It’s always fun to cover the Bluegrass Stockdog Trials. Craig the border collie  here is cutting a sheep from the flock before moving on to the next task in the time-limited trial. Photo by Pablo Alcala


Finally have time to blog again! Mardi Gras craziness is over, but more about that later.

While I was in Jackson I went to the stockdog show! The rodeo’s in town, so along with it comes the stockdog show. It’s actually one of the reasons I went to Jackson in the first place. My family has gone pretty much every year as far back as I can remember. Now it’s just me and my parents with my sister living up north, but we still like to go. We’ve had Border Collies all my life, though we just sort of found Curtis in the woods, I think he has some in him, judging from his slick coat. Kelley and Pepper were the two dogs I grew up with, have now died (which that’s a whole other story). Kelley was the smartest dog ever. Border Collies are just like that. Say what you want about other dogs, and I love other breeds, but Border Collies are just different, they’re so smart. Watching them herd is great, it brings back memories from when I was a kid, and from when Kelley and Pepper used to play together. I got some good hugs from a pup, too!


Belgian Shepherd Breeder and Judge talking about the type of dog he judged at the 2013 breed nationals.

This is good for all herding breeders to heed - no matter what you breed for.

Daily Ag Fact: 6/17/15 and 6/18/15

Sorry everyone, I had a super busy day between work and working the stockdogs. Here’s yesterday and today’s ag facts round into one.

Agriculture land in California can be purchased for between $20,000 to over $100,000 an acre depending on what part of the state the land is located in, what is grown on the land, and the availability of water. The higher value the crop and closer to the coastal areas, the more expensive.

Renting that same ground with the same conditions can fun from $400 to over $4,000 an acre a year.

Think its cheap to farm? Its really not.


One of three little videos of Molly the Aussie doing outrun practice.

More little snippits: