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Anywhere I go, There You Are

Anonymous request: So, seeing as we’re both from Canada, I figured that you might be willing to write something where Bill’s girlfriend is Canadian & she goes to Sweden with him for the first time (maybe her first impression when they arrive in Stockholm is: ‘well, the cold weather’s definitely familiar to me’). Anyway, he takes her on a series of mini dates which revolve around sightseeing/relaxation; then, for the last one, he takes her on a very fancy dinner & proposes.

Disclaimer: Sorry in advance if you aren’t Canadian! Just close your eyes and picture yourself surrounded by a bunch of igloos and majestic moose, sipping on a large double-double coffee with two creams that you paid for in loonies, with a bowl of steaming poutine sitting next to you! 🍁🇨🇦💙 

It starts off as a playful conversation between two long-term lovers. You’re seated face-to-face, the only source of light in the darkened room emanating from varying degrees of melting candles. “If you could have anything for Christmas this year, what would it be?” Bill’s arm is slung over the back of your wooden chair, his other hand resting loosely around the stem of a white wine glass.

You push the almost empty plate of food out of your way and steeple your hands under your chin. “This is a loaded question.”

Bill shakes his head grinning, he lifts the glass to his lips and takes a hearty sip. “Its not, because I have a feeling I know exactly what you’d like. I’d like to hear you say it.”

You take a sip of your own wine, savoring the slightly bitter tannin against your tongue and set the glass down with a resounding clank against the marble tabletop. “I’d like to travel to Sweden with you. More specifically, Stockholm. You’ve been home to Canada with me a few times. You’ve met my family and vice versa, but it’s just… time.”

Bill tips the last of the wine into his open mouth, his gaze lingering on yours. “Well,” He beams brightly and produces two folded sheets of paper from his denim pocket. “I can’t even begin to fathom how much more beautiful Stockholm will be with you in it.”

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anonymous asked:

Henrik and Tarjei didn't fly together to Stockholm. Henrik was in Oslo, Tarjei was in Sandefjord for revue stuff. They met at the shooting place, after the shooting Tarjei returned to Sandefjord and Henrik to Oslo. Simple.

The revue stuff in Sandefjord was a national gathering for school revues. It was a two-day event ending last night. So, it wouldn’t make sense for Tarjei to return there. Also, he was sighted at Oslo airport Sunday morning (according to Jodel), so he probably returned to Oslo Saturday evening. They were both sighted at Stockholm Arlanda airport last night.

Not that this is important for the point I was trying to make… Travelling together or separately, I believe they get recognized a lot.


🎥 SAS MD80 Cockpit Film
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Zealots Of Stockholm (Free Information)
Childish Gambino
Zealots Of Stockholm (Free Information)

Childish Gambino - Zealots Of Stockholm (Free Information)

“Arlanda hotel to the bar

Young girl with an accent with her back bent

Ass out to the whole world

We can buy it out for tonight

Stepping outside for a light

No coke, and I just smoke vapor, no papers

Slow poke and I don’t know about photos

Let’s go though”

About time

Nu är det äntligen dags ! Resan som vi väntat på så länge, jobbat för och sparat till. Det är dags att se och uppleva nytt, UTVECKLAS SOM MÄNNISKOR.

Den 2:a oktober går flyget från Stockholm Arlanda mot Asien, sen är vi borta i ungefär 7 veckor. Vi kommer att åka till bland annat Bali, Thailand och Malaysia.

Ni kan läsa och följa resan mer ingående här eller följ min instagram @moaollsson, och om ni har tur kanske ni får följa selinas resekonto @selleontour eller bara hennes vanliga @selinawallin



@flysas Boeing 717 operated by Blue1 landing 01R at Stockholm Arlanda

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Flight SK1631 ARN-FRA

I had to get up far too early for this flight and even though I might have been in a bad mood through lack of sleep, I find it hard to fault SAS on my first flight with Scandinavia’s flagship carrier. I’ve heard plenty of complaints from Swedes that SAS is overpriced, that the service is mediocre and that the alternatives always seem better but for a 1:45 flight, 45€ seems more than reasonable.

The trade-off is the lack of free cabin service in Economy. This didn’t bother me since I was quite content with not being offer solid omlette with overcooked vegetables for breakfast. A free drink might have been nice though. Anyway, apparently SAS haven’t served free drinks since anyone can remember so that’s OK. The stereotype that the SAS staff are also old held true for my flight with them…

The flight was delayed by slightly longer than 25 minutes because of a late incoming flight from HEL, obviously because of heavy snow there. Watching the Finns disembark was very interesting… Strange bunch. Gate agent was very apologetic and spoke fantastic English. Boarding was so smooth since people were called row by row and obeyed the calls! A dream…

Flight BA780 LHR-ARN

No timed write-up for this flight but I was right in my prediction that the plane would indeed be yellow. Not only that yellow but I distinctly remember the same ‘calming’ photos of beach huts and sand on the bulkhead of that B767-300 from my childhood. That’s how long they’ve been there.

I was wrong about the service though. This time, BA really shone. Interestingly enough, the captain was a woman (and very well spoken too, helped by the ever-reliable PA system those old Boeings have) and the FAs in Economy were middle-aged men. The service was excellent, the sandwich edible (?!) and the drinks plentiful. Announcements were brief but polite, attention to detail was very good and my goodness the FAs weren't condescending! It really must be BA’s new 'To Fly To Serve’ slogan that is pushing them to be once again the serious airline that they once were.

So the flight itself was pretty calm and smooth. Just upon arriving at ARN we taxied to the gate but were forced to wait for a good 15 minutes. The captain apologised profusely and rightly blamed ARN because the automatic guidance system on the gate wasn’t working and the staff hadn’t been deployed to tow the metal to the stand.

Weird thing was the police presence visible on the tarmac while we were disembarking. I wonder if it was in fact a problem with the guidance system or if they wanted to stall while they deployed virtually the whole airport police force to the gate. Must’ve been one bad-ass criminal on our flight, though since I was one of the first to deplane and run off to the Arlanda Express I didn’t see.