Let It Be Written - By Stellarhero & Jonomaly 

Fuck the bullshit talk an all of the interference 

This year I’m tapping

into my inner spirit 

droppin beats & verses 

Just wait till you fucking hear it

Jon Quill got the killer flow

that Awakens spirits 

Jon Kills when he’s in the car & the wheels are spinning 

I kill when I hear the beat and I knew it’s sickening 

Our skills are of Mid Libs, Military Tactics & lyrical affirmative action 

This matched with, a passion for Arts & Fashion, makes use a marketing team who’s headquarters lie in a visceral labyrinth 

Mental schematics derive from Despicable magic, I am a maverick 

Who catapults with the velocity of a spring in a mattress

Let this monstrosity be gauged & elaborate

Never dried up

Eman never gets tongue tied 

but rather dumb high when his rhymes come

Minus is what other could never apply bruh. 

When when we combine 

we put on in the state of the sunshine, more bars than the states mandate of a guncrime, lets us come dive in the young minds to help you all unwind

Your verse is the inverse of a hearse, meaning it gives life and insight.

You invite others into worlds that give life but sometimes give fright. Never for the frail minds. You impale minds, and lift veils, why?

 Truth in words and beats. Beats that can conjure intrigue. You conquer and defeat those who act so fake they deserve oscars and to be beat.

Lets take over, ironic how the world is fake and covered up but we’re here to give it a make over. We need to take order, so make the beat and say no more. We have arrived and are coming in on overdrive. From the lands of the dead we are more alive, Let it be written.

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