поездка в Скандинавию - была моим первым заграничным путешествием в 2012 году. я была “привязана” к экскурсионному автобусу с 40 другими туристами. но при этом умудрялась сбегать в интересующие только меня и отличные от основного маршрута места. и между прочим, по сравнению с другими беглецами, всегда возвращалась вовремя и никогда не задерживала остальных. вот эти задержки, кстати, и наличие кучи соседей, навсегда отвратили меня от совместных путешествий в экскурсионных турах…

и вот пока все ходили по музею-кораблю в Стокгольме, я рванула буквально через дорогу в великолепный этнографический парк Скансен. сказочное место! дала себе слово, уже в личном путешествии в Стокгольм посетить снова этот великолепный парк и уже зависнуть в нём на пол-дня…

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Nästa Station Rönninge - Since the murder of a young neo nazi skinhead in the Stockholm suburb Salem in December 2000, fascists from all over Europe have marched in his memory every year. In 2003 they gathered more than 2000 nazis, the biggest fascist march in Scandinavia since WWII. But they didn’t march without resistance. The antifascist movement tried out a wide range of tactics. In 2011 the nazis marched for the last time. This short documentary tells the story of how the antifascists tried to stop the Salem-march.

Thanks pontuspma for the link to this really interesting documentary on the Swedish antifascist movement and their tactics, with English subs. [video]


Six Walls House, Stockholm by Arrhov Frick Arkitektkontor | via

From the architect The plot just outside Stockholm is located in a scenic area where mostly weekend homes are inserted among pine trees and rocks.
Six Walls House became early in the process a working title. The plot is long and narrow and extends between the road and the water. Perhaps as a contrast to the context, we wanted to build the house around a robust and clear material and concrete blocks with cement plaster became an important part. Simple geometry and detailing have been essential in order to build the house within a tight budget.

The house consists of six 5.4 meter high walls located along the promenade to the waterfront. The walls are anchored to a closed wall to the north.

Privacy. Unobstructed views to the sea. Between some of the six walls there are casted slabs that divides the rooms horizontally. Room dimensions and relationships are tested and developed with care during the process. The result is a sequence of different types of spaces with specific characteristics. A narrow and tall entrance situation. Generous sized bathrooms. Bedrooms as balconies. Roof terrace among the pine trees. An intimate dining area and a generous living room with abundant light.

Photography: Mikael Olsson

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Nick Frank

Viewfinder | Photographic Notes From Underground

For the average New Yorker, the commute is a low point of each day: time spent in an overcrowded car, ambling through the grit and filth that lie below the street. However, in other cities around the world, the spaces that play host to mass transit can be downright transformative.

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