Beyond exhausted from a busy couple of weeks, but look what I made today!   Stitch Witches rosettes, coming soon to an internet near you! (I.e. when my Dad has taken some promotional photos for me tomorrow.)

Printed skull image courtesy of Hanecdote, the other head honcho of our embroidering girl gang, Stitch Witches.


stop it. lemme see your arm. ‘ 

his expression becomes stern, but it is staunchly out of a
concern for his twin. eli is less openly warm with his affection,
but it peers out of him like the sun does the sky, burning and
large. they’re the same age, but eli takes an older appearance–
and sometimes an older role.  ‘s big cut, but i don’t think it
needs any stitchin’. follow me. gonna nab somethin’ to wrap
it up with. ‘  he knows that david could probably do this on his
own–he knows he isn’t incapable, or stupid–but the want to
protect overrides that. 

and besides, if someone is going to take the blame
for stealing medical supplies, he wants it to be him,
not dave. he can be selfish, but this is a matter in
which he refuses to be.