In order to support the ongoing resistance to White Supremacy in Ferguson we are putting up a digital version of The Distance 7” with proceeds benefiting the organizations listed below. Unending respect and love to the many incredible Black folks not only speaking out about this but fighting with their lives so there will be no more deaths like Michael Brown’s (or Tanesha Anderson’s or Tamir Rice’s or so many others). Here are some links for more info- don’t let this movement go unrecognized.
- chris zizzamia

100% of money donated for this EP will be donated to these organizations helping the community of Ferguson, MO:

St. Louis Area Foodbank:

The Organization for Black Struggle:

The Legal Support Fund for Justice for Mike Brown:

Operation Help or Hush:

hey do you want some vetted shocking-image-free links on how to help?

here is a link for a holiday gift basket drive with contact information and an address for the organizers:

if you want send things to protesters email for a shipping address or you can donate directly here:

or you can donate to the ferguson library which has programming for kids (button on top right):

there is also the st louis food bank which accepts donations: