A magnet mini-version of my childhood buddy :)

Color references:

907 for the green of the gameboy
535 for the gray screen
310 (black) for the buttons and the outlining around the screen
666 for the red power button
Stitched on 14 count clear plastic canvas


Pixel art of this design ! :D


Original pattern


Made this little guy for my sister - it was the second thing I stitched after I re-learned back in January O: (I originally learned when I was very young and did like 2 tiny projects and then didn’t stitch again until like this past January xD)

He had a little brown frame thing he went in but I didn’t get a picture of that before my sister took him away to school with her O:


Made this a while back and picture taken when my phone still had a film-thing over the lens so all my pictures were super duper blurry T.T

DMC colors:

415 for the lighter gray on the inside
3799 for the outlining darker gray
3822 for the lighter yellow on the inside
728 for the outlining darker yellow
310 (black) for the borders

Original Pattern! :DD


I decided to try making a magnet without the plastic outlining but I didn’t get the edges right D: I see people making them like this and the edges look very smooth - if someone who knows could explain how they do that I would really appreciate it DD;


Anyways, color references fo you:

I think the brown I used was a bit too dark but oh well D:

For reference the colors I used are:
304 for the cherry
300 for the brown of the cupcake
3687 for the darker pink in the frosting outline
3689 for the lighter pink in the frosting
B5200 (white) for details in the eyes and cherry
310 (black) for the eyes and mouth
Stitched on 14 count clear plastic canvas


Slightly modified version of this awesome cupcake pattern (thank you so much! <3)


*freaks out* asjkejdjekfjlejfef I seriously squeed at this for like, forever and a day, you just don’t even know xD <33 M'awwwww I’m so happy to hear you keep it displayed like that and that it makes you happy! ^0^! It was my pleasure to make it for you and thank you so much for taking to time to send me such a sweet message - it totally just like, made my month lol

*all the hugglessss* <33

click for a larger view

Cross-stitch Vegeta (Dragon Ball-Z) magnet

made as part of a little set for a friend ^^ Haven’t finished the other ones though D: I don’t know why he looks so “hole-y” in these pictures though with all those white spots TxT

~~The pattern is from Dork-Stitch who makes lots of awesome sprite patterns! ^^ ~~

—–Goku cross-stitch magnet—–

—–goku & vegeta magnets—–


Just drew for the eevee magnets! :D

Yup yup, and like before I assigned everyone a number based on the order in which they liked, reblogged, commented on the post, messaged me, etc etc. Then I used a random number generator to draw the numbers. :) Anyways! thank you all so much for your interest in my stitchery! ^0^

For those who are deciding if they want one, since I couldn’t provide a picture of the magnets before, ^ that is what they will look like (or the eevee ones anyways). Oh, also I had to take pictures of them on a lamp because our fridge isn’t magnetic D:

And of course I’ll be starting another one of these contests soon since it’s like the only semi-useful thing I can do around here xD