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39 quote and 14 for prompt if it’s okay and for the characters if it’s okay can I have bakugou and sero

Pairing: Bakugou x Reader
Prompt: Look at all those love marks I gave you, Kitten… How adorable~
Word: Stockholm
Warnings: light dubcon, past kidnapping, marking, Stockholm syndrome, yandere

“You can head on back,” the receptionist at the front desk of Endeavor Agency finally informs you. She must be new, you think, since she kept you so long while she verified your identity to enter into the building.

You give a quick nod and walk through the door, heading down the maze of hallways with practiced ease. Your destination is your boyfriend’s office, Katsuki Bakugou, who you are visiting for his lunch break.

Several months ago, this would not have been happening at all. You were so angry with him then, so bitter for him taking you away from your life, from your friends, from everything else that you knew and loved. But in time, he showed you that he did it to protect you, because he truly loves you.

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So I’m convinced that Catra shaved her face throughout s4 and that she’s been growing back the fur tufts through s5 since it looks like Horde Prime also shaved her and they look longer by the finale

I also really like the idea that Catra cut her hair even shorter after HP to gain back some measure of control so Adora definitely walked in on her and offered to help