Made this little guy for my sister - it was the second thing I stitched after I re-learned back in January O: (I originally learned when I was very young and did like 2 tiny projects and then didn’t stitch again until like this past January xD)

He had a little brown frame thing he went in but I didn’t get a picture of that before my sister took him away to school with her O:


*freaks out* asjkejdjekfjlejfef I seriously squeed at this for like, forever and a day, you just don’t even know xD <33 M'awwwww I’m so happy to hear you keep it displayed like that and that it makes you happy! ^0^! It was my pleasure to make it for you and thank you so much for taking to time to send me such a sweet message - it totally just like, made my month lol

*all the hugglessss* <33


Just drew for the eevee magnets! :D

Yup yup, and like before I assigned everyone a number based on the order in which they liked, reblogged, commented on the post, messaged me, etc etc. Then I used a random number generator to draw the numbers. :) Anyways! thank you all so much for your interest in my stitchery! ^0^

For those who are deciding if they want one, since I couldn’t provide a picture of the magnets before, ^ that is what they will look like (or the eevee ones anyways). Oh, also I had to take pictures of them on a lamp because our fridge isn’t magnetic D:

And of course I’ll be starting another one of these contests soon since it’s like the only semi-useful thing I can do around here xD