cool things that have happened this week

and by “cool” i mean SWEET/AWESOME/HOLLABACK

  • due to #stitches2013, i went to see a doctor for the first time in forever. read: i got weighed for the first time in forever. i already knew i had lost some weight but seeing an actual number was pretty rad .. and not to toot my own horn but i’ve lost 20+ pounds since december 2011.
  • that being said, it’s finally warming up in CLE so i unpacked my spring/summer wardrobe and the majority of my clothes don’t fit (in a good way) so obviously i need to go shopping.
  • speaking of shopping, i haven’t done any in a whiiile due to funemployment but all of that is about to change because i’m 90% sure susan miller was right this month and i’ll be getting some good news in a few hours!!
  • in a few more hours, #stitches2013 will be a thing of the past and i’ll never take my left thumb for granted again. seriously, try washing your long ass hair with one hand for a week and you’ll understand.

suffice it to say, this week > last week. i don’t want to jinx myself on the job front buuut i’m currently sitting in what will (potentially) be my new office, working on a project that i will (potentially) be spearheading and the VP just included me in her weekly staff memo email. that’s good, right?