hey, all! i get so many questions about what digital textures i like i thought i should make my own texture pack!

in this handmade paper collection you will find an assortment of 18 raw handmade paper textures made by my dad for my artistic use and 17 tiled textures (made from those photos and scans by me).

all images are 300 DPI. 

this pack of 35 images is only $5!


Experimental FNA Pistola Automatica da Guerra “Sosso”

Designed by Giulio Sosso in and manufactured by Fabbrica Nazional d’Armi in Brescia, Italy c.1942, serial number 8A.
9mm Parabellum, 21-rounds magazine, holster stock, all steel.

Two interesting features to be noted here. First off, the magazine does not use a simple leaf spring to push a stack of cartridges up, but is in fact a contained metal belt of ammunition indexed with each shot. It is a unique design with arguably little gain in capacity for the extra cost it incurs, and one of the reason Italy did not adopt this design, deep in WW2 as it was. The second feature is a leather holster with a steel rig that doubles as a telescopic stock. Now that’s just plain awesome.

Sauce : James D. Julia Inc