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On this day in music history: September 10, 1988 - “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 2 weeks. Written by Guns N’ Roses, it is the biggest hit for the Los Angeles, CA based hard rock band fronted by lead singer Axl Rose. The inspiration for the song comes from Rose’s girlfriend Erin Everly (the daughter of rock & roll legend Don Everly of The Everly Brothers). The lyrics originate from a poem he writes for her, but puts it away when he is unable to finish writing it. While at a band rehearsal, guitarists Slash and Izzy Stradlin are jamming on guitar riffs when Axl walks in. Liking the rhythm part that Izzy is playing, Axl remembers the poem and the rest of the lyrics come pouring out. The completed track is included in GN'R’s debut album “Appetite For Destruction”. After the albums initial singles “It’s So Easy” and “Welcome To The Jungle” fail to make any noise, “Sweet Child O’ Mine” is chosen as the third release. At nearly six minutes long, executives at the bands label Geffen Records insists that it be edited to insure top 40 radio play. At first, Rose and the band refuse, feeling that any editing will tamper with the song’s integrity. A compromise is reached with an edit being used for one version of the songs music video and for radio. When stock copies of the single are pressed, it uses the full album version. Entering the Hot 100 at #76 on June 25, 1988, it climbs to the top of the chart eleven weeks later. Axl Rose marries Erin Everly on April 21, 1990 in Las Vegas, but the marriage is very short lived. Rose files for divorce on May 27, 1990 citing irreconcilable differences. The couple get back together for a brief period before being granted an annulment in January of 1991. “Sweet Child O’ Mine” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

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To the, "Can you check in the back?" Douche canoes and test waffles. I checked the holes, our system, the aisle, AND radioed stock room worker. We didn't fucking have it. So when you asked me if I could "check" anyways I walked my happy ass around a corner and stood there for fifteen minutes on my phone. Sometimes I went to the bathroom and took a shit on your time. But yes, yes, I checked the "back" for you, at least you think. Have a good day and fuck off.

Stand Still Stay Silent Liveblog #3

UPDATE 3: Not a Vacation

Last time the rash illness was starting to cause more trouble around the world. Four countries in total had restricted traffic through their borders, and it was just the third day since this all started. How worse will everything yet? Well, may as well find out, shall we?

Alright, Denmark and Norway had their turn, now Finland gets to appear. It’s now the fifth day, and Finland hasn’t decided yet if they’re going to close their borders or not. Doesn’t mean nobody’s worried, though. One of the people in the radio has stocked a lot of food that’ll last quite some time, and isn’t sending their kid to school. I wonder, maybe people has been affected already by the disease in this area.

Oh, yeah, look at that. Here, let me take a screenshot, there are things of interest here!

First than all, yeah, the face masks are starting to be used frequently, aren’t they? I see several here. Leaving that aside, there’s the first glimpse of the disease. That’s a rash indeed. It’s not something likely to go unnoticed, if it causes enough discomfort to need to be scratched. Finally, this is the third scene and I see it has been raining at all times. I don’t know if it’s significant in any way, or if it’s just a coincidence, but hey…I have been taught and told that once is normal, twice is a coincidence, thrice is a pattern. Who knows. Maybe it’ll apply here too.

The woman waiting in the car solving a crossword is Kaino Hotakainen, she was waiting for her sister, who is wearing a face mask. The restaurant she works at will be closed for some time, and the current plan is to go on a boat. Huh. Well that’s not too bad of a plan, if the idea is to be safe from the disease. The pathogen doesn’t survive for long outside an organism, and it spreads through the air, so being on an isolated place like the middle of the sea should keep you safe for a while, right? It’s worth a try!

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-“we’ll marry everyone in the liveshow”
-dan has phil’s twitter notifications on
-radio 1
-they recorded a 3d like video
-they were told to press their faces together (for a photo)
-phil went christmas shopping today
->bought his parents all Toy Story movies
-they have much cardboard around the house because their ordered so many christmas presents online
-top fans
-translating TABINOF in turkish
-loved the star wars movies
-phil almost walked into Brooklyn Beckham
-they feel very christmassy
-dan decided not to make a DINOF video to just enjoy christmas
-no dilmas but 2 more gaming vids
-powercouples (pj&sophie,felix&marzia,dan&phil)

//FROZEN - Younow Broke //

-the voice acting thing
-youtube rewind
-gaming video
-radio show tomorrow
-50 polaroids for charity
-the pancake flipping thing
-Blue Neighborhood (have listened to it)
-“hi mums”
-chocolate orange
-christmas songs
-the radio 1 playlist
-star wars
-the fanfiction videos
-new mirrorbutt stuff in the Dil video
-phil’s last liveshow this year
-Dan has been in a coma since the tour has finished
-this year was amazing
-“how often do you stalk our blogs”
-they’ll have dinner now

// that was it guys :) i hope you enjoyed!! Let me know if i missed something! Love ya’ll //

Preference Series {AU: Aboard the Titanic} Preparations (His POV)

Hey, Lovelies! This is the second installment to the AU preference series. It is in his POV, and a few of the preferences in this series will be in his POV because…honestly, who doesn’t want to know his thoughts on the situation? So, thank you for your time, and I am still taking requests in my ask, just, well, ask. Hope you enjoy this preference!

- Chrissy

Master List

Part 1

Part 3

Harry: He’s in First Class.

“There you are, Harry,” my mother smiled, getting up from her chair at the dining table.

                “Good morning, Mother,” I whispered, kissing her cheek.

                At the table, my father sat with my younger sister and grandparents. My grandfather had his face buried in a newspaper while my grandmother sat quietly, sipping her tea. My father was enjoying his full plate of poached eggs and toast, and my sister, Gemma, sat beside him, eating her porridge.

                “Good morning,” I nodded to all of them with a smile before taking my seat in between my grandmother and mother.

                “Good morning, Harry,” my grandfather folded up his newspaper and set it down. “I read something in the paper today, something I thought might interest you.”

                “What is it?” I asked, putting my napkin in my lap.

                “It’s an article about the ship we are going to be taking to America,” he replied. “They tell a little about the ship and name some of the people who are travelling on it.”

                I nodded, before turning around to get the attention of one of the waiters, “Excuse me. I’d like to order, please.”

                “Of course, Sir,” he bowed stiffly. “I’ll be right back.”

                “Our names are in the article,” my grandfather passed me the paper.

                I wasn’t really interested in reading about our family, but I took the paper anyway and gave it a once over. Sure enough, our names were there, but I was more interested in the vessel we were to be traveling on.

                It was quite luxurious, according to this article. Ten course meals for first class passengers, including a library and common area. Most of the rooms and luxuries listed were exclusively for first class, and they didn’t mention anything about the accommodations for the lower classes.  

                “Very interesting,” I said to humor my grandfather. “Did you read it, Father?”

                “No, give it here,” he said after wiping his mouth with his napkin. “I have to check the stock market as well.”

                “You can listen to the stock market on the radio,” my grandfather frowned. “For now, read the article.”


                I turned to see the waiter from earlier.

                “What would you like for breakfast this morning?” he asked, leaning forward.

                “I’ll just have the scrambled eggs with bacon and sausage, please.”

                “And to drink with that?”

                “Tea, please.”

                “I’ll be right back with your order, Sir,” he bowed before walking off.

                I turned around in my chair, letting out a sigh. I didn’t feel up to travel, honestly. I looked at my family around the table, each doing their own thing and ignoring the other. What a family.

                I shook my head.

                This was going to be a bore of a trip.

Liam: He’s a Crewmember.

It was an early morning for me, but then again, the last few days had been early mornings, too. Today was a special day, though. Today was the day the Titanic would begin her maiden voyage.


                I turned around to see my friend Andy running up to me.

                “Morning, Andy,” I smiled at him as he slowed down to my pace. “Sleep well last night?”

                “Not a wink,” he sighed regretfully. “I was too excited to sleep.”

                I laughed, “Same here.”

                “So you headed off to breakfast?”

                I nodded, “Then off to work in the engine room.”

                “Well, I already ate, but I could put off work for a little bit,” he yawned, rubbing the back of his head. “It’s practically a holiday, anyway.”

                “One that we’re working,” I reminded him.

                “Yeah, well…at least they’re giving us some breaks.”

                “Breaks that we’re supposed to use for sleep.”

                “Why do you have to be such a stick in the mud, Liam?” he chuckled as we entered the crew dining room. “We should use our break time wisely.”

                “And what do you mean by ‘wisely’?” I asked with a smirk, already sure of what he was going to say.

                “Chatting with some of the lady passengers, obviously!”

                I let out a chuckle, “How did I know you were going to mention women?”

                “What?” he acted as if he was wounded by my words. “I’m a man! What do you expect?”

                “I’m a man, too, but,” I replied, grabbing an apple and carton of milk, “you know we’re not allowed to talk to any of the passengers unless spoken to, and even then, we aren’t supposed to be near them.”

                “I know. I know,” he grumbled as we sat down, “but who’s going to say anything?”

                “Well, most of these ladies will be of a higher class than us,” I said, taking a bite of my apple. “I wouldn’t put it passed them to complain.”

                Andy snorted, “Why should class matter?”

                “Because it does.”

                “But why does it? If I fancy a woman, why can’t I just have her?” he asked, leaning his elbows on the table.

                I rolled my eyes at his logic, “Women aren’t meant to be had, even though that’s not how most men think. Women have their wants and needs, too, and if you don’t meet them, well…” I shrugged, “she won’t want you.”

                “And since when are you such a lady expert?” he asked, narrowing his eyes at me.

                “It’s not what you think,” I shook my head. “I have two sisters at home, so I’m used to them.”

                “You going for them?”

                I drank the carton of milk empty, “Yeah.”

                I was going to America for my family.

Louis: He’s a Stowaway.

I walked down the busy streets of Southampton, with my bag over my shoulder and a spring in my step. This was it. Today was the day.

                Automobiles made their way through the crowds, and I watched in wonder. The rich passengers were arriving now with their expensive cases and fancy clothes.

                It was truly something to see, especially the vessel they were boarding. She was huge, reaching towards the heavens. “The Unsinkable Ship,” they called her, and I hoped she lived up to her name.

                She would be leaving in two hours, giving me enough time to look for breakfast. And here it came now.

                A portly man walked towards me, a crate of apples in his hairy arms. I made my way over to him, careful to dodge the people making up the crowd. Once I was close enough, I pretended to trip, crashing into him.

                The crate of apples fell to the floor, spilling its contents on the cobblestone street.

                “I’m so sorry, Sir,” I was helping him to his feet when he pushed my hands away.

                “Ge’ off me ya bloody bastard!” he shouted before getting down on his knees to pick up the runaway fruit.

                I got down on the dirty street, helping him despite his horrible attitude. All I wanted was a free apple.

                I helped him collect what I could, making sure to snag one for myself. When the crate was full again, he glared at me and walked off, holding the crate to his body.

                How rude. He didn’t even thank me.

                I shrugged, taking out the apple I had stored in my shirt. I wiped the red fruit on my sleeve before taking a bite of it.

                I walked back towards the ship, where people were still rushing to board. I had to finish my breakfast before I could attempt to do the same, but I had already locked eyes on my ticket.

                She was a young woman, obviously traveling alone. She carried her own cases, unloading the automobile that had brought her here. Once she had done that, she turned to a middle-aged couple, who I assumed were her parents.

                The mother seemed to be an overemotional type of gal. She had her handkerchief out, and she was crying as she hugged and kissed the woman several times. Afterwards, father and daughter shared a meaningful hug.

                Then they were looking around as if they were lost.

                I smirked, knowing exactly what they were looking for.

                “Excuse me,” I said, stepping into the family’s line of vision. “Would you like me to help you carry your bags?”

                The father regarded me, “You are a crew member?”

                “Yes,” I nodded before grabbing her cases.

Niall: He’s in Third Class.

I sat on one of the vacant benches by the Southampton docks, taking out one of the many letters written to me by my older brother.

                The one I had pulled out of my pocket this time was the one that prompted me to travel from my little hometown in Ireland to Southampton; soon, I’d be going even further away from home.

Dear Niall,

            I know this will seem like sudden news to you, Mum, and Dad, but I got married. I wanted to invite you three to the ceremony, but I didn’t know how we could afford it. I could barely afford the wedding, much less tickets for the three of you to sail to America. Don’t worry, though. You didn’t miss too much. The wedding was tiny. We only had a few guests, including her parents and a few drinking buddies of mine. But now we have a problem. I’m not just providing for my wife but also a newborn. Yes, my wife gave birth to a boy, and yes, he was conceived after we were wedded. What I’m basically saying is, I can’t provide for the three of you anymore. I’m terribly sorry.

Love, Gregory

                I let out a sigh, folding the damned letter back up.

                My elder brother had went to America to get a better job and send back money for us to live off of until we could join him there. But now he had a new wife and son to think about. We couldn’t expect him to put us over them; I just wish he would’ve waited until we had come over.

                Now I was being sent to finish making the money we needed to bring my parents over. It wasn’t that big of a deal, really, but I knew I was going to hate this trip. Being  Irish in a sea of English people was not going to be easy; I was going to be looked down on, and I didn’t take too kindly to that sort of treatment.

                I adjusted the knapsack I had on my shoulder, which carried everything I personally owned besides the clothes on my back, and got up from the bench, heading towards the large vessel that would take me to my new life.

                I wondered, as I walked towards it, what America would be like. I was going to arrive in New York City, and I was probably going to go find my brother; the least he could do was give me a roof over my head. I was also interested in meeting his wife and my little nephew.

                I guess the emotion I was feeling somewhat resembled excitement, but a part of me was anxious about something.

Zayn: He’s in Second Class.

“Now, Zayn, remember what I told you.”

                “I know, Mum,” I chuckled before kissing her cheek. “I won’t forget.”

                “Good” she nodded in approval, fixing my jacket.

                “Mum,” I groaned, annoyed by her fretting. “I’m a grown man. I’m not five anymore.”

                “I know. I know,” she sighed, stepping back a bit to look at me. “This is just so hard. You’re leaving for America without me or your sisters, and I just–”

                “Don’t cry, Mum,” I said, pulling her into a hug. “I promise that we’ll see each other again very soon.”

                “Yes, at your wedding,” she remembered.

                Ah, yes. How could I forget I was getting married? This is the first time I’m allowed to go off on my own, and it’s because I’m marrying some rich American woman.

                “Why do I have to marry her, again?” I murmured.

                “You’ve been promised to her since you were a toddler.”


                “So? You’re old enough to go and marry her!”

                She said it as if it was common sense, but to me, it wasn’t. There was so much I hadn’t done yet; there were so many places I hadn’t seen. I wanted to travel and explore the world, but when I’m finally leaving the country, it’s to go trap myself in an office with my fiancée’s father. 

                “I better get going, Mum,” I said, hugging her one last time. “I promise I’ll write to you as soon as I get to New York.”

                “I expect a long one,” she smiled at me as I bent down to pick up my cases. “At least a page for each day aboard.”

                What a pain…

                “Of course, Mum.”

                But I loved her.

                “Goodbye, dear,” she sniffled, taking out her handkerchief. “Have a safe trip.”

                “Thanks, Mum,” I nodded before heading into the crowd only to bump into someone.“Oh, e-excuse me!”

                “Oops!” the woman stopped, turning to gaze at me with the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. “I’m so sorry!”

                She was adorable.

                “It’s okay, Miss,” I smiled. “It was my fault for being in the way. Are you a passenger on this ship?”

                “I am,” she replied with a soft grin.

                Good. Maybe I would see her again…Wait? Why did I want to see her again? She was some common girl, probably third class! I couldn’t associate with her, especially if I was going to be marrying someone within the month.

                “I wish you a safe journey, then,” I tipped my hat to her before walking away.

                I had meant the words, but I was conflicted. A part of me wanted to look into those amazing eyes again while the other wished I had never met them in the first place.

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I work at the front and I have a radio and it pisses me off to no end when people come up and ask if we have something in stock and then I radio it in and say we don't and then they tell me they know it's not here, they were testing me, like Fuck you