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What are you doing to me?? STOBB ITT!!! Is it just me or do you also think that Suga is sometimes dark but sexy?? SUGA IS NOW MY OFFICIAL BIAS WRECKER! Look what your posts turned me into... ✌🏼😍💕🙆🏻😂 What's happening to me?...

Yessss he is dark alright, he literally makes people suffer ;__; rude

Yaaay, that is my ultimate goal in life :D:D

As Human

Plot: Reader got attacked by a Wendigo and is severly injured, everyone believes they are dead but once the rescue copter picks them up and they see how bad it really is.
Pairing: None.
Warning: mentions of death, DETAILED injuries, cursing
Reader Gender: neutral
Words: 1408

Can be seen as a Sequel to “Press Play” or as a separate piece. I hope this is alright with you!

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