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Gamla Stan - Stockholm, Sweden 

The Old Town of Stockholm, Gamla Stan, is one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centers in Europe. It is where Stockholm was founded in 1252, on the island of Stadsholmen. Many of the cobblestone streets and alleys in Gamla Stan are car free, creating an idyll environment to walk around and explore the city’s shops, restaurants and city squares. 

The most important landmark in Gamla Stan is the Royal Palace, that has over 600 rooms. Other landmarks of interest include Stockholm Cathedral, and the Alfred Nobel museum. 

J'aimerais bloquer tous les papiers, radios, chaînes de télé et réseaux sociaux, mais cela n'empêchera pas les attentats de se passer. Cela ne fera que retarder le moment où je saurai que c'est arrivé… Encore.

Ljus. (light in swedish)

Sweden, Stockholm, Tumba. 2016

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One thing I thought was really cool in Stockholm was the story behind this Raoul Wallenberg tribute. He was a diplomat and businessman who saved thousands of jews from Budapest (where I had also visited) during World War 2 by using his power to take them onto his land and make them passports so they could escape. 

Gamla Stan - Stockholm, Sweden

Gamla Stan is the old town of Stockholm. A large majority of the old town area are on the island Stadsholmen. The town boasts medieval alleyways, cobbled streets, and archaic architecture.

I’m going to Stockholm tomorrow for the first time! :) My boyfriend has two auditions there and after calling many airline companies we finally found one that allowed us to take the double bass in the cabin! Hope everything will work out alright! Especially with airport security so strict these days.. wish us luck! :D 

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Duvbo Metro Station.

Sweden, Stockholm, Duvbo. 2016

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