stock of a tree

headcanon: beverly loves the scent winter candy apple because it reminds her of holidays spent with the losers around the fireplace in Bill’s home, with ornaments made by a young Bill and Georgie hung up on a tree and every loser has a stocking (minus stan because he doesn’t celebrate christmas) !! stan has his own menorah to light and all the losers get him gifts for every day of hanukkah! they don’t force him into christmas activities but they participate in every hanukkah tradition and activity that stan wants them to do.

beverly always looks back on these memories fondly, especially once she starts dating ben in high school because every holiday became special memories for the two of them.

beverly has bill’s mom help her knit sweaters for each loser, which they cherish and wear almost everyday !! she helps bake cookies and treats for her friends!

beverly marsh loves holidays now because her friends made her feel extra loved and special during them!!


On one corner of a magnificent 19th-century mansion in Vienna, Austria, is a rather unusual glass case. Inside is the midsection of an ancient tree. And it is completely covered in nails. Back in medieval Europe, hammering iron nails into living trees, wooden crosses and even rocks was a common practice for luck – similar to throwing coins into fountains today. Some trees became particularly known as “nail trees,” like the spruce in Vienna. Called Stock Im Eisen, or “staff in iron,” it is estimated to be somewhere over 600 years old. The first nails were hammered in while the tree was still alive, sometime before it was felled in 1440.

The idea of iron nails in living trees being lucky fell out of favor sometime in the late 1800s. And many nail trees quietly disappeared. But not Stock Im Eisen. It remains, watching over its corner.

Things to do when you want to give up

1. Take some time out to recuperate. You can’t keep going if you’re running on empty.

2. Take a step back to try and gain perspective – as sometimes we can’t see the woods for the trees.

3. Attempt to take stock of the current situation. Evaluate what you really want and need.

4. Try to re-evaluate your current strategy. What things are working and what things should you change?

5. Don’t be afraid to change direction if you need to. Sometimes that is the best thing – and it opens up new options.

6. Push through the dip - as we all lose momentum. But if you keep on going, you will get there in the end.

Angels in the Bunker

Characters: Gabriel, Castiel, Balthazar, Lucifer x Reader (you’ll see *wink wonk*)

Word Count: 1,580

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: This was requested by @averagegaykid! I loved writing this one, so I hope you all enjoy it! I hope you’ve all enjoyed Satan Sunday this week!! I love you all so much!!

You assembled the four angels, all of them standing together in front of you.  They all towered over you, which was one of the reasons you recruited their help.  While the Winchesters were gone, you were going to decorate the bunker for Christmas.  It was not an easy task to do by yourself.  

You had them each bring along different decorations.  Balthazar was to get the Christmas tree, and the ornaments for it.  Gabriel was supposed to get lights for the tree, along with stockings.  Castiel was sent to get candy for the stockings, along with candy canes for the tree.  You asked Lucifer to bring one thing, garland.  You knew Lucifer was not a fan of Christmas, but he could never say no to you.

“Alright my angels,” you smiled.  “We only have the rest of today and a little bit of tomorrow to decorate the bunker.  Dean and Sam don’t take long on hunts.  They’ll be even quicker when they realize this is just a ruse.”

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Holiday Little To-Do List ~

♡ Make Gingerbread House

♡ Decorate The Tree

♡ Make and Hang Stockings

♡ Hot Cocoa and Snuggles (with a fireplace stim playing on laptop)

♡ Playing In The Snow ❄️

• Snowball Fights

• Make A Snowman

• Build An Igloo

• Go Innertubing/Sledding

♡ Go To Christmas Light Shows

♡ Wrapping Presents (ALWAYS wrap presents and do this YOURSELF if you want your little to believe in santa!)

♡ Take Your Little Out To A Nice Café For A Delicious Hot Drink

♡ Go Ice Skating

♡ Watch Christmas Movies/Cartoons

♡ Make and Display Christmas Decorations

♡ Throw An “Ugly Sweater” Party

♡ Try Some Eggnog

♡ Love Eachother. (Write down how you really feel and what you like about eachother and exchange letters. ♥️)


Five, five, five. That was today. That was today and it was all her fault.

Daenerys wasn’t a religious woman, and she hadn’t ever regarded herself as such. No Gods, old or new, had ever brought her any comfort, offered her any respite. However, she found it calming to sit among the godswoods. The Northerners called it a place of worship, and so it was as quiet and peaceful as anywhere could be with the world falling apart around them. She knew when she woke up that morning she would have to come here. Tomorrow she could pull herself back together and be a warrior queen again, but she wouldn’t be of much use today. She had gotten up before dawn, told her guards where she was headed and not to disturb her, and slipped away into the trees. This wasn’t something she could talk about or explain to her counsel, and she didn’t want to. She wouldn’t crack in front of them, especially not now when she needed to be at her strongest. Jorah had been there. Did he remember that it been today? She doubted it, and none of her other council members had been there. This was her burden to bear alone.

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