AU in which Pidge is forced to move to an all-girls school much to her disappointment after Matt graduates from highschool, where Allura, daughter of the principal and unofficial school counselor (The actual counselor/vice-president is Coran lmao, but Allura is super helpful?? So it’s like a part-time job for her while she studies in college), is more than eager to show her around and cheer her up!
They hang out a lot and become almost like sisters (seriously, Allura can’t get over how smart and sassy Pidge is and in turn Pidge can’t get over how athletic and fashionable Allura is lmao) and eventually Pidge introduces her to Matt’s boy squad she usually hangs out with consisting of Lance, Keith, Hunk, and Shiro! Now they all meet up during weekends and have a blast :’3c

Idk,,, i just wanted to draw them in cute plaid skirts but I thought all this up while I did lmao

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Hi, hello, annyeong~ 

I just hit 500 followers and I wanted to do something special seeing as I’ve met so many amazing people through this blog. 

I only started this blog in September and never before have I made so many friends, and in such a short period of time too (despite being on Tumblr for over six years now)~

The Monsta X fandom is filled with so many genuine, loving, and compassionate people and I just wanted to thank everyone for welcoming me since I’m such a new fan. This also goes for every kpop fandom since I listen to so many different groups~ Thank you.

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Thanks again everyone~

So guys i just hit my first 1000 followers! Im like so happy beyond words. I never thought this blog (being a side blog) would get this much attention aahhhhh im so grateful to everyone who follows me, spams me, messages me, tags me in things jfdnksfjd it truly makes me happy to be a monbebe and to interact with others as well :)))) i listed the blogs i love, so if you’re mentioned I LOVE YOU!

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anonymous asked:

Hello...I am a bit sad. I don't know why...just sad for no reason? :( I hate to ask but can you cheer me up with some Daveed? I just love him so much.


let me tell u the problem with daveed diggs

sometimes, he is rly cUTE a smol and pure bean,,,,, my source of tru happiness who must be protected at all costs,,,

aND THEN MY DUDE<,,,,,,, he goes and fdoes somethin like htiS

anD IM LIKE hone,stly juST fuckign???? rAIL ME NOW

 ((seriously that last gif tho))

what a wonderful human

thx daveed for existing

pls feel better anon, take care of urself!!

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why finnlo should be a larger ship in the star wars fandom: a bitter manifesto

[disclaimer: need to rewatch, have read before the awakening but not the novelisation, have not read bloodline. i am very tired and wrote this in one sitting. im tagging this with the ship name, star wars, and then just the tags i use for the characters on my blog. i am very sorry (ish)]

part 1: fandom trends

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to the “louie” larries who don’t want to support louis’ works because of “babygate” BUT have been more than happy to support hrry styls solo launch: uhhmmmm u can do whatever u want of course, but u do realise that IF LARRY WAS REAL then babygate was much more likely done to louis to protect hrry stlys’ solo interests than anything else, right?

i mean it should have been the main theory behind babygate from the beginning among the larries, god knows why it didn’t (jk i know why), but seeing how extravagant and obviously resources-draining holo’s launch has been and how far back it clearly had been planned, and how BIG they clearly want holo to be, not to mention how het the album is… surely all of that makes u realise things, at the very least?

victoriancuddler  asked:

i watched wonder woman yesterday and H O NE STLY i left w a headache from crying too hard at certain key moments (possibly the whole film??) and the complaint about the villain i get esp bc he didn't look to war godsey to me, but damn what a good movie

Uhmmm honestly I loved Ares, his characterization (”I’m not the God of War, I’m the God of Truth” this line was so beautiful I was shaking) and his metal suit. I wish they hadn’t spoiled that sir. Patrick was Ares because that would have been one hell of a surprise! I agree on Dr. Poison and Ludendorff being weak villains, but I wouldn’t change a single thing about Ares! But that’s my opinion, of course :) 

ruinaa  asked:

i always know who you are, i just sometimes don’t recognize you.

            just sometimes don’t recognise you sounds too much like i guess it was too much to ask sounds too much like you’re a car accident. this life has snowballed and he has no brakes to slow it down, no way to stop the avalanche chasing him down the hill; it is not how he imagined. phil swallows thickly around a mouthful of EXPENSIVE red wine. ( bought for a different woman, a different time, a different man. the apartment feels empty and morose. )

he sets the glass down slowly and nods, hands sliding into his pockets to let him lean heavy against the window at his back. the unkind thought: maybe it will crack under the weight.

                     ‘  i’m getting that a lot lately.  ‘

it is not pitiless, voice and tone void of his too-common efficacy, searching for a response. this time it’s matter of fact. HONEST in a way he hasn’t been in a while. she’s standing half in and half out, but he wishes she would come a little bit closer, close up the air into something private, wishes she would stop looking at him in the way she is looking at him. 

                        ‘  i wonder what you see.  ‘