S&W Model 320 revolving rifle

Manufactured by Smith and Wesson c.1879-1887 - serial number 589.
.320 S&W six-round cylinder, 18″ barrel, single action, top break action, removable stock, wooden foregrip, tube scope, nickel plated.

An evolution of the Schofield. Although a great revolver, it was a lackluster repeating rifle compared to a lever gun.

.320 S&W cartridges


Uzi carbines

Designed by Uziel Gal c.1950, manufactured by Action Arms - serial numbers SA25076, SA46205 and SA15659.
9mm Parabellum 20, 25 and 32-round removable box magazine, open bolt blowback semi-automatic, collapsible stock.

These long plain barrels sticking out of a compact frame are very aesthetically pleasing.