New original 3D animated movie: Ducks.
The secret life of ducks when humans aren’t looking.

Whenever ducks fly south in the winter, they’re actually flying to a big city of ducks where they talk and have jobs and have traffic lights with pictures of ducks in them and every billboard and storefront is a bird pun.

A generic duck guy is a young adult who feels inadequate because his dad is a big broker in the bread stock exchange.

He accidentally reveals the secret life of ducks to a human child, and now he must take her south with him to duck city. On the way they get into hijinks and find out about a big duck conspiracy or something.


Summary: Bucky and the reader exchange stockings on Christmas morning. Bucky x Reader

Words: ~2400

AN: No warnings. Super duper fluffy. Family Avengers. Happy Christmas to those who celebrate. Here’s my gift to youuuu. :)

Pale sunlight streamed through the window blinds, illuminating flecks of dust in the bedroom. The snow outside made it seem twice as bright, the white, undisturbed blanket reflecting the sun. A gentle breeze caused a tree branch to tap cautiously at the window, rousing you from your sleep.

The side closest to the window felt frozen, but your backside was overwhelmingly hot. A body flushed against yours, fingers splayed across your naked navel and causing goosebumps to rise on your flesh. Bucky’s breath drew your blood to one spot on the crook of your neck, and it was amazing how he managed to breathe at all with his face buried between your head and the pillow under it.

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Okay so I know that the Night Vale secret police members are supposed to be dangerous and feared but I just can’t stop thinking about how after having to watch people for so long, they get attached
Just imagine the secret police members consider these people to be a second family
Secret police members leaving gifts inside other peoples houses on birthdays or holidays because the family can’t afford them
Imagine the officer who has you under surveillance leaves a happy birthday card on your night stand every year
Imagine having no money and coming home to a fully stocked fridge
Imagine exchanging notes with them by leaving them on the window and waking up to a response letter
Imagine how surprised the secret police member would be when someone is brave enough to invite their invisible hero to have dinner because they want to return the favor

I dunno guys i think the Sheriffs Secret Police have more to them and they should be appreciated more

Back to the otp prompts. Day 15: first kiss. Bear is a Shoot shipper #2 (#1 is the Machine, obviously). I actually wanted to draw That Scene In The Stock Exchange for this prompt, because I’m a heartless bitch that lives for drama, but remembered about that half through drawing this one, so I decided to stick with it. 


THE CRASH opens in theaters and on VOD January 13, 2017. The political thriller, directed by Aram Rapport, stars Dianna Agron, Minnie Driver, Frank Grillo, John Leguizamo, Maggie Q, AnnaSophia Robb, Mary McCormack, Ed Westwick, Andrew James Allen and Christopher McDonald

Set in the future when the US economy is on the brink of yet another massive financial crisis, The Crash tells the story of Guy Clifton, a federally-indicted stock trader, who is secretly enlisted by the federal government to help thwart a cyber-attack aimed at the US stock markets – an attack that could permanently cripple the economy.

Our ‘richer than God’ protagonist is charged with assembling a team capable of running the government’s top secret ‘shadow stock exchange’ in an attempt to keep the markets from mass panic in the event the cyber-hijack is successful. Having only ever been fueled by his love of money, Guy fully intends to use his insider knowledge of this world catastrophe for personal gain until he unearths the organization behind the attack and discovers its motives. For the first time in his life, Guy is challenged to make decisions not only for himself, but also for the good of his country – decisions that are rooted in morality rather than dollar signs.

This fast-paced, save-the-world thriller is a story of redemption that also challenges the audience to question if their money is safe, and if so, for how long.


Ferrari P4/5, 2006. A one-off coachbuilt Ferrari built over the platform and mechanicals of the last Ferrari Enzo for the film director and stock exchange magnate James Glickenhaus (pictured with the car). He commissioned Pininfarina to create a car which recalled the styling of Ferrari’s “P” race cars of the 1960s, most specifically the 1967 Ferrari 330 P3/4 (pictured), an example of which Glickenhaus also owned. Pininfarina’s creative director, Ken Okuyama said that they “wanted to stay away from retro design and move towards a more forward thinking supercar"