Made this a while back and picture taken when my phone still had a film-thing over the lens so all my pictures were super duper blurry T.T

DMC colors:

415 for the lighter gray on the inside
3799 for the outlining darker gray
3822 for the lighter yellow on the inside
728 for the outlining darker yellow
310 (black) for the borders

Original Pattern! :DD


*freaks out* asjkejdjekfjlejfef I seriously squeed at this for like, forever and a day, you just don’t even know xD <33 M'awwwww I’m so happy to hear you keep it displayed like that and that it makes you happy! ^0^! It was my pleasure to make it for you and thank you so much for taking to time to send me such a sweet message - it totally just like, made my month lol

*all the hugglessss* <33