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Here it is, babes: my highly requested mixtape how-to !!


  • Blank CD’s + jewel cases
  • iTunes + a disc drive
  • Sharpie or other permanent marker
  • Collage supplies !
    • glue stick, magazine scraps, stickers, glitter, etc.


1. Decide your purpose.

What’s it for? Who’s it for? Will you have a theme? What kinda music/genres fit with that theme? 

2. Compile the tracks into a playlist on iTunes.


Here are sum tipz for compiling your tracklist:

  • I like to vary old + new music, genres, moods, etc.
  • To make it flow, I like to place the songs in an order where each song somehow compliments or contrasts the previous track.
  • Include a good mix of familiar tracks and new finds.
  • Live versions of familiar songs are always a good idea.
  • Consider movie soundtracks ! Those are ALREADY like mixtapes!
  • 15 songs is a good # of tracks to shoot for.

3. Burn the CD !!!

Insert a blank disc into your disc drive.


4. Wait 4 the disc to burn.

Grab a big ol snack while u wait. Make sure you don’t bump your computer while the disc is burning or the driver could fail.


This is obviously my fav part nnggg. My biggest tip is that collaging takes tons of practice to get a feel for. The person you’re making the mix for will love it NO MATTER WHAT, so don’t sweat it.

Here are some of my biggest tips on art directing yer new creation:

  • I start by cutting out a little less than 5″ by 5″ piece of plain card stock to act as a solid background.
  • A good title can MAKE a CD (and lend itself to some solid visuals).
  • Have a small collection of magazines + clippings to go to for inspiration. My favs are 1980′s Nat Geo’s, “Oh Comely” (a British rag). and NYLON.
  • To get my clippings, I look through a few issues and clip ANYTHING that relates to the vibe of my mix in any way. Sometimes I have a color scheme in my head or a specific imagine or mood. That guides my pics, but I’m always ready to deviate if something else grabs my eye.
  • Sometimes simple covers with a big graphic and some dope patterns/color blocking are more appealing than wild ones, so don’t overthink it ~


Here are some covers I’ve made to give y’all some samples:

If you follow this how-to, be sure to tag me in yer pics <3 !


Surprise! I have other fandoms besides YoI and One Piece xD

Here’s a lowkey TodoDeku piece bc I’m a sucker for the fact that Izuku started Todoroki’s road towards full self-acceptance. I couldn’t decide which color version I like best, so there’s the original on the left and a color-processed one on the right!

I’ll be uploading a speedpaint of this drawing on my Youtube so watch out for that!

pssssssst just a sneaky lil Snapey post to let u know that there’s gonna be new Etsy cards in stock soon but also I’m gonna start a Society6 shop with mugs and tshirts and special things so yeah watch out for that in a few weeks. ok bye now <slithers off>


Hey guys!!!! In honor of #ReputationReleaseWeek I’m going to do a giveaway!!!!!! I’ve been receiving a lot of nice comments and feedback about some drawings of Taylor’s lyrics I’ve been doing (examples below) so for every like and reblog this post gets you’ll be entered to have your very own lyric set drawn by me!


1.) Must be following me so I️ can PM the winner

2.) 1 like = 1 entry, 1 reblog = 1 entry. The more you share the better your chances!!!!!

3.) A winner will be chosen at Midnight on Sunday, November 12th so that we can all process and figure out our favorite lyrics from REP if that’s what you end up choosing ;)

4.) There will be a total of FIVE winners!!!!!!!

5.) And that’s it!! I’ll send you a digital copy of your drawing as well as the physical copies (I️ draw them all by hand on card stock) if you’d like me to as well :)


Magical Girls Bookmarks by Kya

From Sailor V to Steven Universe uhuhu


Hey everyone! I did 6 tiny pieces for an upcoming art show!

Card-mageddon: 2.2 x 3.6 Art Show

Evon Freeman & Qpop Gallery invite you to the opening of Muji Cotton Card size show on June 24th 2017 7pm-10pm at Qpop gallery in Little Tokyo Downtown LA.

You will see the creation unfold on small format cotton card paper stock from more than 100 local & international artists.

All artworks are traditional and $30 set price!!!!

First come first serve basic!

Many artists are attending!

haha A friend of mine has been doing art on the small playing card sized card stock recently and it reminded me that I have a huge pile of blank ones that I should work through. And lo and behold, when I found my pile again, I had this Jasper bust already sketched out. So I just inked it up and colored it today. The lines are probably not the best because the humidity was killing me today. Also didn’t scan very well but ah well. Still like her expression.


Eggsy’s kinda done. I may add more shadows or something later. Also his is more of a regular portrait than a death one… since he isn’t dead. 

The Kingsman prints are all going to be 7″x5″ on shimmer card stock and will only be sold as a set. Sorry to those that only want singles.

*edit added Merlin to the set

*Update added Roxy and Percy  >___6)/ The Kingsman Rainbow’s now complete!

I’ve been reading a lot of comments that Wizards most recent article has been generating, and it’s just…

I *want* to engage these people and explain to them that, no, it’s not thought policing to ask you to treat people with respect and human decency, it’s what *you should already be doing by this point in your life*.

Like, these are 21+ year old dudes who *still* haven’t grasped that concept. If they haven’t gotten it by now, I doubt my comment on their post or tweet is going to do anything.

If nothing else, I simply don’t have the emotional energy to deal with their inevitable backwards response that will more than likely just devolve to “but muh card stock”.

Seriously, I’ve seen a LOT of “well guess you guys just lost my business”, like…

Good. Leave. We don’t want you here if that’s how you’re going to be.


Since the boys were little we have filled their stockings with 12 presents, one to be opened each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Even as teenagers they are super excited to see what goofy thing they get to open each day. Me too, actually. This is my favorite so far! It’s a circuit system all tucked into a little box. There’s a small dice that you roll, then match up with a card, and do the exercise. Sometimes you gotta turn that workout into a game :)