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EDIT: Alternatively, you can use velcro or snap buttons for this method, if you are not comfortable with using magnets on a headwear. The main idea of this tutorial is to introduce making 2 parts of the wig be detachable and exchangable. I used magnets because it was what I had at home at the time.

Wig Hacks Wednesday #2 !
Have 10 upcoming cosplays and all of them have undercut hairstyle? Fear not! You can make the most out of your undercut wig, and re-use them for all your undercut husbando’s with this simple method. (Info about wigs in pic listed below)
- Get heavy-duty small magnets. I got mine from Home Depot for about $6 for this 40-piece pack. You only need 10 magnets to complete one wig project at first, but getting a bigger pack will save you money in the long run
- Using a short base wig, flip it inside out and put it on a foam head. You should pad the foam head prior with papers so that the size is closest to your head size since foam head tends to run small. This is very important to get the right fit for the undercut
- Snip the wig lace around the head curve, leaving the undercut high enough to keep its shape on its own
- Trim the short base wig as short as you can without wefts showing through, spray and blow dry the hair down. At this point, use hot glue to attach the magnets around the wig near the top (2 magnets on the sides by the ears, 1 at the center back, and 2 inbetween)
- Grab 5 more magnets and stick each one to your magnets on the wig from previous step (no glue for this step)
- Place your half top wig on top of the foam head. Position it on all sides to make sure it can reach and cover all the magnets. If needed, use a small piece of fabric to fill in spaces so you have a flat surface for gluing rather than just wefts
- Put hot glue on the second set of magnets, and press the top wig down onto it. Do this one by one, start from the magnets on the sides by the ears, and work your way to the back
- Adjust the top wig hair and blend it with the undercut wig, using your fingers and hair spray
Now you’re ready to join a Korean boy band, ice skate to your own song, and hunt down some titans with this hairdo!
- make sure to press and hold until hot glue completely dry or magnets might fall off, low-temp works better if you have dual setting on your hot glue gun
- you can’t shampoo the undercut wig with the magnets so make sure to wear wig caps ALWAYS to pretect your wig from excess oil and sweat from your natural hair/head (nylon or stocking style of wig caps are great for this, plus it keeps your hair flat)

Wigs used in this tutorial: Rufio in Natural Black (CL-077), Jaguar in Sandy Brown (CL-071), and Caine in Black (CL-078) from Arda Wigs
Embracing the Season - Mejhiren - Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins [Archive of Our Own]
Katniss and Peeta indulge in an afternoon interlude - alternately sensual and playful but always tender - before their college freshman daughter comes home for the weekend. Modern AU oneshot, submitted to Love in Panem for their 2017 Valentine's Day Challenge: "Love Is..."
By Organization for Transformative Works

[We] feasted on love, every mode of it—solemn and merry, romantic and realistic, sometimes as dramatic as a thunderstorm, sometimes as comfortable and unemphatic as putting on your soft slippers. - C.S. Lewis

“I got you a present, by the way,” I reveal, kissing the tip of his nose.

“Sexy lingerie for our afternoon interlude?” he teases, and I produce the stocking cap from my other pocket and tug it down to cover his curls.

“Well, if you want to wear it in bed…” I begin, and he hugs me so hard that I squeak.

“I love you too,” he sighs. “It’s perfect, Katniss. I’ll wear it in bed, at work, in the shower –”

“Just outdoors will do nicely,” I demur, but my hands can’t seem to leave his broad, sweaty back alone. I love every inch of this strong, stocky man and can’t wait another minute to have him all to myself.

“Pick you up out front?” I wonder, and he shakes his head against my shoulder. “I’ll follow you out – just need to grab my coat.”

Home is about a five-minute drive from the bakery, and we manage it quite complacently, even stopping for gas on the way, just in case the promised snowstorm hits overnight.

Love is like that sometimes, especially after twenty years of marriage. You can want each other so badly you think you’re going to combust and then have a polite conversation with a salesperson or run an errand or two like it’s no bother whatsoever.

There’s two elderly men arguing in the booth behind me at Culver’s, and now that I’m eavesdropping I realize they’re fighting over the logistics of time travel and the fourth dimension?? Also one of them is named Kermit, I am living for this.