i read a drarry fanfic once where after the war (but in his last year at hogwarts) harry tries to become an animagus for something to do

he becomes a bunny (practising in the woods for ages and finally succeeding) and he accidentally stumbles upon a v sad and miserable draco sitting at dumbledores grave, and at first he wants to just leave but then he’s like “hm why is draco at dumbledores grave tho?” and draco notices him picks him up and takes him to the slytherin common room and they all adopt him as their bun and harry is like, too afraid to suddenly change back, and eventually small first year slytherins get sooo attached to him he keeps visiting to keep them happy and basically him and draco fall in love etc


WHAT I’M GETTING TO IS imagine a slytherin (or ravenclaw, or even a beauxbatons) sherlock trying to learn to become an animagus and becoming a bunny and being annoyed he wasn’t a big thing like a stag or a wolf and thumping angrily through the forest

until john finds him on his way back to the castle from quidditch practice and he gets adopted by gryffindors (or hufflepuffs or w/e house you want john in JUST IMAGINE) ah awaa aa 

tbh sherlock would probably just transform back asap and dust off his robes grumpily before huffing back to the castle but IMAGINE (IMAGINE) THERE WAS A RULE THAT YOU HAD TO STAY AS YOUR TRANSFORMED ANIMAL FOR ATLEAST A WHOLE DAY for the magic to settle and awuauua he finally turns back when curled up on johns bed because he decided he likes him

and then john wakes up with a lanky curly haired boy suddenly on his bed




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sherlock decides to start his bunny collection off with 10 bunnies. john tries to warn him that’s too many for him to handle, but sherlock just says “of course it isn’t john, don’t be ridiculous. i’ll be able to control them just fine; i’ve been reading up on bunny care.” but a week later sherlock is chasing the bunnies around their house, laying flat on the floor with carrots to coax them out from underneath furniture, while john sits in his armchair watching and laughing harder than he can ever remember laughing

Chapters: 4/7*
Words: 20,649/~35k*
Rating: E (eventually)
Relationship: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Victor Trevor
Additional Tags: Fake Relationship, Angst, Humor, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Post-Reichenbach, Friends to Lovers, Past Relationship, Unhealthy Relationships, Relationship Issues, Resolved Sexual Tension, Eventual Smut

Summary: Victor Trevor is in town, and nobody is happy.

*numbers could definitely grow… they have done twice.