stjepan hauser

2cellos: for new comers
  • stjepan: the sexy one who always looks crazy in videos/liveshows, the one who always tells bad jokes, the one who looks at luka longingly during anything
  • luka: the cute one who's always shy, the one who always laughs at stejpan's bad jokes for about a million years, the one who always focuses on playing but would look up at stejpan once in a while

Stjepan Hauser is a Croatian cellist. Born in 1986 into a musical family, he received his education in Croatia, London, and the United States. He has since performed in more than 40 countries, at venues such as Royal Albert Hall, Wigmore Hall, Amsterdam Concertgebouw, and South Bank Centre. He has found considerable success in the classical world, but shot to worldwide fame when he collaborated with cellist Luka Sulic for a cello rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” Having a face like that certainly didn’t hurt, either.