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We live in a deeply divided world. The recent news tells us that more than anything - Ferguson, the recent violence in Israel and Palestine, and so many others.

Most of our towns and schools are divided along race and class lines. Go into any high school in the country and you’ll see that the tables are strongly segregated. A recent study shows that most white people don’t have a single black friend.

There’s a way to change this world. There’s a way to create true inclusivity. It’s called the Practice of Empathy, and they teach it at Building Bridges.

They bring together young people to address the root causes of hatred, mistrust, and violent conflict with the Practice of Empathy. This work is incredibly hard, and drastically underfunded.

Issues we address include:

  • Homophobia
  • Sexism
  • Racism
  • Cissexism
  • Classism
  • Xenophobia

Building Bridges has an Indiegogo Campaign going on right now. Can you donate even $1 or $5?

Every donation is matched, but the campaign is only 10 more days.

Donate here, if you can. Please reblog to signal boost!
Update: That Partitioning of the Things of Youth, Ch 4

Chapters: 4/7*
Words: 20,649/~35k*
Rating: E (eventually)
Relationship: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Victor Trevor
Additional Tags: Fake Relationship, Angst, Humor, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Post-Reichenbach, Friends to Lovers, Past Relationship, Unhealthy Relationships, Relationship Issues, Resolved Sexual Tension, Eventual Smut

Summary: Victor Trevor is in town, and nobody is happy.

*numbers could definitely grow… they have done twice.

The moment I learned about Stitchy’s contest I had the idea to make a genie!lock design based on Mojoflower’s fic Shatter the Darkness (which you should totally go read). I got her permission to design this little guy a while ago and finally got around to drawing him tonight! He’s got henna tattoos, little sensually sheer bunny pants, jewels in his hair, and an earring to boot! I didn’t have the time to design a John bun to go with him, so I added the lamp by his side instead :)

i showed dad the fawnlock doll and he gasped and was like “it’s your art… in my hands” and i was like you huge baby omg it’s not just my art i didn’t make it and he was like “whoever made this… this is real talent right here”

and then i showed my mum and she was like “he’s sooo beautiful” then she looked at the little willy and inspected the bum (like mother like daughter)

and she got all emotional at the little note stitchy wrote omg she was like “people like you so much” and then went on to say how she feels bad because i’m in my room alone so often she worries i’m sad but she was then like “but i know you’re doing beautiful things like this with people”

hahahahaha parents are cute


Last but def. not least… The Stitchy Button. Catherine “bunnies for the monies.” She will make your favorite person ever into a damn bunny. I had a hard time picking which ones we’re my favorites! She also makes humanoid dolls that are pretty epic but I must admit, I just love those damn bunnies too much! I can’t wait to add one of these adorables to my plush collection! :D



hello creator (and other humans reading this), the human you shipped me to has given me control over her “laptop” for a little while to let you know i arrived safely at my destination 

as you can see, that is the case

the first thing she did was try on every item of clothing you’d sent (one by one, tedious) squealed obnoxiously loud, and then undressed me and covered me in flowers

and posed me like a “doll”, the cheek of it!

i miss you a little, your clever hands!, and i miss the other dolls. but i could come to enjoy this place i suppose, the weather is wet and she has skulls, did you know? and lots of things to inspect!

pssst - between you and me, you couldn’t have sent me to a nicer human - she’s already rubbed my belly 5 times!!!

anyway, i must leave, terribly important things need to be done, i’m sure you understand:

((( gorgeous, gorgeous doll made by stitchnik )))