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An AU where Stingy is actual a commoner (he’s super salty about that) and there’s a royal ball being held and it’s to find the prince a bride. Stingy realises that if he marries the prince he’ll be a princess, thus royalty, so he decides to go to the ball as a girl (he doesn’t care if he has to pretend to be a girl for the rest of his life, he just wants to be royalty). A couple shenanigans later, and he’s at the ball as a glamorous princess and determined to become royalty. So Prince Pixel comes along and he’s dancing with all the girls and all and then he dances with Stingy. They get along really great and Stingy thinks he has this in the bag and is also kinda genuinely falling in love with Pixel, but then Pixel just??? Continues on with the ball?? And doesn’t dramatically announce his love for him?? Like he’s supposed to??? And Stingy’s fucking heartbroken, cause he’s in love he really wants to be royalty, So he’s on a balcony isolated from the ball being super angsty, and then Pixel comes along and tells him he’s really sorry and he thinks Stingy is great but he’s not really into girls. And then Stingy’s like well hey, I’m actually a dude. And Pixel’s like, holy shit, but my parents won’t let me marry a guy. So then they run away and they live in this really rundown hut in the woods (Stingy is super pissed) but then it turns out Pixel’s a really good artist?? And they eventually make enough money selling Pixel’s art on the streets and scamming people (Pixel disagrees with this, but Stingy says it’s fine because the money was destined to be his anyway, and he definitely deserves it more than the previous owner) and they get a nice cottage, which Stingy thinks is still too plain for someone as great as him, but when he sees how damn happy Pixel is with it he doesn’t say anything, and they live happily ever after being cute little dorks.

Lil Stixel thing

Ok so, it has been canonlogically proven that Pixel’s really good at skateboarding, and that Stingy owns multiple rollerskates

So imagine Pixel just flat out sucking at rollerskating, and Stingy sucking at skateboarding. So they teach eachother how to skate and how to rollerskate They get touchy alot. They fall alot. They laugh alot.

But ultimately, they bond over this, and they discover that they’re gay for eachother, through the magic of skating.

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☾ ★ Stixel?

Have some nice fluff! Followed by SADNESS AND TEARS

☾ - sleep headcanon

  • Stingy has a very strict sleeping schedule. He goes to sleep around 8 and wakes up with the sun. A bit like Sportacus.
  • Pixel often forgets to sleep. He’s so caught up in his games it’s morning before he realizes it.
  • Stingy takes him to bed with him so it doesn’t happen, or sometimes he wakes up to an empty bed and has to drag him there so he gets at least a couple hours.
  • Once Pixel gets into bed though he sleeps like the dead. Nothing can wake him up, not Stingy hoarding the blanket for himself, not the sun shining through the window.
  • Stingy sometimes has nightmares where he loses everything (friends, possessions) and cuddles to Pixel’s side until he falls back asleep.

 - sad headcanon

  • Stingy is often the one that gets sad. He’s pretty insecure and is scared Pixel is going to leave him one day.
  • He doesn’t say anything about it, just closes up and waits for it to go away.
  • Pixel thinks Stingy is starting to doubt their relationship or is ashamed of it.
  • Basically, it’s just a vicious circle.
  • When sad, Pixel will ask for hugs and kisses and a warm blanket.

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Hello I am Tumblr user Stingeprince, and I decided to make a redraw of this.

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  • who wakes up first in the morning

Unless Pixel goes to sleep early, Stingy always wakes up first. Mainly because Pixel accidentally pushes him out of the bed.

  • who’s the first to fall asleep at night

Pixel has no trouble sleeping at all, despite his irregular sleeping pattern. He also always takes all the blankets, before Stingy can even claim them as his.

  • what they playfully tease each other over

Whenever Pixel gets slightly annoyed w/ Stingy complaining about his messy room or smth, Pixel will usually respond by shrugging, or just humoring it off in some way. Pixel isn’t as huffy as Stingy is, so whenever Stingy tries to tease him, he ends up getting all adorably frustrated, haha.

  • what they do when the other’s having a bad day

Both like to cuddle up to each other, and talk about whatever’s bothering them. Stingy in particular likes to be stroked like a cat. 

  • how they say ‘i’m sorry’ after arguments

Pixel doesn’t really like to dwell on things, and accepts apologies quickly. Whenever Stingy gets really length-y with his apologies, Pixel just interrupts him by pulling him into a hug.

  • which one’s more ticklish

Stingy. Pixel is somewhat ticklish too, however, Stingy never really takes advantage of that. One time, Pixel joked about wanting to invent a Tickle Machine 3000™. He still brings it up every now and then, just to mess with Stingy.

  • their favourite rainy day activities

Well, Pixel obviously really likes to thinker, play video games and work on his inventions. Something they both like to do together is playing video games. Stingy will always win a game, though, even when he lost. I mean, all of Pixel’s games belong to him, so technically, he wins every battle against him!

  • how they surprise each other

Stingy never ceases to get surprised and mesmerized by Pixel’s new inventions, and tech-y gifts he gives to Stingy. Stingy makes sure he’s always on the look-out for any new game or tech thingy, and gift it to him. 

  • their most sickening shows of public affection

Pixel is an absolute sucker for romantic science puns, and will always try to outdo Stingy with his cheesy romantic lines. This usually goes on for a few hours, until they finally just burst into laughter, and nose boop.