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Bought some colored card stock when I got groceries last night, and decided to put it to the test.  I didn’t realize the first pack had a pearl finish to it or I would have passed on it.  In my experience those usually have a coating that doesn’t play nice.

Although pencil does smudge a little when erasing, it actually took ink better than I expected.  Not going to be my first choice, but it’s interesting.  I don’t think you can really tell from the photograph, but the pearl effect actually shows through the ink.

The second set was normal cardstock, which I draw on a lot so nothing special there.  Just figured might as well draw on it while I was testing.

Just Student Witch Things

✨Enchanting pencils before exams ✨Cursing cruel instructors ✨Blessing the library before finals week ✨Making tarot cards out of cheap card stock during boring lectures ✨Doodling sigils on the corner of tests for good luck


Surprise! I have other fandoms besides YoI and One Piece xD

Here’s a lowkey TodoDeku piece bc I’m a sucker for the fact that Izuku started Todoroki’s road towards full self-acceptance. I couldn’t decide which color version I like best, so there’s the original on the left and a color-processed one on the right!

I’ll be uploading a speedpaint of this drawing on my Youtube so watch out for that!

pssssssst just a sneaky lil Snapey post to let u know that there’s gonna be new Etsy cards in stock soon but also I’m gonna start a Society6 shop with mugs and tshirts and special things so yeah watch out for that in a few weeks. ok bye now <slithers off>


Hey everyone! I did 6 tiny pieces for an upcoming art show!

Card-mageddon: 2.2 x 3.6 Art Show

Evon Freeman & Qpop Gallery invite you to the opening of Muji Cotton Card size show on June 24th 2017 7pm-10pm at Qpop gallery in Little Tokyo Downtown LA.

You will see the creation unfold on small format cotton card paper stock from more than 100 local & international artists.

All artworks are traditional and $30 set price!!!!

First come first serve basic!

Many artists are attending!

haha A friend of mine has been doing art on the small playing card sized card stock recently and it reminded me that I have a huge pile of blank ones that I should work through. And lo and behold, when I found my pile again, I had this Jasper bust already sketched out. So I just inked it up and colored it today. The lines are probably not the best because the humidity was killing me today. Also didn’t scan very well but ah well. Still like her expression.


Geektastic Valentine’s Day Cards - Created by PJ McQuade

If you’re looking for just the right card to tell that special someone how you feel this Valentine’s Day, look no further! Brooklyn artist PJ McQuade has you covered with a fantastic batch of cards created specifically for that geek flame in your life.

These cards are all for sale at PJ’s Etsy Shop. All cards are 4.25 x 5.5", clay coated 12 pt. premium card stock, available individually or in packs. You can also buy these designs as prints or magnets!

pickledpennies  asked:

hi! please can I ask your advice on something. I'm thinking of selling some prints of my art but I've never done it before. A friend has suggested using etsy. But what's the best way to turn trad art into a print? How do you do it? Should I buy a scanner?

sure! since i make my art traditionally, i scan it in and make a nice n clean file in photoshop. that’s what i use to make my prints.

i ended up buying an epson artisan printer because it makes high quality prints and can print on larger paper (11″x17″) as well. so i print on 80lb matte card stock, crop, and ship out myself through my online store. some people will make their prints through other manufacturers and they either send them all to you or ship them out for you, but those options are more time consuming and expensive, so i prefer to make them myself. basically, there are lots of different ways to make prints, and you should experiment to see what you like best!

Here is a story all about the best moment of JAX Con for myself. I was going up to get Jared’s auto and had a photo op to get signed, but I thought I want something more meaningful. I have struggled with depression and serve anxiety since I was 16 years old. In August of 2015, I lost my best friend, my light, my mother. A friend suggest to watch Supernatural to get my mind off things. Well, about a month later I was hooked. This show carried my through long nights of horrible grief, early mornings of stressful choices I had to make after losing my mom, and was an outlet for me to feel somewhat reconnected with her via the classic rock, the humor, and so many other things.
During the JAX Con J2 panel, he had stated his therapist was actually the one who had told him the whole I am enough line. For months I took that to heart, I wrote it down daily. It helped in ways I can’t even express.
I went up to him with this blank sheet of card stock and said I know you’re probably not allowed but could you write I am enough so I could get it tattooed. He so kindly said, I will write whatever you want. So, he wrote it, paused for a moment, looked at me and said, now I want you to write it down right underneath mine. Starting to tear up, I grabbed the sharpie, and jotted down the phrase that had carried me daily. He then grabbed it back and signed it, then said now you sign your signature too. I was so taken back by the fact that he didn’t want it to just be about him, he wanted me to know that I am no different than he is. That I too am enough. I looked up and he shook my hand, and he said hey, what are you? I said, I am enough. His reply, Fuck yeah you are.

This man is something we should all strive to be. Caring, loving, open about our struggles so that other people can feel encouraged by them as well. I can’t say how grateful I am for this card stock piece of paper. I cannot wait to get it tattooed as a reminder of one of the best days of my life, but as a daily reminder that I am enough.. just as I am.

And yes, I cried typing this.
To all my fellow friends and followers please know you are enough just as you are.