My Teresa head arrived today! I’m excited and I wanna dress him up and play with him but uh… the body is coming from Dollzone and probably won’t get here til December :c I can’t get a decent photo because it’s horribly dark and cloudy today, but the color of the resin is actually very similar to the promo photos, it has a kind of greenish hue and it’s really, really pretty.

I’m pretty happy with it, I asked for a basic faceup (I edited the stock photo to show them what I wanted), it’s just Teresa’s default faceup without all the markings. I think they did a pretty good job, the eyeshadow looks really good and they threw in some free eyes. Just a few minor niggles, the eyelashes are pretty bad, they point downwards into the eye and it looks pretty silly. They’re no where near as full as the ones in the promo photo, they actually look pretty sparse and cheap. I might just replace them because I’m honestly pretty disappointed with the quality of them. Also, the painting of the teeth is a little bit messy, but that’s understandable because they have to paint in such a tiny, tiny area.

Overall I’m happy with it, but waiting for that body to arrive is going to be hell, lol.

NWSS Dodge Invitational Freestyle Reining 2017

Oscar Party and Randy Dooley, placing 4th overall, dedicated their ride to the late Russ Nixon; a MLB player, coach, and manager for countless teams, including the Texas Rangers. He wore Russ’s official Texas Rangers uniform.
They rode to “The Greatest” by Kenny Rogers

why do lap/dot shippers ALWAYS comment on amedot art by saying that they dont ship amedot but they like the art?? as if theres a lap/dot council somewhere that tracks every comment left on amedot art to spot unloyal lap/dot shippers? as if theyre given daily quotas of amedot shippers to convert like some progressively-gift wrapped door to door mormon preachers??? like theyll be put in the stocks overnight if they show even the slightest hint of tolerance to other ships????? like we get it you dont want to be associated with a ship with a fat girl quit rubbing it in

Something just occurred to me.

There’s this pair of stock villains who show up in all sorts of media. One’s dapper and loquacious; the other’s hulking and taciturn; both are well-dressed, well-spoken, and Classier Than You. They often smile, but rarely laugh, and their mannerisms would probably come off as kind of dorky if they weren’t creepy as hell. You know the type.

The thing that occurred to me is that I’ve literally never seen a pair of ladies in that role. Just about every other villainous archetype I can bring to mind, I can think of examples of media - admittedly not many examples, in a lot of cases - that’ve cast a lady in that role, but not that one.

I can’t help but feel that we’re missing out.

Seventh Christmas

the series is as follows so far:

FirstSecond ThirdFourthFifthFifth Christmas, Part 2SixthSeventhEighthNinthTenthEleventhTwelfthThirteenthFourteenthFifteenthSixteenthSeventeenthEighteenthNineteenthTwentiethTwenty-firstTwenty-secondTwenty-third


The only thing driving her to celebrate any kind of Christmas was her mother. She insisted that the tree go up, the stockings, garland, the whole shooting match when all Scully wanted to do was curl on her sofa, hand spanning her swelling belly and cry until she woke from her living nightmare.

Maggie had the good sense not to comment on the ornaments as she hung them, quietly decorating with memories of her future grandchild’s father, her daughter’s partner, her adopted son and friend. She had no idea what to talk about, the conversations she’d been having the last four days being, for the most part, one-sided but even if she did manage to draw her daughter out of her solitary state for a few minutes, Scully drifted right back to silence, usually in the middle of a word or intake of breath to finish a sentence she had lost interest in the moment it occurred to her to respond.

She tried to talk her daughter into coming to Christmas dinner two days from then but Scully stanchly refused, not meeting her mother’s eye as she shook her head, informing her once again that she didn’t want to see everyone and deal with the questions and Bill’s looks and Tara needling about the sex of the baby and discussing teething and colic … and the myriad of other motherly things she’d had to go to and which Scully would be experiencing in the future …

Alone …

And afraid …

She left out the alone and afraid part, running her sentence into nothing and receiving a sympathetic stare from Maggie that squeezed her throat and made her excuse herself to the bathroom to attempt to stop her tears for the 12 time that day.


By the time Christmas Eve rolled around, she had successfully staved off her family and was now wedged into the corner of the couch, her tree unlit, the candy cane in her stocking uneaten, Mulder’s ornaments staring her in the face, mocking her with happy times while she wallowed in her depression. About to shoved the whole kit-and-kaboodle back in its boxes and packing paper and pitch it all to the far corners of her apartment to collect dust until she felt like some sort of human being again, there was a knock on the door.

Her hormones fired up immediately, anger raging to the surface, and pulling the door open, she was fully prepared to scream at her mother/brother/sister-in-law that she was not coming to Christmas and to get the hell off her back.

Instead, she found Skinner standing there, Santa hat perched on his bald head, two tall takeout cups full of something that smelled suspiciously like hot chocolate. Leaning on the doorframe, her belly protruding into the hall, she looked at him with tired eyes, the fight draining out of her, the black cloud filling in the empty space.

Skinner watched her face settle back to sadness and he poked her shoulder with the drink holder, “are you just going to leave me out here in the hall with this? It’s cold, my feet are wet and I’m wearing a Santa hat. Would you let me in, please?” Relenting, she moved aside, allowing her boss to enter the dim apartment but not moving into the room itself, a clear sign that she didn’t want him staying long. He picked up on her unsubtle hint but taking matters into his own hands, ignored her and setting the cups on her kitchen table, removed his coat, “not going to your mom’s I hear.”

“Where’d you hear that?”

“Do you really want to know?”

Scully groaned, returning to her now cold couch cushions, not caring her boss was staring at her in her pajamas as she walked away from him, “either my mother called you or Frohike.”


Resting her head on her palm, she motioned him over with the other hand, “might as well bring the drinks. Mom’s probably having you followed and if you leave here right now, she’ll just send somebody else in.”

Knowing her well enough not to take it personally, he settled on the other end of the couch, handing her a cup, “she’s just worried about you.”

“Yes. Her hovering gave her away.” Scully sipped and burned her tongue, wincing, “I really would just like to get through Christmas quietly and alone. Why can’t people seem to understand that?”

“It’s that age old story of the mother caring about her daughter. Can you imagine the audacity of such an idea?”

She cracked a smile, rolling her eyes as she dropped her head for a moment, “fine. I get it. I just …” Looking up, she glanced at the tree, Skinner following her gaze, “it’s Christmas and he should be here, making weird noises at my stomach and hanging a new ornament on the tree and demanding I share a candy cane.”

Putting down his cup, he stood, staring for a moment until he found the cord and plugged it in, the tree throwing off happy rainbows of color, glinting off his glasses as he turned back to her, “this should really be turned on. Christmas trees were meant to be turned on.”

Her mess of emotions led to several rogue tears running down her cheeks while she tried not to look at him but of course, he shifted, sitting down on the table in front of her, forcing her to meet his eye. She did her best to contain the rest of the tears but suddenly, she felt herself pulled forward, her face mashed into Skinner’s sweater and although she should have pulled back and asked ‘what the hell?’, she instead began an immediate and sopping wet meltdown.


Skinner fell asleep on his corner of the couch, head back, glasses just enough askew that it made her smile. Covering him with an afghan, she cleaned up the empty cups, then moved to turn off the tree before heading to bed. The light wasn’t on in her heart ornament and flicking the switch, she backed up a step to watch it for a moment, twinkling happily among the evergreen branches. His voice made her jump, sleepy in its cadence but still holding its military authority, “is that from Mulder?”

Scully nodded her head, entranced by the illumination, her speech slow as well, “he bought it for me last year when we stopped in Chicago after a case. He bought me a sweater and a hat and a cinnamon roll and an ornament,” caught in her memory, she didn’t worry that it was Skinner she was talking to, “and then he held my hand while we fell asleep.”

Skinner didn’t mind the confession, given she was carrying his child and he’d known them for too long to ever believe they were just partners, even in the early years, “did he buy the snowman as well? The wire one?”

Moving her hand to it, “this was from two Christmas’ ago before he dragged me to a haunted house and stole my keys.” Pointing to the windchimes hanging unmoving in front of her windows, “he gave me those for Christmas but he gave me the ornament a few days before that, when he helped me decorate it.”

“Did he always help put it up? Decorate with you?”

Shifting a little, she ran her fingers along the edges of the stockings, “he showed up the year I had my cancer with the stockings and a box of candy canes and made me share one with him before he rearranged my living room so I could sleep on the sofa bed and still see the tree all lit up.”

By now, Skinner had abandoned his blanket and was standing next to her, friendly distance between them, “when did he bring the garland into it?”

“How do you know the garland was him, too?”

“It seems like a Mulder kind of thing to do.” Closing the friendly distance, he put one long around over her shoulders, nudging her just a bit closer until he felt her unconsciously lean into his side, “he’ll come back, Scully. Maybe not in the next ten minutes but he’ll be back. We’ll find him and next Christmas, he’ll be here to hang the garland and eat the candy canes and make you hot chocolate so I don’t have to and he’ll be here to hold his child and wrap gifts and hold your hand.”

Her eyes slid shut at the memories, then opened again as she twisted to look up at him, “I need him back, sir.”

“And we won’t stop looking.”

A few minutes later, she shut the door behind him, locking it before heading down the hall to her bedroom. Shuffling down the hall once again a minute later, she curled on the couch and fell asleep, the tree keeping giving her the company Mulder could not.


She found a bag hanging on the knob of her front door when she went to get the paper the next day. Opening it, she found an simple round ornament, bearing a Christmas tree, the year Sharpie’d below it with the initials, ‘M’ and ‘S’ on the opposite side, wobbly heart drawn around them.

Hanging the ornament, she then pulled her hands into the thick-cabled sweater she’d put on before falling asleep. The soft wool yarn was as close as she could get to his hug and she would take whatever she could get.


So here we go with post 100, I tried to get a special cute little outfit just as I did for post no.50. I took quite a few photos so it may have to come in a couple of sets. I hope you guys, my tumblr followers and friends enjoy looking at them, I certainly really enjoyed taking them. This dress was an absolute dream with it’s super feminine lines, I also had some nice open toed stockings that showed off my painted toes and they felt amazing when coupled with the light touch of the petticoat. I have to say I really like the 1950′s look, I’ll definitely try it again!

I hope you have all enjoyed my first 100 posts, I must admit the attention I have had has been really nice and has spurred me on a little, I really like it when you leave me nice comments and captions when you re-blog, as I have said before any advice is always welcome too…. so, here’s to the next 100, thanks again…

   Cassi   Xx.       :-D

Lady Boss - Thomas Shelby

Requested by anon: ‘Could you write a tommy x reader where tommy is threatened by another gang and the leader of the gang is the other leader and he has a plan to kill the reader but stops’ 

*not super happy with the ending but I couldn’t figure out the best way to end it. 

Words: 1,271

Warnings: None

Requests are open :) 

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anonymous asked:

Did you see the regulars casting news ? Interesting timing with that earlier Ask. I love Max and Maury. F*** the rest of them. I don't need to watch 1 minute of belching Weber or Law and Order expat Linus. I'm done.

Anonymous #2: Scarf or not, Linus is no Ruoert! ARE THEY FOR REAL?????

Anonymous #3: Anon just said, “Gansa needs to realize he needs to clean house with his writers, not his actors.” I have a better idea. Why don’t Fox21 and Showtime clean house and get rid of their show runner!!

Anonymous #4: Is there any casting news ? Would you let us know as soon as it is released? Not sure, what clues that would provide but maybe we can come up with our own ideas for S7! I cannot hate these guys enough for Quinn/RF.

Anonymous #5: Jake Weber and his terrible accent upped to series regular?? Exactly no one wanted that. Also why was O'Keefe not arrested for his involvement in the conspiracy? Is it not “technically illegal” to run a sock puppet propaganda operation and have an FBI agent murdered? Or just another plot hole? Ugh now I’m remembering his disgusting burp immediately after Quinn’s death..

Anonymous #6: They’re seriously bringing Brett O'keefe back? That alone makes me want to stop watching.

Anonymous #7: After six years they finally up Maury to series regular. Wonder why? Maybe because they literally have only Carrie and Saul left (and maybe FMA). I love Max but I don’t think he makes up for any of the BS.

Anonymous #8: Brett O'Keefe is coming back?! And the shit just keeps on hittin’ the fan. Does AFG think we thrive on boredom? Can he dig himself any deeper into the HL grave? Is he going to offer Trump a cameo? Is it so vital to him to piss off Alex Jones? Ah, now we have our answer.

Anonymous #9: Can they leave the virtue signaling behind and be a good show again. I am not optimistic. Latest casting news just highlights what a laughing stock this show is.

Yes, I saw it. And yes to all of this. Yes to “this makes me want to stop watching” and “are they FOR REAL” and “Max can’t save this.”

But you know what? I’m fucking pissed. 

There is literally nothing in that press release or the one from last week about Richmond production that makes me excited for next season. Nothing. Zero. Zip. When did this show become A Bunch of White Dudes and Carrie? Aren’t they getting her back into the intelligence world? Why THE HELL is the “casting news” about existing characters who, with the exception of dear Max, no one really gives a shit about and ARE NOT INVOLVED IN INTELLIGENCE?

Is Alex Gansa trying to create an un-fun version of House of Cards? I did not and never did sign up for a political drama with Carrie Mathison surrounded by a horde of old men. That just doesn’t interest me. A year ago it might have but I saw their attempt last season and it was fucking awful. 

I don’t give two shits about fake news or the alt-right. In fact, in my entertainment, I actively want to not watch a show about that. I EXPERIENCE AND LIVE THAT REALITY IN MY DAILY LIFE. If Homeland was a new series premiering, who would bite at this? Why is this interesting or compelling? Who thinks it is?

It takes a LOT for me to get this angry, especially at a show I love (or, to be more accurate, once loved). I could stomach a mediocre and at times aggressively boring and bad and cheap season. I could stomach (in theory) some stagnant character progression for my girl Carrie. 

Here’s what’s just flat out unacceptable:

  • Killing off the co-lead and, after Carrie, the only remaining interesting character on this show whose future and journey I was invested in 
  • ZERO ACKNOWLEDGEMENT from anyone involved in the actual creation of this show that the said character was dead, or an explanation as to why, THREE MONTHS LATER.
  • The promotion to series regular, implying some degree of actual importance and relevance in the coming season of
    • A character we saw for literally two minutes in the last episode and who serves as an advisor to a president who is breaking records for being the most boring female politician I’ve ever seen on TV
    • A character we saw FAR too much of last season and who was swirled up into a storyline that made no earthly sense and was just plain unpleasant to watch

We’ve gone on and on, around and around, for the past three months, carefully and intricately detailing the shortcomings of season six, offering up ways Homeland could right the ship if their writers were at all clued into the reasons their audience was tuning into the show. I’ve been constructive about it, often constrained, and often eager to give the benefit of the doubt.

No longer. I can’t stand by and be quiet about this. I’ll be ECSTATIC to eat my words here. Please, writers and producers and anyone involved in the creation of this show, PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG. Please show that you care, that you understood why season six failed and are coming up with creative, smart ways to improve and return the show back to its roots, to the reason why people started watching and fell in love with it in the first place. 

But it’s not looking pretty right now. Sorry, that was a constrained, “benefit of the doubt” understatement. It’s looking goddamn awful. 

it’s friday and i’m feeling ranty

I’m all for Olitz sex scenes (duh). 

But, PLEASE, can they have a conversation about contraception?? Can anyone, on ANY of your shows, SR?? 

How many unplanned pregnancies has she written, and how many times have those characters reconsidered their contraception? How many times have any of her couples discussed it? Between Greys and Scandal (I didn’t watch PP or HTGAWM), I can think of ZERO instances. 

Contraception is important! Abortion is NOT a form of contraception. And with the number of teenage and adolescent viewers who watch, who no doubt think all adults fall into bed with each other at the drop of the hat and clearly don’t use condoms to protect against STIs (unless those Greys on-call rooms are stocked with them), shows like these should be promoting safe sex. No excuses.

In the last few weeks/months of Olivia and Fitz’s attempted relationship in the WH, they made a baby. I haven’t watched since then but as far as I’m aware, they’ve never explicitly discussed it? (Please correct me if I’m wrong.) So HOW can they now be rushing straight to bed, never mind all Olivia’s unresolved issues, her yelling at him moments before etc., without discussing her pregnancy and abortion? How would Fitz be okay with that? I can see Olivia might be, seeing as she buries all her issues, but most women would still be carrying the emotional trauma around with them. What planet do these writers live on?? Even if the characters have apparently forgotten, the viewers have not. Maybe, as usual, they’re treating us like we’re stupid. 

If all your characters are going to be promiscuous (is there anyone who ISN’T a cheater?), they need to discuss contraception. They need to be having STI checks. And Olitz, whose unplanned pregnancy was just one of the things which tore them apart, ESPECIALLY need to confront this. 

Why is sex always the answer? I think we’re all at the point now where we’d prefer conversation to a closing bedroom door at the end of an episode. I know I would. But I doubt we’ll ever get what we want. 

(Also, if they are just gonna have sex, can we at least see all that goodness? Is a bit of naked TG too much to ask for?!)


anonymous asked:

RFA rections to mc doing the silly hand-over-the-eyes-guess-who thing

(I started to write this and then got all the way to Jumin and I accidentally deleted all of it and had to start over cool cool. Sorry it got kind of long. Also, I randomly decided to make it suggestive for Seven’s, not sure why. I can write another if you’d like me to make it fluffier)


  • He gave you a key to his apartment a while ago, and you realized you would be nearby today.
  • You decided to visit him and surprise him.
  • You open the door to his apartment, walking to his bedroom, where you know he will be playing LOLOL
  • “nO NO NO!!” He yells, fumbling with buttons on his controller. 
  • “Damn it Seven! I thought we were friends!” He whines.
  • You sneak up behind him, laying your hands over his eyes.
  • He jumps in his chair as you giggle out the words “Guess who?”
  • “No no no! MC MC, bad timing!!” He yells, leaning forward to break his head out of your hands.
  • He continues to mess with his games, growling curses to Seven under his breath.
  • You pout, tapping your foot as he ignores you. “Yoosung, I can only be here for a few minutes, before I have to leave.”
  • He doesn’t reply. 
  • Yoosung.” You tap his shoulder .
  • “Please, MC, don’t leave, I just need one minute.” He glances away from his computer, smiling cutely before returning his gaze to it. 
  • “So rude.” You sigh, plopping down on his bed.
  • He finishes up with his game, ripping his headphones off with a groan. “What a dick!” He frowns, turning to you. “Seven killed me.” He sighed. 
  • You laugh, rolling your eyes. “Why did he do that?” You ask with a small smile.
  • “I don’t even know!” He throws his hands up in the air. 
  • His frown turns into a small smile as he looks at you. “But I’m glad you stopped over.” 
  • He moves over to sit next to you on the bed and pulls you into a hug.
  • “I missed you.”


  • You always make an effort to see all of Zen’s shows at least one night. 
  • But you had to work each night this week, and had to work during the day on Sunday, making you even have to miss the matinee.
  • Unknown to Zen, your boss actually told you that you didn’t have to work on Saturday night, allowing to see the show.
  • Disappointed to see that it was sold out, you contacted Jaehee, who had extra tickets. 
  • She wouldn’t let you pay her back for yours, saying she was glad she got to go with someone.
  • You bought flowers for him, something you do with almost all of his shows. You usually get white roses, since they match his aesthetic.
  • You and Jaehee sit in your seats, excited to see Zen
  • It was a pretty cliche show, about a biker gang, similar to Westside Story in its time and place setting, but was less romantic and more harrowing.
  • You weren’t paying much attention to the actual show, however, too distracted by how beautiful Zen was.
  • He was one of the only male characters who wasn’t part of the gang, and he wore simple slacks and a sweater vest. His hair was braided behind his back, the unique color often catching the light and almost shining. 
  • Spectacles rest at the end of his nose, though he often moved them to the top of his head.
  • After the show, you are allowed backstage by the cast and crew who know who you are. 
  • You walk back to Zen’s dressing room, where he is seated on a chair in the back of the room, staring at his phone and typing something.
  • On your way to the chair, you rest the roses on a couch, then sneak up behind him, placing your hands over his eyes. 
  • “Guess who?” You whisper next to his ear.
  • He stands up, turning to face you with a big smile.
  • MC! You’re here!” He pulls you into a hug. You pull away from him to reach behind you and grab the roses, presenting them to him.
  • He laughs, grabbing them from you. “You don’t have to get me flowers for all of my shows, you goof.”
  • He leans down to kiss your cheek. “But luckily I like having flowers around the house. Thank you, my love.”


  • Jaehee was finishing the last bit of paperwork with the bank in order to secure the building you guys wanted for your coffee shop.
  • It had been a rough battle, as it was an expensive place and you guys needed a loan from the bank
  • But it was worth the effort, because you guys knew that this was the right place.
  • You had been running errands all day, looking for furniture to fill the cafe and placing orders on them, since you guys had already agreed on the look you wanted.
  • As she stepped out of the meeting, Jaehee sent you a text. 
  • It’s finally ours! Meet me at the building when you can!
  • You grin at the message, glad that you had finished what you needed to do early.
  • A few minutes later, you stand outside of the building, noticing Jaehee’s car in front of it. 
  • You open the door quietly, wanting to be quiet and surprise her.
  • You step in and look at her standing in the middle of the empty room, realizing that you could have been super loud and she wouldn’t have noticed you, as she was lost in taking in the room.
  • She looked beautiful, her head tipped back and her eyes closed. Her hands were behind her back, holding each other. 
  • Your heart sinks slightly with the knowledge that she will probably never reciprocate that love you held for her. 
  • You walk over to her, attempting to keep your foot steps quiet as you step behind her, placing your hands over her eyes. 
  • “Guess who.” You smile, dropping your hands immediately. But she keeps her eyes closed, the smile on her face widening.
  • “Who ever could it be?” she jokes before opening one eye to look behind her.
  • Her act drops as she lunges towards you to pull you into a hug.
  • “It finally belongs to us.” She grins, pulling back from you slightly. “This is all thanks to you.” 
  • She leans in to lightly brush her lips against yours. 
  • “You are my blessing, thank you.”


  • You visit Jumin almost everyday at lunch, and it had quickly become the favorite part of both of your days.
  • The entire staff knew you now, and you greeted the lady at the desk, her returning it with a smile. 
  • You take the elevator up to his office at the top floor, the lunches in your hand. 
  • The elevator stops and you step out, walking quickly down the hall to his office.
  • You tap on the door twice, peeking in when you don’t hear a reply.
  • “Jumin?” you call, discovering that he isn’t in there. 
  • You step in, placing the lunches on his desk then returning to the hall to look for him.
  • Jaehee sees you step out of the door, waving to you with a smile before starting to walk away. 
  • “Wait, Jaehee, have you seen Jumin?” You call.
  • She turns to face you, furrowing her eyebrows in thought. 
  • “I believe he was just finishing up a meeting downstairs. I was about to go get some coffee down there, if you’d like to join me.
  • “I’d love to!” You agree, following her downstairs to the break room.
  • Jaehee starts conversation with you about what has been happening at the office while you watch the door, sitting in a plastic chair.
  • As Jumin walks past, you jump up from your chair, waving goodbye to Jaehee and thanking her for filling you in. 
  • You step out of the room, needing to jog lightly to catch up with him. 
  • He walks at a very slow pace as to not run into anything while he reads the paper in his hand. 
  • As you catch up with him, you move your hands up, then quickly realize that you won’t be able to reach his face.
  • You stand up onto your tiptoes and reach your hands in front of you and him, attempting to cover his eyes, but failing as you fall to the floor.
  • He turns around after seeing your hands, watching you fall before he could catch you.
  • “Guess who…?” you mutter, disappointed in your failure to reach his face. 
  • He crouches next to you, offering his hand out to you. “Are you okay, kitten?” His face is twisted in concern, his hair falling into his eyes. 
  • “Yeah, I’m fine.” You pout, refusing his help and getting up yourself. 
  • He chuckles lightly as he stands up, brushing off invisible dust on his pants. 
  • “Good.” He grabs your hand in his, beginning the walk to his office.
  • “You’re so cute, trying to surprise me” He looks at you, running his hand through his hair. “I love you, MC.”


  • He wouldn’t pay attention to you.
  • Didn’t matter what you did, glance over to you quickly and then return his gaze to the computer, continuing the conversation without looking at you. 
  • “It’s important!” He told you when you brought it up. “I want to remind Yoosung that he will always be second best.” He grins.
  • “That’s kind of evil.” You explain to him.
  • He shakes his head. “No, no, my dear. It is the world of LOLOL.”
  • You roll your eyes, walking away from him.
  • If he wouldn’t pay attention to you normally, you would have to take special measures.
  • Later, you saunter up to him, placing your hands over his eyes and leaning down next to his ear. 
  • “Guess who.” You whisper, pulling your face back from his head.
  • “Is that you, Vanderwood? Could you do me a favor and clean my room?” He jokes, turning his head for a second to glance at you, then turning back to the computer.
  • Wait.
  • He snaps his head back to you, his chair then following. 
  • You were wearing a maid outfit..
  • It wasn’t his, it was similar, but much better. 
  • With it, you had on white gloves that go to your elbow
  • minor damage
  • fishnet stockings that just barely show above your thigh high boots
  • Critical hit
  • and cat ears
  • *nose bleed*
  • “MC, what are you wearing!? He questions, his eyes wide.
  • “Is something wrong?” You feign innocence, sauntering towards him. 
  • You drop to your knees, looking on your hand that rests on his thigh.
  • “I thought you’d like this…” you snap your eyes up to meet his. “master..”
  • He coughs, pushing his chair away from you and not breaking his gaze.
  • “How am I supposed to play when you look like that?” He whines, running his hand through his hair.
  • He looks you up and down. 
  • “Doesn’t matter.” He grins, settling back into his chair. “Come here, kitty.”
Stockings - Adam Henrique (smut)

Requested by anon: Hola Marta! (That’s entirely all the spanish I know) can I request a smutty imagine of Adam Henrique where you receive him wearing stockings and his jersey after a win? If the girl could be in the thicker side it would awesome :) Thanks Amor (I know two spanish words apparently)

A/N: OMG YOU ARE SO SWEET THAT WAS ADORABLE UGH I’LL TEACH YOU MORE SPANISH. I hope you like this, amor. I’m sorry it took so long.

Word count: 1427


Master list

Originally posted by faulker

Have you gained weight again? You ask yourself while spinning around in front of the mirror. The jersey feels a little tighter around your thighs, or at least that’s how you see it, but you do not have time to change, Adam is about to get home.

You have been planning this all day, buying a nice lingerie set and stockings on your lunch break. Adam has been away, playing games on the other side of the country during the last two weeks, coming home for a day or two and leaving again the next day, so you can’t wait to have a nice night with him without worrying about him having to leave early in the morning or you having to go to work.

You hear the sound of the garage door going up and give yourself a last look on the mirror, from your perfectly curled hair to your heels, frowning a little over your thighs, before walking towards the bed and laying on your stomach, waiting for your boyfriend.

“(y/n), I’m home.” I hear him yelling from the front door, clearly excited for his win tonight.

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