Such a wonderful autumn sun, will we see it again this year? With the Swiss weather the only guarantee is clouds and casual rain, so we decided to jump out of our train for a walk right there in Brig. We didn’t know anything about this small town in the middle of the Wallis mountains, so imagine the surprise when we turned around a corner and found ourselves in front of the Stockalper palace with the Alps in the background and a neat park in front. And then the streets, only a few because the town is really small, and the courtyards, still with less and less green vegetation, and the striking red flowers looking like being painted for the Red Queen… just wow. The only thing Brig doesn’t have is their own brewery, so a Valaisanne should do the job. Brewed only 50 km from here and even named after the canton (Wallis or Valais, in German or French), this pale ale although less hoppy both in aroma and in the dryness than an APA, was thick and smooth, with its amber malts hinting of caramel and of course some citrusy waves still noticeable.