Rosalarian’s Watercolor Texture Pack 1

I use watercolor textures in my work a lot, and spent years using other people’s stock, and decided it was time to contribute my own back to the creative commons pool. So here’s 33 high res abstract watercolors that I am releasing into the world. You can get them here. I’m asking for $2 for the set, which I think is reasonable, but you can get it free with the code “iwantit”. Either way, you can use these however you wish. Monkey around in Photoshop and each file can be used dozens of different ways, creating endless combinations. I’m hoping to do more of these in the future.


#NasdaqArtist in Residence – Nick Mrnarevic

Nasdaq has become an emblem of Times Square, the heart of New York City. Our tower rises above this bustling epicenter that is truly a source of constant inspiration. This inspiration is harnessed each day by various emerging artists throughout the New York City community. We are pleased to highlight these talented photographers who bring a unique perspective to the neighborhood we call home.

Our next artist in residence is Nick Mrnarevic. Graduating from St. Thomas Aquinas College in 2002, Nick began his career as a production assistant for MTV directly after college. Over the course of two and a half years, Nick worked his way up to the position of camera operator, where he discovered his true passion. Since deciding to become a freelance photographer in 2005, Nick has photographed 13 covers and 24 editorial spreads, published in 77 countries. We asked Nick 5 questions about his inspiration for our Nasdaq Artist in Residence Campaign:

What Ignites Your Ambition?

I recently had a part in stopping the construction of a tower that would have risen above the tree-line on the Palisades in NJ. I located nesting pairs of American Bald Eagles, the first of which to be seen this far south on the Hudson River. Those photos were used as part of a presentation by an environmental conservation group and that eventually led to the plans being completely reworked and a new style of building is being constructed. The power of photography ignites my ambition. A single photo I took stopped a major global conglomerate from moving forward with their plans.

Why is Instagram your medium of choice?

What an amazing medium this has become. At first it was purely for free advertisement of my business. It has since evolved into something much more meaningful for me. I have made more close friends over the time that I have been on Instagram than I have since college.

What turned you on to photography and why do you love to photograph New York?

My grandfather turned me onto photography. He bought a Nikon N4004s when I was kid and I’ve been hooked ever since. I was born in St. Vincent’s hospital. I was raised 8 miles north of Manhattan in Northern New Jersey. I spent more time in NYC than any other city in the world. All I can do as a photographer is try to portray the city the way it makes me feel, there’s always something new to see and record. It’s incredibly exiting to know something so intimately that can simultaneously make you feel like you’re learning something brand new or seeing something beautiful for the first time. It’s a special place.

What about the Nasdaq Tower inspires you?

People come from all over the world to experience New York because it is by far the most frenetic, magnificent city on earth. It’s the city that doesn’t sleep, and there is just a constant bombardment of brilliance that you can’t get anywhere else. The Nasdaq tower is the embodiment of New York’s larger-than-life, 24/7 personality. It’s huge, it’s vivid, and it’s constantly changing.

Times Square is an iconic place to photograph, how did you find a way to capture it differently than other photographers before you?

Traffic; I spent years trying to get the right shot, and short of stopping in the middle of 42nd street to try, I was never satisfied. Recently, I was driving home from a job across town and I found myself sitting in gridlock half a block away from Times Square. It dawned on me that I will in fact be dead center of 42nd street in a few minutes, so grabbed my camera, threw on a wide angle lens, opened my sunroof and snapped 100 photos. Whenever I’m in town, I try to see if I can swing through TS to try and get more sunroof shots. It really only works in heavy traffic.

You can see more photos by following Nicholas on Instagram. Follow Nasdaq on Instagram and stay tuned for our next Artist in Residence!

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