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You have a growing 401k?????!?!?

yep. I drop in a percentage every month straight out of my paycheck and my company matches it each month as well. That money then gets invested in moderate risk stock opportunities but I may get more aggressive while I am so young. 

Do it now. Even if it’s a dollar each month… that money will grow on a larger interest than it ever will sitting in a bank account! 

Let’s assume you are in high school right now (17 years old let’s say) and only can afford to put in $50 a month. Well let’s just see what happens with even that small amount. 
$50 a month for 12 months is $600 a year

$600 a year x 8 years is 4800 that is already building interest by time you are 25. That’s without even trying or investing or having someone match you (like an employeer). You have money for your future without even feeling it in your normal bank account.  That money that sits there is building interest and can be invested into small stocks without you even worrying about it or caring because you are already too busy in college. As your career builds and you pay off your student loans you can drop a few extra bucks into your 401K or invest a bit more aggressively. By the time you are 25 you will have a job (hopefully) and your employeer will match a percentage or a complete match dollar for dollar. That means you get free money… if you put in $100 a month so does your employer. $100 a month x 12 is $1200 and your employer matches with $1200 as well. That’s free money. $1200 X 10 years is $12,000 that you got for free as a perk for working with your company or the many companies you work for that follow. As you build your career you can obviously afford to put more into it and you build and build and build. I like the word free and I like it even more when money is involved lol.  If our generation was a tad bit more resourceful we would cap out in our 50′s and live our remaining years on an island somewhere. That’s my plan at least. 

Invest in your future first and foremost. 

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So how much risk will investors add beyond Greece and the Fed?

Otmane El Rhazi from Financial Post » Trading Desk.

Major markets are relatively flat so far in 2015, but there are some reasons to be optimistic about risk assets such as stocks.

On the surface, things don’t look all that different from last year. Growth remains pretty weak and easy money is plentiful – this time in Europe, Japan and emerging markets.

Global investors who have likely loaded up on both equities and bonds by this point, are probably trimming their exposure a bit due to concerns about Greece, worsening liquidity, and impending rate hikes by the Federal Reserve.

“Our guess is that investors have sold on the rumor, but will buy on the fact, supporting risk assets as we pass these two events,” said Jan Loeys, head of asset allocation at J.P. Morgan.

Since he thinks contagion if Greece exits the euro zone will be contained, the more pressing threat to risk markets emanates from coming rate hikes from the Fed. That’s because there is no precedent of the U.S. central bank normalizing rates after such a long period of easy money.

“The typical event analysis of how markets have reacted to past episodes of a first-hike thus cannot be used as a good signal of what to expect today,” Loeys told clients. “Higher uncertainty requires higher risk premia. But beyond the Fed first hike, our best guess is that the world will not have come to an end, and that investors will buy risk.”

So how much risk will investors add beyond Greece and the Fed? Probably only a little bit, since they were already long stocks and credit heading into 2015. It’s natural for them to wonder how much longer the rally can last.

Loeys noted that the twin risks of the Fed making a mistake in overestimating productivity growth and underestimating inflation risk on one side, and the risk of a debt crisis in emerging market, with the first risk potentially triggering the second, have him convinced to hold only small overweights in equities and credit.

Schwab, Fidelity, other brokers releasing more information on stock trades but critics say it doesn't help much

Schwab, Fidelity, other brokers releasing more information on stock trades but critics say it doesn’t help much

Data firms release only covers market orders, not limit orders, and as such there’s not much room for price improvement anyway.
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