein klein wenig