sto p i t

I don't know

I’m laughin g so ha rd i can’t believe I made this, wha t a loser.

Levi dreaded this moment during the entire afternoon, his face contorting painfully with frustration at the thought of his own stupidity—the reason why he was outside of the commander’s office. His black eye and broken lip seemed to sting more every time he remembered that stupid series of events that have been taking place in the past week, his mind put to the test with his own…ridiculous clumsiness, especially a few hours ago when it reached its highest point in the most unfortunate…and embarrassing way so far.

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anonymous asked:

How would the suitors react to mc singing in the bath or singing while they're doing daily activities?

alyn: he’d hear the sound and recognize it and try to find the source, and once he saw it was u he would hide behind the door just listening all flustered nd trying not to get caught and if u saw him he’d totally jump and be like “i-i im sorry !!!! it was really good !!!” awe

louis: he’d be a lil surprised at first but then he’d point it out and ask u to sing all the time, saying that he just loves to hear your voice and sometimes u would b singing in the mirror and he’d wrap his arms around u from behind n smile

giles: he’d b so so so flustered and he’d have NO idea what to say for once in his life and slowly he’d get used to it and he’d be like “i never knew u could sing………” all nervous ahh then he’d try to catch u singing when u weren’t paying attention like smirking to himself

leo: awwe omg he’d find it so endearing and all he would do is think abt u singing all day long and he’d see u singing again and he’d quietly b like “……..i really like ur singing” and then he’d ALWAYS want to do things w u in the hopes you’d sing

byron: he’d walk in on singing and if u stopped he’d be like “why did u stop ? u sound lovely :)” and then if u continued he’d probably hum along and b so cute awe. then it would b a little tradition that he always hums along when u sing

nico: tf…………. honestly he probably already KNEW that u sing when u do stuff but he’d find it so so cute and he’d get this dork smile on his face when u sang in front of him and it would just make him so calm and happy what a nerd

sid: he would DIE literally he’d say “what are u doing ?” with DISGUST in his voice and when u were like “….singing ?? tf ?” he’d get all flustered and go “wELL I DIDN;T SAY YOU HAD TO STO P” and he’d just be so so messed up. #wreckedt

albert: ok i know i say this for every one but he’d literally just SCREAM OKAY he’d notice u singing and hide himself behind a door but he becomes a clumsy nerd around u so u would hear him and so he’d come out and be like “my apologies but YOUR SINGING distracted me now pleASE EXCUSE ME I MUST GO”

robert: he’d b sooo hype about it like he’d always compliment you and encourage u to sing and he’d find songs he thought would sound nice in ur voice and at balls while u gave a speech from the crowd u would just hear his lil voice “sing !!” nerd

A Journal 3 sneak-peak breakdown

Greetings! I’ve seen a few tidbits on the Journal pages revealed through that fun little twitter account, but I’ve yet to see any full breakdowns. So, here for your theorizing pleasure, is all I could manage to pull out of the small glimpses of the pages of Journal 3. 

(There’s a lot more after the cut.)

First off, it appears as if the page sliver just above the finger at the left is the Cursed Doors entry.

Visible text on left page includes:

In research […]
found quite a […]
customs passe(d) […]
days. For exa(ctly) […]
a horse from […]
of legal age.“ […]
are also 46 di(?) […]
when, where, a(nd?) […]
court a woodpecker […]
(Don’t ask.) […]

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