With the low student to faculty ratio of 13-1 it’s easy at St. Mary’s to connect with your professors one on one. Classes range from about 15-30 students. The biggest classes that St. Mary’s offers are usually for freshmen. The biggest classes on campus are freshmen bio classes but many students are not aware of the intensity of our biology classes or find a different major and those classes tend to decrease by half. I’ve gotten to know most of my professors on a one on one basis and at St. Mary’s you are definitely not just a number! Having my professors know me by name is rather helpful when I need a letter of recommendation they can give an honest answer of my performance in class and my sense of character. Not only are our professors really approachable, but our faculty is as well. The friendliness of everyone on campus really captured me when I was a senior in high school touring St. Mary’s.

The relationships you form with your professors can lead to job and internship opportunities. My freshman year during one of my meetings with my professor I was offered to switch positions in my work-study and I gained opportunities that gave me experience for my marketing major. There are many opportunities to form a better relationship with St. Mary’s faculty and staff. For example, my internship is working in the Office of Student Retention and I help coordinate the Faculty Academic Mentor Program, FAM for short. FAM is a program for first time freshmen and transfer students who are first generation college students. If selected to participate in the program you receive a faculty mentor and a peer mentor. Your mentors are meant to help integrate you into the St. Mary’s community. This program has been proven to be very successful but it doesn’t necessarily mean you need a mentor to help you become successful at St. Mary’s. Your advisor or your favorite professor can become your mentor. I believe having a mentor during your college years is a very helpful tool. 

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These Alone Are Enough 4/18
  • These Alone Are Enough 4/18
  • Chapel Choir feat. Karl Wacker
  • Spring 2012

My lovely chapel choir.  You will be dearly missed.  It has been a joy and a pleasure growing in faith with the most amazing brothers and sisters in christ.  As I look back at my 4 years at Saint Mary’s University, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  One thing that I hardly tell people, is that when I decided on coming to Saint Mary’s the chapel choir at mass is what sealed the deal.  I heard their voices and said, “I don’t care if I have to audition, I want to be a part of that!”  Every year my experience in the choir was different, as new members came and old ones went.  But it never lost its meaning.  It never dwindled, but rather continued to flourish and grow evermore.  I learned many lessons here at St. Mary’s and learned even more with my chapel choir family.  Listen to me when I say this: Never forget why you are a part of the chapel choir.  You each bring such an amazing gift to the mass, whether you are a singer, an instrumentalist, or a conductor. My only wish is that you don’t let go of something so special no matter how crazy everything else becomes.  Do these things, and you will not regret your time here.  My dearest Chapel Choir, I love you all and don’t you ever forget that.

Qui Cantat, Bis Orat,
Zenon Alonzo Perez III

Take my heart oh Lord, take my hopes and dreams,
Take my mind with all its plans and schemes,
Give me nothing more than your love and grace,
These alone oh God are enough for me.

Take my thoughts oh lord and my memory,
Take my tears, my joys, my liberties,
Give me nothing more than your love and grace,
These alone oh God are enough for me.

I surrender Lord all I have and hold,
I return to you your gifts untold,
Give me nothing more than your love and grace,
These alone oh God are enough for me.

When the darkness falls on my final days,
Take the very breath that sang your praise,
Give me nothing more than your love and grace,
These alone oh God are enough for me.

Take my heart oh Lord, take my hopes and dreams,
Take my mind with all its plans and schemes,
Give me nothing more than your love and grace,
These alone oh God are enough for me.

Give me nothing more than your love and grace,
These alone oh God are enough for me.

Top 10 Reasons to go to St. Mary's University!

10. Location: Located in San Antonio, home of the San Antonio Spurs, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and Sea World. There’s plenty to do in this giant city.

9. Closed campus: Most of St. Mary’s is gated and it makes it feel like I’m in my own little world. You get used to living with people your age and whenever I happen to go off campus I hear a baby cry and it sounds so foreign to me.

8. Dorm Life: With our brand new freshman residence hall Founders, who wouldn’t want to come to St. Mary’s? Founders is state of the art with a cyber cafe, free laundry, and the brand new facilities are designed to instill a sense of community.

7. Student orgs: My best advice to any student is to get involved! There are many of student organizations that you can become apart of. We have a wide variety of different organizations you can join. From academic clubs like the accounting club,  to fraternities and sororities. Most of the organizations on campus are both social and service oriented.

6. Community service: St. Mary’s was ranked first in the nation for community service. Community service is a great way to get involved and make friends. Whether its long term or just for a day, I always feel better when I help others out.

5. Athletics: St. Mary’s offers division two women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, cross country, softball, and baseball. Our athletic facility offers a rock wall, weight training room, an indoor track, and a pool.  The gym also offers fitness classes that are of low cost to students. Ranging from ab workouts to zumba!

4. Community: Every time I walk around campus I am bound to run into somebody I know. Everybody on campus is super friendly, everyone says hello and there is always a smiling face to brighten my day.

3. Faculty to student ratio: The student to faculty ratio is 13:1 With this ratio it makes it very easy to connect with professors on a one on one basis. By the end of the semester your professor knows your name and your not just a number.  3:1

2. Catholic Marianist Institution: The Marianist Charism is almost indescribable, but if I had to describe it I would say it makes me feel at home and what makes St. Mary’s so beautiful is when you look around and see everyone’s talents and gifts come out to make a difference. 

1. Excellence: St. Mary’s is committed to see you succeed. I think the best asset St. Mary’s has to offer is the network. Our alum is highly involved and the Civic Engagement Center has contact with many corporations and organizations. This makes it easier for St. Mary’s students to get internships and jobs after graduation.

These are some of the reasons why I love St. Mary’s. I fell in love with the campus as soon as I set foot onto it my senior year of high school and my love has grown greater everyday. 

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What is your definition of love, Roy?

We went slightly out of our way to get some Indian food in Tampa, Florida. We wanted an Indian buffet and this place online looked really nice, so we went. It took a little effort to spot because the sign is so pretty we forgot to read the words!

So eventually we find it and we walk in this super beautiful palace of a restaurant with a brilliantly blue shirted manager who seated us. After we were eating for a while we noticed another well dressed Indian guy, Roy, popping in and out of the back, bringing refills of all the things we wanted to eat the most. Like, naan and chicken tikka masala! We laughed as he brought them out because he would place them in the buffet and then call out what it was and say “for you ladies.”

At one point he stopped to talk with us and said… “You are sisters?”
We laughed because we get that more often than you might think and shook our heads. He walked into the back and when he returned he said “or… You are a couple?”

We nodded, surprised he was the first to guess this out loud. Still, though we have had a lot of time to get used to people’s curious stares, we are never quite sure how people are going to react when they actually find out that we are a couple. He walked toward the front–we eyed him a little, smiling–finally stopping and turning: “I had a friend who was gay. She had… The big Mohawk and the boots and the short skirt and such”. “The hard-core look,"I laughed. "Yes,” he said, “that look.” Oh, Roy.

He left and came back again and this time stopped right by our table. “A reverend insulted my friend once,” he said, “who was very close to my family by that time, and I said, tell this reverend I want a meeting with him." 

"Would you like to know what I said to him?” We nodded… vigorously ! (OF COURSE, ROY!!)

“I asked him, ‘so it is wrong for man to love himself, right?’ and the reverend said 'yes’. So I asked him 'who did God make first? One man, right?’ The reverend agreed. 'And how did he make the second human? He made another out of his rib, right?’ (So woman is made of man was Roy’s point. She is man, essentially.) 'So that is man loving himself, right?’ (Interesting concept really. I know that neither of us had ever heard it before, and we have heard a lot of interesting points on both sides of the argument.) The revered said to me 'Um. I don’t know. I’ll have to check.’ Check what!? You need to retire and get pension, dude.”

He has the greatest pronunciation of the word dude; you should know that.

“Religion is just a way that we distinguish people. It is not what is important. God said to us, love each other. That is what He said, right?”

Melinda’s arms shot straight up– food abandoned. 

Melinda: Speaking of love! We are asking people everywhere that we go about their definition of love. Would you mind sharing yours?

Roy: (Without a second of hesitation) Well… It depends on what kind of love. Human love, animal love, food love… But true love is between human kind. One mankind loves another mankind. Whether it is brother, sister, mother… It does not matter. We are to love one another. Look at day one in the Bible. Kings killing other kings. That was not loving one another. God said love each other. 

Melinda: Wow…(Stares at Roy and smiles. Looks at me. Smiles.)

Ashley (Me): (Smiles at Roy. Looks at Melinda, smiling.)

Roy: (Stares at both of us… smiling. Then, he walked away, satisfied with his answer.) 

We thanked him as he walked away, and before we paid, we chatted with him a little more and got a picture with him. He joked with his coworker and us and wished us well on our trip. COMPLETELY worth the drive to Tampa!